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The Independent View: Participatory democracy and the People’s Budget

It’s budget season and here’s a question ….

Is it an exaggeration to claim that there is a crisis in our system of democracy? When so many people don’t bother to vote and there are communities in the UK which no longer have any faith in the willingness of parliament and local government to address their needs and concerns, to actually represent their interests, then I think not. However, the direction of the coalition government’s policy is avowedly towards greater accountability and a stronger role for local people in decisions about local services.

The reality is that, despite the rhetoric about localism …

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  • User AvatarDavid Becket 29th Jan - 3:26pm
    We have 11 potential candidates for leader. I would agree we discount any candidate who held office during the coalition. The membership now needs to...
  • User Avatarn hunter 29th Jan - 3:21pm
    The European suppliers can be NOKIA and ERICSSON who can provide 5G ,as you say there are others. Are they not being considered cos of...
  • User AvatarSilvio 29th Jan - 3:16pm
    The Liberal Democrats are being starved of publicity..the media is not interested the boost from the European Elections has soured. The party needs to face...
  • User AvatarDavid Garlick 29th Jan - 3:11pm
    Interesting and informative. Sadly I doubt Boris de whatsit will be smart enough. Mr C might be.
  • User AvatarDavid Garlick 29th Jan - 3:08pm
    The feeing is mutual and is duplicated between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. The confusion arises once you get beyond the died in the...
  • User AvatarDaniel Walker 29th Jan - 3:07pm
    @Paul Holmes "Regrettably it seems to be the sort of question that misled LD Strategists into believing right up to 10pm on Polling Day in...