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In the aftermath of this crisis, our country has an opportunity to change.

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And we must change. Going back to normal means continuing to damage our planet. It means entrenching educational inequalities before a child even steps foot in a classroom. Treating people differently because of the colour of their skin, and prioritising GDP over wellbeing.

Change is in the air; no matter where you go, you can feel it. Communities are coming together to help those in need. More and more young people making their voices heard on climate change. And when you turn on the news, you see statues of slave owners and supremacists finally coming down.

This is a once in a generation chance. We must be brave and use this energy to be better; to build the society that we want to see. The Liberal Democrats, and progressive ideas must be at the forefront of this.

At the heart of my leadership campaign is a vision to make this happen.

As a teacher, before I went into politics, I know the difference that a world-class education can make. And I know how we’re currently falling short. We need to reimagine how education works, starting with the early years. Children from all backgrounds should be able to enter schooling on a level playing field. We will empower our teachers to design a world-leading curriculum with a greater emphasis on allowing our children to be ready to take on the world – not their next exam. Moreover education isn’t just for young people. Under my plans, adults will have access to first-class retraining.

On the climate crisis, we must be braver. Britain shouldn’t just be carbon-neutral; it should be carbon-negative. We can achieve this by investing in green and affordable public transport, by using market forces to incentivise the purchasing of electric cars and the scrapping of polluting diesels and by guaranteeing that every single spending decision is taken with the environment in mind. We must champion biodiversity and green spaces – make it clear that everyone has the right to breathe clean air. And we will transform former industrial heartlands across the UK into world-leading hubs of green technology.

My plan for the economy will put people first. Whether that’s ensuring that everyone can live in dignity by introducing a Universal Basic Income or by stopping the emphasis on unsustainable growth – instead focusing on putting people’s wellbeing first. We must properly invest in our key public services. And then fight so that the heroes who deliver them are never let down again.

In order to move our country forward, we must move our Party forward too. We need to win again so we can deliver for the communities we represent. I have a plan to rebuild our campaigning strength across the country and build trust in our Party through better living our values of diversity and inclusion.

If we seize this moment, we can build a society that we’re proud of. If you agree, please join the hundreds of members who have successfully nominated me today, and together, we can move our Party and our country forward.

* Layla Moran is the Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West and Abingdon

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  • So Layla wants to have hundreds of billions in extra spending to pay for a UBI, free broadband, free water and free electricity, with no economic growth.

    This is like Momentum’s economic policy on steroids. We will not be taken seriously as a party if Layla wins this leadership election, particularly not by the Tory voters we need to support us in 2024 given that all of our top target seats are Tory held.

  • marcstevens 24th Jun '20 - 7:06pm

    It sound perfect Layla and is just the sort of social liberal vision we need and the party needs to move forwards. Though for those of us on low incomes and the minimum wage, electric cars need to be a lot cheaper before we can afford them, so how about getting the price down? I love the access for retraining for adults, badly neglected by Mr Clegg when he had the chance to do something but his legacy proved otherwise with the underfunding of Connexions. If the OBs do get in again, I sincerely hope not, we can always set up a new social liberal party.

  • John Smith

    ‘So Layla wants to have hundreds of billions in extra spending to pay for a UBI, free broadband, free water and free electricity, with no economic growth.’

    That will go down a treat in Tory marginals, just when they thought Corbyn’s policies had been binned.

  • David Evans 25th Jun '20 - 7:55am

    It is great to hear Layla say on at least three occasions she has plans in so many areas for the party if she becomes leader. The question is what are the plans. Please tell us Layla.

  • richard underhill 25th Jun '20 - 8:42am

    It is interesting to see on the BBC Red Button that only two candidates have enough support to continue in the leadership contest. Don’t be shy Layla. Tell us on LDV.

  • Catherine Jane Crosland 25th Jun '20 - 12:16pm

    Isn’t it time Lib Dem Voice allowed discussion of a certain issue concerning Layla Moran (the issue we have been told we cannot discuss on Lib Dem Voice). How can we properly discuss the leadership contest without it?
    This is not a matter of someone “having a right to keep their private life private”. This is not a “private” matter. The idea that this was a “private matter” was once prevalent, and did untold harm, preventing victims from getting the help and support they needed. To see a liberal party using the “private matter” argument is distressing.

