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Open Rights Group flashmob serves disconnection notice on UK Music #DEBill

DEBill flashmob at UK Music
Filmmaker Obhi Chatterjee, one of the team behind the Lib Dem Spring Conference emergency motion on Freedom, creativity & the internet, describes the experience:

It was while following #DEBill on Twitter on the train that, with just over an hour to go, we discovered where we had to be at 12:15. In front of London’s Dominion Theatre, near Tottenham Court Road. Bring a police helmet and clipboard if poss.

My father had struggled to understand how we could have left home knowing only that we had to be in central London at a certain time. We had aimed for Trafalgar Square.

I recognised Open Rights Group‘s Executive Director, Jim Killock, from his Facebook photo. A few people were distributing imitation police helmets and clipboards. A journalist was asking people why they were there.

The sheet on the clipboard explained what we had to do and where we had to go: the Soho offices of UK Music, a short walk away.

Once there, we were to wander up and down outside the building, looking officious. Perhaps everyone was too good-humoured and smiling a bit too much for that.

Still, there were quite a few photographers and video cameras around to record the event.

Staff heading out of the building for lunch didn’t seem to be very conversational. I can’t imagine they mistook us for MI5 …

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    Firstly, I am sorry to see so many readers are critical of "the leadership". These leaders are the people who are prepared to stand up...
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    Labour were ultimately weakened by their big donor links and the Lib Dems should be very wary of how this all looks. The scratch my...
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    @ Nigel Jones " I have occasionally worried that in conference, decisions have been voted on where few people have read the policy paper and...
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    I wouldn't blame the police for this. The communication from Government has been confusing and unclear. In the Easter egg example, it appears just a...
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    Lets have some Facts. Its not 6% in the latest PollS, its 6% in the latest Poll, just one Poll out of the 14 Polls...
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    I agree the fundraising team deserve a lot of credit for this. Its a shame our campaign team didn't spend it better, but that's not...
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