The Lib Dem Press Office celebrates Eurovision

It’s become something of a tradition for the Lib Dem Press Office to offer a bit of a random and amusing commentary as Eurovision unfolds.

Here are some of the highlights:

One country making Brexiteer level of promise:

The thing is that unless you are watching this live, it’s not always clear what they are talking about. Anyone want to hazard any guesses over these:

A question that could be asked about just about anything on Eurovision:

They don’t seem to have had quite as much to drink as in previous years. Meanwhile, there is one very sore head in LDV Towers this morning. The rules of the party the afflicted person attended were that if your country got 12 points, you had to consume a shot of either some very innocent tasting raspberry thing or some rather more medicinal rainbow sourz affair. Thinking that they were safe having been allocated France, they got stuck into the wine. And then France got the first 12 points of the night…..

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  • I see the EU is still having troubles controlling it’s border
    what with intruders making it onto the stage lol

  • John Marriott 13th May '18 - 3:01pm

    The UK winners of Eurovision remind me a bit of Brexit. First of all it was about “Making your mind up” and then, “Boom bang a bang”, we voted to get out, as some of us felt like “A puppet on a string”. Whatever happens, let’s stay friends and let “Love shine a light” on our future relationships. As we might say to them all “Save your kisses for me”!

  • matt 13th May ’18 – 2:41pm…………….I see the EU is still having troubles controlling it’s border; what with intruders making it onto the stage lol…………

    I note it was a brit who disrupted the proceedings; no change there.

    Anyway, trailing in in 24th place is probably an indication of our world standing after Brexit.

  • Tomorrow is David Milliband day. We should enthusiastically back the all party anti brexit press conference tomorrow, shouldn’t we?

  • John Marriott 13th May '18 - 8:18pm

    And why are Israel and Australia allowed to compete?

  • John Marriott 13th May ’18 – 8:18pm…………….And why are Israel and Australia allowed to compete?….
    I the words of the most famous winners, “Money, money, money!”

  • John Marriott 13th May ’18 – 8:18pm…………….And why are Israel and Australia allowed to compete?….
    I’m not sure it’s about money. More that they’re both at heart forged as white European colonies…one British, one Eastern European!

  • Australia has been big a supporter of the event since at least the 1970s. ABBA The Movie is an Australian institution. Also both Israel and Australia have very enthusiastic audiences who have embraced the contest as an annual party. I don’t think the reasoning for their inclusion is cynical. I think Eurovision is now much more about the spirit than the physical boundaries of Europe.

  • Bill le Breton 14th May '18 - 7:33am

    Was the winning act gratuitous racism?

  • Paul Murray 14th May '18 - 8:53am

    @John Marriott – Israel and Australia are “allowed” to compete because they are members of the European Broadcasting Union (the EBU). Morocco participated in 1980. All fully paid up national broadcasters can submit an entry. There is no geographical restriction on membership of the EBU.

    @Expats – I never cease to be amazed at the ability of Lib Dems to shoehorn Brexit into every discussion. The UK was getting terrible results long before Brexit. And Germany (who did very well this year with what felt like a rejected Adele song delivered by an Ed Sheeran tribute act) came last, last, second last in 2015, 2016, 2017.

    @Bill Le Breton – this is a reference to the “Yellow face” debate? I struggle to understand this since the logical end-point appears to be cultural apartheid. Perhaps I should destroy the otherwise excellent CD of Bruckner 9 that I was listening to yesterday. It’s a recording by Kobayashi and the Japan Philharmonic. Is it cultural appropriation for a Japanese orchestra to perform late 19th century German music?

  • John Marriott 14th May '18 - 9:25am

    I guess you’re probably right about Israel and Australia. As ABBA sang, it is at the end about “Money, money, money”. I suppose “That’s the name of the game” nowadays. We met our usual “Waterloo”. After all, “The Winner takes it all”, doesn’t It? And Israel won again. Will they hold next year’s bash in Tel Aviv, or present they could invite the USA to compete in Jerusalem – always assuming they are still at peace. I guess we’ll be there as the “Super trooper”.

