LibDemVoice is a 100% volunteer-run website, but it still costs money to run – about £120 a month simply to pay for the server which keeps the site up-and-running. A modest, regular donation is the best way of enabling us to plan our expenditure – but small, single gifts are also welcome (as are large ones!). If you would like to help in this way, we’d be very grateful.

We have three options available:


Direct Bank Transfer or Standing Order

We are happy to accept donations either on a one-off basis by direct bank transfer, or by regular standing order.

You can find details of how to do this on this Members’ Forum page or by emailing

Boring legal bit
Liberal Democrat Voice counts as a members’ association as all of the team are members of the Liberal Democrats. Therefore any donations we receive have to meet the same legal requirements as donations to a political party, and – if you’re very generous! – they will get published by the Electoral Commission.


Recent Comments

  • User AvatarMatthew Huntbach 31st Aug - 2:09pm
    Lorenzo Cherin In respect to your last message, in the past there would have been government (national and local) funds that might have supported you....
  • User AvatarLorenzo Cherin 31st Aug - 2:06pm
    Barry Snelson Read my comments and you shall see you get a constructive response from some of us !
  • User AvatarLorenzo Cherin 31st Aug - 2:01pm
    Matthew , Oh, I think ,actually ,you are mature , able , and unbelievable ! Yet I , yes ,indeed and this party, must and...
  • User AvatarBarry Snelson 31st Aug - 1:59pm
    Matthew, I didn't say how. I certainly didn't say that we should all fall in obeisance to the already wealthy. I do have ideas as...
  • User AvatarMatthew Huntbach 31st Aug - 1:55pm
    David Raw Thanks. Sometimes when I read stuff here I wonder if I'm getting it wrong, and maybe the Liberal Party was much more right-wing...
  • User AvatarLorenzo Cherin 31st Aug - 1:50pm
    Matthew Huntbach Excellent analysis and compassion, I agree with it and concur with every point,but you should not so readily presume to know the mindset...