  • @John Smith @John O : Where in this posting does Layla advocate free broadband, water and electricity?
    Or are you referring to her compilation of ideas paper “Build Back Better” released last Friday, written by a host of contributors which Layla Moran expressly doesn’t condone all, but opens up for debate?
    And where does Layla advocate “no economic growth”? The above article advocates ‘stopping the emphasis on unsustainable growth”.
    Do you both see no difference? If so, let me explain. Unsustainable growth is growth that cannot be sustained but is a bubble of growth that can come crashing down, after using up much resources in an ultimately squanderous and inefficient way, as the economic benefits during ‘good times’ are not ploughed into investing longer term infrastructure or R&D. Layla Moran’s article suggests placing priority of economic growth into the well-being of society- basically the broader policy that Germany, Norway and most other neighbouring Northern European countries have tended to do much better than the UK over the past 50 years or so. I think this is very appropriate, I so much wish that the UK did focus on national interest from the perspective of well-being for all its citizens like our neighbours, than the sense of the UK govt supporting unbridled capitalism and growth, which seems to usually serve a narrow sliver of UK society.
    No economic growth is something quite different, and not advocated by Layla Moran as far as I can see.

  • Paul Barker 25th Jun '20 - 2:00pm

    “Build Back Better” is the best Slogan we have come up with/borrowed for a long time, we should use it whoever wins.

    Talk about Carbon Negative is just confusing, we need to focus on the direction of travel & pushing as hard as we can. We dont actually know how much is possible till we do it.

    I am not convinced by UBI & the place for Policy making is Conference not a Leadership contest.

  • @catherine Jane Crossland: Disagree entirely with your wish to discuss “a certain issue with Layla Moran.” as absolutely believe that it IS a Private matter.

    You state “the idea that this was a “private matter” was once prevalent, and did untold harm, preventing victims from getting the help and support they needed”

    How depressing. These words escalate that matter to be of one level that has no gauge on wildly differing levels of seriousness and severity that make a huge world of difference to myself, and I believe most people, and so lumps ‘the incident’ , completely unreasonably (and so, illiberally, in my view) as one category that would be automatic impediment to holding public office – and without redemption, despite the slightness.

    Editing should be upheld to allow political matters to be discussed, and stop people who can’t discriminate on levels of seriousness in such ‘private ‘issues’ from ruining political discourse.

  • This article sounds like a campaign speech which is full of sound and fury. Hopefully it does signify something, but Layla doesn’t say what. Having a vision and having a plan are all very well but we need a lot more detail before we are prepared to be convinced. (cf Ed’s 5-point plan). Incidentally, Nick Clegg tried to get a level playing-field for reception-aged children but didn’t get any credit for it.
    So let’s hear more about your detailed plans and how you propose to pay for them.

  • I cannot vote for either so unless someone else stands, is credible and will pass the media scrutiny in the first 24 hours of a campaign I will abstain for the first time since 1979.

  • @Thomas HJ.
    Unsustainable growth is simply the term we use to describe any form of economic growth that we, for whatever reason, choose to disapprove of.
    @Paul Barker.
    May I suggest that policy making is a process that should involve as many party members as is reasonably possible, not an event involving a few hundred in a hall one September afternoon.

  • richard underhill 25th Jun '20 - 5:48pm

    Chris Cory 25th Jun ’20 – 5:26pm
    “Unsustainable growth is simply the term we use to describe any form of economic growth that we, for whatever reason, choose to disapprove of.”
    Suppose that the amount of sunlight available exceeds the date of the next general election? Would you want to wait for this source of energy to expire?

  • Catherine Jane Crosland 25th Jun '20 - 6:03pm

    Thomas, if a man had admitted to similar behaviour, would you be saying it was “just a private matter”?

  • richard underhill 26th Jun '20 - 12:25pm

    Tomas HJ 25th Jun ’20 – 1:26pm
    @John Smith @John O : Where in this posting does Layla advocate free broadband, water and electricity?
    Before he was elected as an MP, and after, Paddy Ashdown used to get lots of letters from constituents who could not pay their water bills, so he wrote lots of letters to the water companies, with famously limited results.
    At federal conference, as Leader, he ended his speech by saying
    “If blood is free why should water be charged for?”
    The Economist magazine praised him for subtlety of presentation, on an issue which is substantially about opposition to the denationalisation of water by Mrs. Thatcher’s ideological government, with consequent high salaries for senior managers and directors of the water companies.
    As a blood donor myself I thought that Paddy was being illogical and misleading.
    Living in Reading at the time we experienced the water company trying to befriend us through boating and rowing clubs, even in midwinter, while the government tried to bribe us by selling nationalised industries onto the stock market at discount prices.
    As Winston Churchill MP said “In a democracy you bribe whole classes”.

