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And the winner of the Channel 4 Tory leader debate is…..

…. Well, Krishan Guru-Murthy, obviously.

He wasn’t leaving any of the candidates any wiggle room, especially on the question about their weaknesses. You know how we are all told to say something like “impatience” or :”I work too hard.” Well, Michael Gove tried to get away with the former and Guru-Murthy unleashed a charge of hypocrisy on his head. How could he  support severe consequences for people on drugs charges and get away with it himself?

No wonder Boris didn’t show up He would have been eviscerated on live tv by a competent anchor. He would not have lasted five minutes. There was no incentive for him to show up. Presumably he thinks he’ll get an easier ride on the BBC on Tuesday.

Frankly, the thought of any of the Tory hopefuls as PM brings me out in hives.

Caroline Voaden, our new MEP n the South East, sees little  hope.

Out of all of them, Rory Stewart comes across as a proper human being. But I still wouldn’t want this Brexiteer as Prime Minister.

However the bar is so low that you have to slither on your belly to get under it.

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  • User AvatarGeoffrey Dron 23rd Aug - 2:43am
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    "Really? it broke electoral law, people were convicted and fined." Oh, come on. Have you forgotten the list of people who have been convicted and...
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    Roger, Michael BG - have you ever thought that UBI can be used the Right as an excuse to dismantle the current welfare state?
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    Katharine Pindar - "Thomas, with your emphasis on robotics and AI, I only wonder if our backwardness in that respect has to do with the...
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    @Johnny McDermott "There is no legitimate option to remain without attempting reform" I'm afraid you really are barking up the wrong tree there. Cameron's efforts...
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