Nick Clegg is the new Leader

The results are in:
Nick Clegg – 20,988 (50.6%)
Chris Huhne – 20,477 (49.4%)
Turnout – 41,465

Nick Clegg
Credits Alex Folkes/

Standby for further updates, including the winner of our Leadership Election Prediction Competition

EDIT 00:34am: The fullest information on results is available here. From this, we now know that turnout was 64.4% and there were 222 spoiled ballot papers.  The winner of our election prediction competition… will still need to wait for Ryan’s spreadsheet to be completed. – Alex Foster

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  • Ross Chmiel 18th Dec '07 - 2:46pm

    Well done Nick! Here’s to a bright and liberal future!!
    Excellent speech from Chris as well. I hope he gets his rightful place at the heart of Nick’s Shadow Cabinet.

  • Charlotte Gore 18th Dec '07 - 2:49pm

    Relief. Joy. Relief. Joy…

  • Well done Nick. Exciting times ahead I hope!

  • Liam Pennington 18th Dec '07 - 2:52pm

    Well I am not pleased!

    Well done to him, and congartulations; but I am very worried about the direction of the Party under his leadership.

  • Gordon Bennett! This guy can take us places!(not Gordon, obviously!)

  • Rob Blackie 18th Dec '07 - 3:11pm

    Good speech. As Nick promised outward looking about Britain not us.

  • I am pleased both candidates had talked before the result and agreed that they’d work together no matter the result

    I thing we now have a the foundations of a formidable front bench team with Clegg, Huhne, Cable, Kennedy (hopefully) and Ming

  • Good speeches from both and unquestionably the Party will now unite behind Nick. But what a remarkably close result on a turnout below last time.
    This must make one wonder whether Chris would have edged it without the dreaded CC. I would love to know how that nonsensically titled document ever got leaked to the Beeb…………

  • Geoffrey Payne 18th Dec '07 - 4:08pm

    Well done Nick. I am confident you will be an excellent leader and that the Liberal Democrats capture the public imagination. Our local party in Hackney is already growing significantly in its membership since the leadership contest started.

  • Romsey Harry 18th Dec '07 - 4:14pm

    Congratulations to calamity clegg – if he thinks Huhne will give up his ambitions that easily he is more wet behind the ears than he looks!

  • Cheltenham Robin 18th Dec '07 - 4:34pm

    Great result – 1 minute after the result was declared I carried on delivering Christmas cards in the constituency.

  • Stephen Glenn 18th Dec '07 - 5:28pm

    I wou;dn’t worry too much about the Tory Slim margin brigade look how much good it did Michael Howard to have a universal mandate.

  • Congratulations to Nick on winning and to both candidates on campaigns that were simply miles better than last time around.

    But… a small quibble.

    What is this “Nick Clegg’s Team” we are being invited to join from only £9 per year by the advertising banner near the head of this thread?

    Have the Liberal Democrats gone all presidential? Will future candidates be taking a leaf from Cameron’s book and standing for “Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats”?

    I hope not.

  • Congratulations to Nick, it was great to be there for the announcement. Obviously I’m really happy as a supporter, but also commiserations to Chris, who fought a very hard campaign, and gave such a warm and gracious speech.
    Nick’s acceptance speech was briliant. The party, and that includes epecially the MPs, now need to unite behind Nick, and work for greater electoral success, which many of us feel so excited about.

  • Steve Comer 18th Dec '07 - 9:23pm

    My huge disappointment that Chris lost is mitigated by the fact that it was so very close. There is clearly no mood in the party for us to move in a more ‘Tory-friendly’ direction.
    Chris made a great concession speech, and I only wish Nick’s had been as brief and incisive, still he will get better I’m sure.
    Vince has done well as acting Leader, and I hope he stays on the front bench, but I hope Chris becomes the new Deputy Leader, that would really help unite the party in 2008.

  • YES 🙂

  • Jonathan Hunt 18th Dec '07 - 11:48pm

    Although Chris has sadly lost, he is in a very powerful position which I hope he will use to protect true Liberal values and prevent any drift to the right.

    Almost half the party can’t be ignored.

  • Dan Falchikov 18th Dec '07 - 11:56pm

    32 – 222 spoilts according to Colin Rosenstiel

  • Liam Pennington 19th Dec '07 - 7:58am

    24 – Gordon

    According to the LibDem entry in the Register of Political Parties, there is already the possibility of being a candidate for “Sir Menzies Campbell’s Liberal Democrats”. I am sure Nick Clegg’s name will be substituted.

    Having calmed down a bit, and seen Nick vs Paxman last night, I do not feel so aghast at the vote, but do hope Nick can keep the momentum going.

  • Congratulations to Nick. Onwards and upwards from here!

  • Jonathan Hunt 19th Dec '07 - 10:33am

    WITH A zero-point-whatever majority, Nick Clegg does not have a mandate to do whatever his most ardent right-wing — sorry — mainstream, supporters want him to.

    The implication in Stephen Tall’s piece this morning is that Clegg has deliberately toned down his own views so as to appeal to party members who would certainly be frightened off by what those supporters want.

    It would be ludicrous to adopt the Rizla-right position that the siren voices of our Tory entryists advocate.

    There is no way we can squeeze in between the two conservative parties.

    Our natural market is to be the party of the non-socialist Left, a fulcrum for the 5 million ‘disappeared’ Labour voters Jon Cruddas identifies and others who look in vain to Labour for economic and social justice.

    I have enough faith in Nick Clegg’s judgment and intelligence to hope that he will move to this position.

    It will propel us into the late 20s in percentage terms, which is where we start winning seats in direct proportion to our votes.

    But not necessarily Tory ones, which is what, of course, the Rizla-right demand.

  • Jonathan Hunt 19th Dec '07 - 12:27pm

    Andy: Left and Right in this context is a relative term, and expressed as such because that is what most people understand.

    We have been the party of the Left ever since New Blue Labour shifted significantly to the centre, wherever that is, and now to an inside-right slot.

    To deny that is revert to a French general: ‘There is ze left and ze right and above them all is De Gaulle.’

    We are where we are because the others moved. To move with them a decade later would be a true denial of our traditional values and principles.

    Our new leader must not shift position, but spell out what Liberal Democrats stand for and relate these values to current circumstances and situations. In Nick Clegg we have a leader capable of achieving this.

    People on what we must call the non-socialist Left don’t vote because not all have seen us as the party that represents their feelings and concerns.

    THe majority that does vote opts for parties of the centre because that is all they see displayed on the shelves.

    People buy products, even if they are not what they seek, because of a perceived absence of what they realy want.

    The secret of commercial — and, I would argue, electoral — success as well, is to offer what people believe they want, provided sufficient of them want it in the required quantities.

    It can be much more profitable to be the market leader in one segment rather than a secondary or tertiary brand in a different, albeit larger, segment.

    Most of us believe in the market, subject to effective controls to prevent abuse or adverse effects on individuals or groups.

    But I would not venture so far into marketing jargon to suggest the blatantly Blairite: ‘Make what you can sell, not sell what you can make.’

    What we already make, or advocate, is excellent. It a challenge to Mr Clegg’s obvious communications skills to persuade enough voters that it is what they really want as well.

    The longer we try to be all all things to all voters, the longer we shall be distrusted by a market we could command.

  • come on make britain a better place

  • nick clegg
    you are the best

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