LibDemVoice is a 100% volunteer-run website, but it still costs money to run – about £120 a month simply to pay for the server which keeps the site up-and-running. A modest, regular donation is the best way of enabling us to plan our expenditure – but small, single gifts are also welcome (as are large ones!). If you would like to help in this way, we’d be very grateful.

We have three options available:


Direct Bank Transfer or Standing Order

We are happy to accept donations either on a one-off basis by direct bank transfer, or by regular standing order.

You can find details of how to do this on this Members’ Forum page or by emailing

Boring legal bit
Liberal Democrat Voice counts as a members’ association as all of the team are members of the Liberal Democrats. Therefore any donations we receive have to meet the same legal requirements as donations to a political party, and – if you’re very generous! – they will get published by the Electoral Commission.


Recent Comments

  • User AvatarIan Sanderson (RM3) 9th Dec - 8:15am
    'If you can find any non-islamic culture where women are routinely shrouded like that, I’d be very interested to hear it.' In my lifetime, some...
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    I agree with David Beckett, well done everyone connected to the campaign, but with that base increasing we need to reach out to those who...
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    @David Pearce Hi, No, not a chance I am afraid. It id the wrong type of seat for Lib dems to get an large swing...
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    Well done Ross & team. OfC the beeb are still talking up the Kippers, despite their vote fall. At least Sal is going to be...
  • User AvatarDavid Pearce 9th Dec - 7:54am
    I think that had this seat received the same attention as Richmond, then it could have been lib dem second, even a strong second. There...
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    Before we get too taken away there are lessons to be learnt. Whilst our Brexit stance is the right one at the moment we must...