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ICYMI Jo (and Gabriel) at People’s Vote march

It’s been a traumatic few days.

Here’s a reminder of why we’re fighting to save this country from Brexit – Jo Swinson speaking to the People’s Vote march 10 days ago with little Gabriel in his sling, completely unphased by the whole thing.


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  • User AvatarPeter Martin 25th Apr - 7:59am
    In more than 60 years of European integration, the European Union has served us well in achieving peace, stability and prosperity. ??? Italy is probably...
  • User AvatarHumphrey Hawksley 25th Apr - 7:56am
    Mark, do you have this superbly concise argument, underpinned by the authority of ALDE, compressed into half an A4 sheet of paper to be spread...
  • User AvatarInnocent Bystander 25th Apr - 7:50am
    BTW expats, "Do you mean to say that my National Insurance contributions and a chunk of my tax hasn’t gone towards paying for healthcare? But...
  • User AvatarAndrew McCaig 25th Apr - 7:40am
    I am afraid it is not a coincidence that when forced to adopt a more proportional system for the EU parliament, Blair and Straw went...
  • User AvatarInnocent Bystander 25th Apr - 7:36am
    David Raw, You misunderstand. I was not calling for you to voluntarily give up the NHS. No. I was simply predicting that the day is...
  • User AvatarJohn Chandler 25th Apr - 7:17am
    The elections already highlight one falsehood spouted by some Brexiters: that we have no say in Europe, and it's all about unelected bureaucrats. Here's an...