WATCH: New Lib Dems Local Elections Broadcast – Those who seek to divide us will never win

The Party has launched it’s “new” local election broadcast. Well, actually, it’s the same one we’ve been using for a few months – which is fine, because it’s a cracker – with an extension highlighting the Council elections.

I personally love this one – it reminds us that only 7 years ago, we were all loving Danny Boyle’s diverse and wonderful opening of the Olympics.

And it’s a reminder that we can stop being collateral damage in the Conservative Party’s civil war and go back to being a country that works together to solve the problems of poverty and inequality.

Enjoy – and share as widely as you can. 

But those who seek to divide us will never win. We demand better than Brexit.

Labour and the Conservatives are fighting amongst themselves, and they have taken their eye off the ball when it comes to local services.

When it comes to local elections, you want someone who understands your community.

Someone who understands how important quality social care, strong local schools and well funded police and hospitals are to your local area.

We are campaigning for more resources to fight rising crime, to tackle homelessness and deliver the public services we all need.

And we are winning. Liberal Democrats have been winning council seats from Labour, the Tories and even UKIP.

We stand strong, with over a hundred thousand members and supporters, and a quarter of a million people backing our campaign for an exit from Brexit.

So when you vote, vote for the candidate that’s going to get things done for your local community.

Vote for the party who’s going to stop Brexit.

Vote Liberal Democrat.

* Caron Lindsay is Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and blogs at Caron's Musings

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  • Tony Greaves 10th Apr '19 - 8:05pm

    Well I have never seen it before. But I I thought this evening that it’s the best LD party broadcast I have seen for some years. And it actually talked about the Council elections. Hallelujah.

  • nigel hunter 10th Apr '19 - 9:43pm

    The local elections should be on 1st then Brexit

  • Same old sneering at leave voters, usual lazy attempts to suggest euroscepticism = racism. The usual bizarre equating of the EU with ‘the world’, when ironically Brexit will see the UK leave what is in essence an isolationist trade block obsessed with political union and which has a discriminatory immigration policy which overwhelmingly favours white Europeans.

    As much as I enjoyed the Olympics, to call it one of the “finest moments of our modern history” is hyperbole to the extreme. No explanation of where the magic pile of money is coming on to fund the series of vague promises. It’s also a shame the ad is mostly about issues which local councillors have no say over at all.

    Whoever comes up with these ads leaves to leave London more often.

  • Lorenzo Cherin 11th Apr '19 - 1:01am

    Very good, concise, intelligent, though, as a performer, director, could someone get in touch with me on how Sir Vince can be aided to read an autocue, speak and once in a while, smile…

  • Michael: Neopopulists (not just in the UK) always claim that Those Others (Liberals, Eurocrats, people who live in London) are “sneering” at them. This is typically false, but beyond that: What does it say about the strength of neopopulist ideas that they cannot be justified on their own terms, that their only real appeal to their supporter is the idea that “the elites” or “the intelligentsia” are against them?

    The neopopulist approach to winning support appears to follow this death spiral:

    1. Come up with a really terrible idea that will have disastrous consequences for everybody.
    2. Sell it as salvation on wheels.
    3. Wait for everyone with the slightest sense to cry it down.
    4. Turn to your supporters and say: “Look! The elitists have ganged up to take away your Terrible Idea!”
    5. Continue through several cycles of indignation and frustration, stoking anger and bitterness all the way.

    I don’t deny that sometimes this works. But it offers no way forward. It’s a programme of complete negativity founded on no more than people being indignant at the thought that someone else might know better than they do about anything. Let’s ignore intelligence, let’s ignore experience, let’s ignore expertise; those are all “elitist.” Never doubt that your Terrible Idea is right just because it’s your idea (never mind that you didn’t even come up with it). Never even listen to criticism because it can only be “sneering.”

    This is a trap. It’s a completely closed cycle with no way out; it’s designed to be impervious to any critique, any new ideas, any facts.

    But there’s another way. It’s to stop asking “What sort of programme flatters me most and puts those Others in their place?” It’s to step out of the politics of petty revenge. And it’s to start asking “What benefits the country? What works for the common good?” Once you reorient yourself to thinking that way, then facts, numbers, statistics, and arguments on both sides start to mean something, and can be considered no matter what you think of the people who are making them.

    And that’s the Liberal ideal. Not to be bound by ideology, not to be so committed to one or another Terrible Idea (and Brexit is just one of many such) just because you’ve decided it’s yours and you don’t like the folks on the other side: but to look for what works best for the people as a whole.