  • richard underhill 26th Jun '20 - 12:29pm

    Catherine Jane Crosland 25th Jun ’20 – 6:03pm
    There are two candidates.

  • James Fowler 26th Jun '20 - 1:52pm

    I smiled when I read this because I thought this was a great speech for… Jeremy Corbyn. Come to think of it, I think he must have given it often, convincingly, to large cheering crowds of Labour Party and Momentum people who were in complete agreement with him. ‘Change is coming’. Actually, last year’s result tells us that ‘Winter is coming’ would be a more plausible strapline for Parties advocating these policies. Oddly, I think profound change has come about over the last 10-15 years but it’s empowered UKIP, Brexit and Boris Johnson’s Tories, not the radical left. Trying to fight this right-wing fire with left-wing water has demonstrably failed. To extend the metaphor, we should (a) to certain extent let it burn itself out while (b) pointing out that incompetent people who play with it get burned (them) and it needs to be controlled by a responsible adult (us).

  • Alex Macfie 26th Jun '20 - 4:23pm

    “a great speech for… Jeremy Corbyn”

    That’s Jeremy Corbyn without the Marxist-Leninist student revolutionary BS, without the knee-jerk anti-westernism, without the rigid class-based and simplistic oppressor-victim analysis (where one side is always the “oppressor” and the other always the “victim”, hence Corbyn’s equivocation on antisemitism, which Layla rejects; this means that Momentum are likely to attempt to smear her as a “sellout” on that issue), without the extreme political intolerance. In other words, not like Jeremy Corbyn at all.

  • Peter Martin 26th Jun '20 - 4:37pm

    @ Alex Macfie,

    Just on a point of information: This is LDV not Conservative Home!

  • Alex Macfie 26th Jun '20 - 4:40pm

    Peter Martin: You don’t have to be a Conservative to reject those tenets of Corbynism. I am a liberal BECAUSE (among many other things) I reject his sort of thinking. Also remember that those aspects of ihs thinking that I mentioned lead directly to his consistent historic opposition to the EU and support for Brexit, something shared by most Tories nowadays.

  • Alex Macfie 26th Jun '20 - 4:58pm

    @Peter Martin: And just on a point of information, I was responding to someone who was inaccurately coparing Layla’s politics to Corbyn’s by pointing out the ways they are actually polar opposite. Layla’s left-liberalism as compared with Corbyn’s illiberal hard leftism. If I were a Conservative, then I would probably want to tar any Lib Dem with the same brush as Corbyn, and for this reason comments like Mr Fowler’s are deeply unhelpful coming from a Lib Dem.

  • Katherine, Having been on both sides of very similar situations, Yes I absolutely would say exactly the same thing. The important matter is the seriousness /severity of the incident to the 2 parties involved. And find the idea of a 3rd party deciding to intrude and moralise and sentence on something slight of none of their business somewhere between invasive and disgusting.

  • @Chris Coy. It could be argued that while sustainable economic growth is understood to be, “…economic development that attempts to satisfy the needs of humans but in a manner that sustains natural resources and the environment for future generations.”, ‘unsustainable growth’ isn’t necessarily the opposite.
    But drawing the conclusion that ‘unsustainable growth could mean anything we…. choose to disapprove’ tends more towards pedantic sophistry than acknowledge what is most likely meant.
    @ Richard Crossland: Sorry, you’re too clever for me, I don’t understand how any of your comment points out where Layla Moran has advocated free broadband, water and electricity.

  • neil sandison 27th Jun '20 - 12:02pm

    At the moment the leadership hopefuls are floating ideas not firm policy but agree building back better is a positive message ,it looks to the future and does not hark back to the past .Would like to hear more about how we can turbo-charge the circular economy ,encourage both hydrogen and electric modes transport ,Would scrappage schemes funded by a carbon tax speed up the process for example . we reduce the many mountains of waste both plastic and organic which pollute our land river and seas . We cannot let the Tories drift back to business as usual ,A challenging agenda will make the Liberal Democrats the type of dynamic party we used to be prior to the coalition.

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