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Government gives £16m to help with Ivory Coast refugee crisis

Some good news from the government on the unfolding international crisis that almost no-one in Britain is interested in, namely the Ivory Coast. The Department for International Development (DfiD) is giving £16m in emergency aid to help deal with the large numbers of people fleeing the violence.

Many of them are crossing the border to Liberia, a country itself struggling to recover from its own violence. As The Guardian reported,

Last week the UN high commissioner for refugees, António Guterres,visited Liberia and warned that the influx of refugees threatened the country’s eight years of peace, following a civil war that left

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  • User Avatarsuzanne fletcher 28th May - 12:10pm
    this is an excellent letter on NRPF and provison of housing which I hope the party can support. https://haringeymsc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Open-Letter-to-Robert-Jenrick-MP_Final.pdf
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    Wasn't there a membership email about subs a while ago? I don't know who it went to ... I thought they were divided differently: 55%...
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    Chris Perry | Thu 28th May 2020 - 11:15 am "the fifth largest economy in the world?" Is it really? The UK has left the...
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    I agree Rob, I found it odd that there wasn't more of an online, up-to-date presence. I thought I'd comment on the Website. It has...
  • User AvatarIan Sanderson (RM3) 28th May - 11:38am
    This is not an argument for or against the proposal, but there is nothing novel about smallish charges levelled on consumers in the hope that...