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We must stand a candidate in every constituency at the next General Election

Our Party has something to offer everyone in England Scotland and Wales and therefore it makes sense that we should stand a candidate in every seat (our friends in the Alliance Party do a great job in Northern Ireland).

That might seem like common sense – but at the last election we participated in the Unite to Remain Agreement by which we, the Greens and Plaid Cymru (Labour refused to participate) agreed to stand down in some constituencies – and it was a disaster. Not only did it make no difference to the results, but the way in which our local parties and PPCs were told they were standing down with no input from them caused huge problems.

If you agree we should stand a candidate everywhere, please support Amendment 3 to motion F23: Party Strategy, 10.55 on Sunday morning.

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Who’d have thought you’d find THAT in a secret Lib Dem campaign email?

martin horwoodThe Gloucestershire Echo has somehow got hold of a campaign email sent round Cheltenham Lib Dem MP Martin Horwood’s team.

It says two main things:

… that the Lib Dems should have two “core messages” in Cheltenham: That Martin Horwood is the “best person to represent Cheltenham” and that it is “going to be a two horse race”.

Adding later:

“We think that we have got a very good local MP in Martin Horwood who is a great asset to the town.”

Secondly, there’s this highly surprising fact:

is “important to ruthlessly squeeze Green-ish voters who may wish to vote Green as an alternative to Lib Dem”.

The Greens didn’t even stand in the seat in 2010, but it is kind of basic campaigning that you try to squeeze the vote of all but your main opponents.

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