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Chris Clarke: an appreciation

This week sees the memorial service for Chris Clarke, former leader of the LGA Liberal Democrat Group

He was always Chris. Even when he gained a knighthood in 2005, he was just very occasionally Sir Chris. No pomposity there.

I came across Chris first of all as Leader of Somerset County Council and thus someone from one of our most successful counties and regions. He was larger than life at the Local Government Association even before he was successfully elected as Leader of its Liberal Democrat Group.

He gave clarity to the Liberal Democrat push within that organisation but also made it clear …

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  • User AvatarGwyn Williams 28th Feb - 11:08am
    I would like to add my thanks to Peter Price for his work, sound advice and wisdom over many years. The Welsh Policy Committee just...
  • User AvatarPeter 28th Feb - 11:06am
    @wg - You are right. In Scotland, for example, they have cut down over a million trees to make way for wind turbines, all in...
  • User AvatarThomas 28th Feb - 10:42am
    David Raw - I know Tim is a good man. But he is boring, uncharismatic and thus cannot rally people to him. A charismatic leader...
  • User AvatarThomas 28th Feb - 10:37am
    wg - perhaps American cultural/media influence is too great. In America, climate change denial is a thing.
  • User Avatarwg 28th Feb - 10:34am
    Julian Tisi - yes, precisely. Most people don't deny that the climate is changing; that's what climate does - and has been doing for this...
  • User AvatarGordon 28th Feb - 10:30am
    An excellent article. LDs have always relied only on tactics and never had a coherent strategy – and never will as long as the party...