  • Innocent Bystander 11th Apr '19 - 9:00am

    I am not sure that “sneering” is an invalid observation.
    1. Read some of these posts about the brave Brexiteers. Bless.
    2. The leader of a small (but once large) political party said on live (and in-erasable) TV that he thought leave voters were racist.
    3. Any number of devout remainers have called upon those who voted leave to hurry up and die.
    And the term “Neo-populist” ? is that someone who is popular with the voters but who has not been approved by those (Liberals, Eurocrats, people who live in London)?
    I am a Remainer and think Brexit will exacerbate an already troubled economy but I also believe that other people are as human as I and entitled to form a different view without being relentlessly insulted for it.
    Brexit and Trump are symptoms, not the disease. The theme song “Things can only get better” and the Blair / Obama visions and promises of Change and a bright tomorrow are seen as hollow. In the developing world the citizens are moving slowly but inexorably from dusty villages into houses paid for by new jobs in manufacturing. In the US and the UK we are taking the opposite trajectory. We all know it. We all know that no politician knows how to stop the decline. Some just advocate laissez-faire and pray for a miracle and the other side advocates punitive tax increases and prays for an even bigger miracle.
    People are only turning away from “Western Liberalism” because it has failed and run out of ideas. No other reason.

  • We are all capable of retreating into a world view that “We are special but some dark force is conspiring to prevent us getting on”. Brexit played to that theme and many people fell for it ( not all some had other reasons, but it was and is a major driver of Brexit). Now realising this doesn’t mean you have to sympathise with that view, knowing that, that siren call could even drag you down, doesn’t mean you should be any less reluctant to point out it is a fallacy. The problem lies in our hands to change, by changing the way we are governed and the priorities of our society. We as a people need to realise only through reform, hardwork and education can our lives improve, not through blaming all our problems on some” furrin”.

  • Nonconformistradical 11th Apr '19 - 9:58am

    “The problem lies in our hands to change, by changing the way we are governed and the priorities of our society. We as a people need to realise only through reform, hardwork and education can our lives improve, not through blaming all our problems on some” furrin”.”
    Seconded wholeheartedly

  • Innocent Bystander 11th Apr '19 - 10:24am

    I, too, agree with those words of frankie. “Change and Reform” are needed but the actual scale and sweep of those two themes is not yet realised.
    These will need to be breathtaking, unprecedented and begin with many of the things which are now venerated being ruthlessly discarded.
    My view is, sadly, that there is no appetite for this and no politician with the message of “blood, toil, sweat and tears” is appearing.
    Frankly, any nation in the economic trouble in which we now are, that can tolerate a manifestly despised and illegitimate legislative organ which is the House of Lords has not (yet) reached the state of economic desperation wherein serious reforms could fly.

  • Sacha Griffiths 11th Apr '19 - 11:34am

    I think the PEB is typically Lib Dem in being nice and okay but not really going to be noticed. Their is an obvious problem with the Lib Dem leader, even his fellow MPs, the lack of bold eye-catching policies and just simple media management to get attention.

    On Brexit we should mark a clear bold position with a broad appeal to break the deadlock. A second referendum with a set of differences. Firstly, a multi-option referendum where the different factions are represented such as No deal, May’s Transition Hard Brexit, Customs Union Deal, Common Market 2.0 and (My preferred) Remain. There should be elimination voting with the vote held over 4 weekends (Saturday and Sunday). A bit similar to popular TV programmes such as Strictly or I’m a Celebrity. Alternatively, it could be done like the French presidential elections with the 3 less favoured options eliminated after the first ballot and then a run-off between the final two options. Their should also be compulsory voting with the voting age lowered to 16 and the 2m Brits who work or reside in the EU 27 also allowed to vote. As far as i understand it under the Representation of the Peoples Act, the 2m Brits can vote in General elections.

    This would give the lib Dems the high ground as the party for a truly democratic solution to Brexit. It would also garner support not only from Remainers but also from Leave especially No-Deal supporters. Whereas Labour and the Conservatives want to stitch-up or rail-road their particular Brexit option onto the British people whether they like it or not. That the Lib Dems are the party of choice and opportunity to get Brexit done one way or another and for what the British people actually want.

    With the new Brexit extension the timetable is limited but still doable. The votes would have to be held in October with the party conference season cancelled. The Lib Dems are going to have to probably elect a new leader before then and it may have to be someone outside the parliamentary party. Someone who is dynamic, media savvy and prepared to be stridently Lib Dem on a range of issues. In an era of multi -media platforms you have to have clear,incisive even rabble rousing messages which grab your attention. Taking on board the party’s logo, we have to be prepared to go only ‘ Where Eagles Dare ‘. That is just simply to get noticed

  • Where are the candidates for South Derbyshire in this year’s local council elections?

  • The joys of moving to a sleep country village.
    My local election ballot paper just turned up with only 2 candidates on the ballot.
    Labour or Conservative.
    Coming from a large city originally i was used to having at least 5 candidates to chose from.
    I was hoping to have an independent to chose from this year as I did not want to vote for any of the main parties because of the Tories Hash up of Brexit and the opposition parties contribution to forcing the hash up.
    Now i dont know how to vote, it would be the first time I never voted if that is what I chose.
    Not even had a single piece of literature from the parties either about what they are doing locally

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