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Rising above politics as usual

The decision to not rush the leadership election has allowed a welcome space for a discussion on the strategy and philosophy of being a Liberal Democrat in 2020. I am a new member having joined just last month. I do not pretend that my views carry any more weight than any other member, and probably less than those who have worked so hard for the party. Nonetheless, the opportunity to contribute ideas to the direction the party should now take was part of the reason I joined.

Post-Brexit we have a clean slate. The challenge is to apply the timeless principles …

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  • User AvatarFrank West 10th Jul - 4:09pm
    I would guess that 95 percent of users are not paying aniything where I live - I often seem to be the only one paying...
  • User AvatarDavid Blake 10th Jul - 3:23pm
    I remember David Alton proposing something like this many years ago when he was a Liberal MP. I certainly think it warrants examination.
  • User AvatarGeoff Reid 10th Jul - 3:19pm
    As someone who is multimodal with a preference for public transport, I think Kay Kirkham is onto something when she suggests that free bus travel...
  • User AvatarKaterina Porter 10th Jul - 3:09pm
    Diane's book shows that what was originally planned was sometimes applied by those whose outlook put working class children at the bottom and middle classes...
  • User AvatarKaterina Porter 10th Jul - 2:54pm
    Big problems with computer. Apologies!
  • User AvatarKaterina Porter 10th Jul - 2:51pm
    What comes up in Diane's book is that there were ideas one respects but that people who applied them had a certain mentality eg automatically...