The Third Leaders’ Debate: Live chat

Welcome to Lib Dem Voice’s coverage of the third televised debate between the three main party leaders, an event perhaps even more keenly anticpated than last week’s inaugural debate – though the viewing figures will almost certainly be fewer. As last week, we’re co-hosting live-chat, below, simultaneously with the Mark Reckons blog.

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  • Paul Pollard 29th Apr '10 - 8:45pm

    As a floating voter who, like many others, has voted labour to keep the conservatives out. I remember the Poll Tax and the ridiculously high interest rates, all to help protect the £ because of the ERM. Well this floating voter is not impressed by the so called 2 real alternatives. The arrogance of the two (so called) main parties who tells us the LibDem’s can offer what ever they want because they have no chance of winning. Who’s the biggot now? My vote goes to the LibDems, the only realistic alternative to real change in government.

  • Nick shone despite the migraine-inducing BBC set. I truly feel politics in the UK will change dramatically after next week’s election. We are watching history unfold.

  • Philip Young
    The Sun yougov poll…..
    What about a more objective source?

  • Cllr Patrick Smith 29th Apr '10 - 11:44pm

    The most objective poll about who won the third and final TV Debate will be known on May 6th.

    My prediction is that it will be Nick Clegg who wins on May 6th as he has already put on 10% to our national opinion polling in one 90 minute clear summary of Liberal Democrat policies on April 15th as a result of his brilliant performance when he taught Brown and Cameron a media lesson.

    What is so wrong and unfair for the people of Britain in the 21st C is that even if Lib.Dems votes are 30% on Election Day but it may only yield 100 or so MP`s, compared to a 28% equivalent in Labour that gives them 315 Seats.

    Our present Electoral System is totally out of kilter with democratic voting fairness in all parts of the UK and its reform must be seen as a `non-negotiable’ in the likely `Hung Parliament’.

  • Did anyone spot Nick Robinson (ex Tory activist) shamelessly talking up Cameron on the Ten O’Clock News? Time for Robinson to be sacked?

  • Matthew Huntbach 29th Apr '10 - 11:58pm

    It’s the first one I have seen, and I have to say I was not impressed by any of the three. Clegg was the best, yes, but only because of the dire nature of the competition.

    I saw no real passion or vision from any of them, just silly nit-picking. I didn’t have quite as many “No, no, oh no, that’s rubbish, no, no” moments with Clegg as I did with the other two, but I didn’t have no such moments with him.

    The house price question was in particular answered with complete rot, by Cameron in particular, but the others not immune. Don’t these people have any idea of how economics works? Look – there is no some commission which sits down and works out what house prices are to be. The price is what people are prepared to pay. So if you put more tax on people buying a house, they can’t afford to pay as much, so the price goes down.

    Brown kept saying “Liberal”. Now, I am proud to be a member of the party which is the legal successor to the Liberal Party, but we call ourselves “Liberal Democrats” or “Lib Dem” for short. We have been doing that for 20 years. So what is this not using the correct word? After 20 years Brown can’t learn the correct word? Is there anything else which changed its name 20 years ago but Brown still uses the old name? No, it was just a stupid “nah nah nah nah nah, I’m going to pretend you’re so insignificant that I can’t remember your party’s name”. How can anyone vote for a party led by someone with such a childish attitude? He might as well have stuck his hand on his nose and waggled his fingers, it would have been just as dignified and appropriate for what was meant to be a serious deabte, this man is a nightmare, he just has to go.

    What I didn’t like in particular about the debate was the way all three were all “me, me, me”. This an election firstly for our Members of Parliament, we will be putting our marks against their names, not those of Messrs Brown, Cameron and Clegg. For all that these debate seem to have served our party well, I was always worried about how they would encourage the horrible presidential view of UK politics, in which Parliament is just an electoral college for the Prime Minister. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a Leader of our party who really was a leader in the true sense of the word, in that he or she would really give the impression of putting the case of all of us as one of us, rather than putting himself or herself forward as if it were a presidential election?

  • Hate to say it, but I think Clegg has blown it. He needed to offer something different, or at least appear to, but he didn’t manage to put any distance between himself and either of his opponents, either on style or substance, and on the two issues where there was some policy daylight – on the amnesty and on the Euro – he got his arse handed to him. The press are going to slaughter him for effectively disowning parts of his own manifesto.

  • Disagree. The BBC debate will have been watched by many different people to the previous ones. For these people, it will be the first time they have seen Clegg, and it’s the initial impression that impresses people. Clegg did well, and being attacked by the other two is not a failing on those policies.

  • 4 out of the five polls have called it for Cameron and only populus differs with a draw between Cameron and Clegg

    “Populus are calling it as a draw between Cameron and Clegg – figures are Cameron 38%, Clegg 38%, Brown 25%.”

  • Andrew Suffield 30th Apr '10 - 4:47am

    as – for various reasons – I don’t think the Party currently has the political maturity

    Reasons like being a Tory?

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