    I didn’t watch it myself; but, “Mamma MIA”, what a fuss about nothing! However, being patriotic and competitive “I have a dream” that we might actually finish in the top three again one day. But “Knowing me, knowing you”, I suppose we should say “Thank you for the music”, if not “Congratulations” (which was one of Sir Cliff’s efforts and came second, I think).

    PS You and I appear to be the only ones taking this thread a little less than seriously. Come on, you LDVers, lighten up a bit!!

  • Paul Murray 14th May '18 - 9:31am

    @John Marriott – but Eurovision is the essence of “camp”. And the excellent definition of “camp” from Professor Wayne R. Dynes is “camp consists of taking serious things frivolously and frivolous things seriously”. Play the game, old chap.

  • Peter Martin 14th May '18 - 10:41am

    The UK should perhaps have chosen a song with a more topical title.

    “”Go Your Own Way” would be my ideal choice, but that’s already been done by Fleetwood Mac!

    “I Will Always Love EU” may be a preferable title for most Lib Dems but there may be some copyright issues to negotiate with the late Whitney Houston’s heirs.

    Still, there’s plenty of scope for other songs in similar vein.

  • @Peter Martin – Of course in 1974 the Italians censored their own song at Eurovision. It was called “Si” (the word is used repeatedly in the song) and the broadcaster felt it might act subliminally on the domestic audience just ahead of a referendum on divorce.

  • John Marriott 14th May '18 - 10:54am

    @Paul Murray
    Have I missed something? I thought I was trying to be funny. Surely, that’s “The name of the game”, isn’t it?

  • @John Marriott – no disrespect intended, John. It’s just old Eurovision junkies like me take it all waaaay too seriously… on the other hand I once saw an excellent documentary (while in Sweden for Eurovision) making a convincing case that Eurovision directly led to the collapse of the Berlin Wall because Intervision (the Warsaw Pact version) looked so poor by comparison.

  • Nonconformistradical 14th May '18 - 11:24am

    “The UK was getting terrible results long before Brexit. ”

    Do people even care? I think I last bothered to watch it some time during the 1980s…

  • Lorenzo Cherin 14th May '18 - 2:06pm

    I adore it, watch it even as it is lousy, the reason Israel is there is it has been for years, since when that country was popular and keen to become more of a European kind of state, Italy Ireland, Israel, three Is were the mainstay.

    The uk song was better than for decades, yet got a terrible result understandably not justified, expected, due to political geographical partisan bias.

    The winner was adorably different, the song to though it was pretty awful, it was so much a typical novelty song in the winning style .

    We should celebrate a country who won it once with the only transgender entry singer, paving the path for the cross dressing talent of Conchita Wurst years later, recently, also Jewish, from Austria, and a real talent , and a treasure.

    It is a very special and silly and necessarily so, event, much loved by those of us who are either very much not gay but might as well be for the much we have in common with the very gay who love it the most!

  • Peter Martin 14th May '18 - 2:38pm

    “The UK was getting terrible results long before Brexit. ”

    It wouldn’t be my first reason for voting Leave, but we did, during EUref come across those who told us they wanted out of the EU because our continental friends just weren’t voting for us anymore! Forget bendy bananas, the year the British entry received no points was the last straw for some. 🙂

    On the other hand, we also came across the argument that leaving the EU might adversely affect England’s ability to play in UEFA Euro cup and Champions League. So we didn’t feel too bad about not putting them right.

    Isn’t democracy a marvellous thing!

  • @Paul Walter: “Israeli entry…. singer, Netta, thanked the public for “supporting diversity”, so I think that is something we can all celebrate.”
    Ohh Paul, that is SO hysterically camp! You mean Netta, part of the IDF in 2014 when it lay siege in its last Gaza war? Or are Palestinians excluded from diversity?
    Things apparently have got a little more heated today, perhaps because those weird palestinian people couldn’t dance properly to the inclusive #metoo chicken song!
    Don’t tell me: PinkWash is about having a lovely soak in the bathtub!

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