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Open letter to Ed Davey from BLAC Lib Dems

Dear Ed,

As you would expect, BLAC (Black Lives Action Committee) Liberal Democrats strongly rejects the findings of The Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report published in March 2021, which has dismissed the concerns of ethnic minorities in relation to institutional racism in Britain. Wera Hobhouse, as the spokesperson for Justice, Women, and Equalities, has spoken on this issue and we welcome her statements. However, Wera responded on behalf of the Party without consulting with Black members, which is all too common in the Party.

The marginalization of Black voices within our Party is a serious concern among our membership. For example, the Party wants to reach Black voters, yet four times BLAC Liberal Democrats have sent its comprehensive pro-Black policy agenda to each of our members of parliament asking for help in transforming its strategic aims into Party Policy. Having had no response to emails, BLAC Liberal Democrats posted the document on a USB to the constituency offices. Still, our policy agenda has been ignored by the Parliamentary Party. In another example, BLAC Liberal Democrats made you aware that earlier this year a White investigator into a complaint of racism allowed White people alone to determine what was, and wasn’t, racist behaviour. This colonial approach is not acceptable within a modern Liberal Democrat Party, and you had promised to investigate. We are anxiously awaiting your response.

There is a willingness by some of the Party leadership to appease Black Liberal Democrats over a brief meet and greet, or to use us in campaigns, yet little is done to engage meaningfully with us and about the issues that matter to Black communities. Black people face this type of marginalization and gaslighting every day, it is the frustration that leads to the formation of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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