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Congratulations to…

Daisy Benson – selected for Reading West

Richard Gadsden – selected for Worsley and Eccles South

Martin Land – selected for Hungtingdon

Good luck one and all.

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US mid-terms: best of the Lib Dem blogs

Here’s a quick round-up of the best Lib Dem commentary on the mid-terms

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  • Brad Barrows
    The time to create a Progressive Alliance is after the next election if no party wins an overall majority. In that situation, the Liberal Democrats should work ...
  • TonyH
    Excellent article Mary. All LibDems in Blue Wall seats please read....
  • Roger Lake
    Surely pensioners need have no immediate fear? It must be a feature of UBI that it is subject to Income Tax. The UBI must be added to everybody's income, ...
  • Peter Hirst
    The United Nations as the creator and enforcer of international law must bear some responsibility. It suits many countries for it to be weak or malfunctioning. ...
  • Nonconformistradical
    @Peter Hirst "The days of strict adherence to one at the expense of others is no longer a viable strategy." Viable or not - I perceive that's what the very we...