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Council by-election results: 25 August 2011

North Ayrshire UA, Saltcoats and Stevenston
First preference votes:
Scottish Labour Party 1914 (48.7; +13.9)
SNP 1306 (33.2; +1.2)
Scottish Conservative 284 (7.2; -0.4)
All Scotland Pensioners Party 211 (5.4; +5.4)
Independent 114 (2.9; +2.9)
LD Gordon Bain 56 (1.4; +1.4)
Socialist Labour Party 43 (1.1; +1.1)

Turnout 25.42%
Lab hold
Percentage change is since May 2007.
Labour elected at Stage 5.
For full details use the link:

Bolsover DC, Shirebrook South West
Lab 200 (47.8; +15.6)
Green 103 (24.6; +24.6)
Con 72 (17.2; +11.1)
BNP 43 (10.3; +0.7)

Majority 97
Turnout not known
Lab gain from Ind
Percentage change is since May 2011

Full by-election info and commentary at the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors.

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    Despite some rather silly comments by others, bearing in mind the political history of the Ward, this is a good result for us. Not brilliant,...
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