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Lib Dem councillors – the thin orange line between Britain and the harsh effects of Brexit

We fought hard, we won where we could, but lost where it mattered. Brexit is on the doorstep.

And that’s where we should be too.

A wise man once addressed the European Parliament in the wake of our most successful European elections ever and told us that Brexit is not inevitable. And while that may not be as true as it once was, the most devastating consequences of Brexit for our communities are not as inevitable as they may feel sitting here in the crushing aftermath of a truly momentous step back for Britain.

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Lib Dem Jeremy Wilcock selected to fight Prescott seat

The trips-off-your-tongue ThisIsHullandEastRiding.co.uk reports:

LIBERAL Democrat campaigner Jeremy Wilcock has been chosen to contest John Prescott’s seat at the next General Election. The former Deputy Prime Minister is retiring from the House of Commons at the next election after representing Hull East since 1970.

In the 2005 election vote Mr Prescott won with a reduced majority of 11,747 – down almost 3,600 on the previous General Election. Four years ago, the Lib Dems finished second with their candidate Andy Sloan increasing his party’s share of the vote. …

However, since 2005 the Lib Dems have established a comfortable overall majority on

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    Interesting the pro-Russian propaganda / talking points do not have any sources. I suspect it is because there aren't any reputable sources....
  • Chris Moore
    Gordon is back with his pro_Russian propaganda....
  • Roland
    @Roger - The principle is good sound bite, but the reality is your second statement: No representation without taxation. So all those overseas “residents�...
  • Roger Billins
    The principle should surely be no taxation without representation. If I pay tax in a country, I should have the right to have a say as to how my taxes are spent...
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    In NATO's on words, "NATO’s purpose is to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means." (https://www.nato.in...