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Housing policy must cover more than just building more houses

The Liberal Democrats need a better housing policy.  The proposed policy on building many more houses that was (rightly) debated at Conference is not sufficient. The other policies in the Liberal Democrat manifesto had weaknesses.

The housing situation today is the cause of some of the biggest problems we have in delivering on fundamental Liberal Democrat  principles of ‘the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals’ and on the ‘just distribution of economic rewards’ – let alone getting ‘value for money’ for the state.  Jeremy Corbyn has identified affordable housing as his first priority in his early statements and PMQ’s.  However the housing situation is not just unsatisfactory for the far left and the poor:  it is unsatisfactory for all (except maybe for the rich and the private landlords).  We in the Liberal Democrats should be leading the search for agreed centre left policies to do something about it.  

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    The Lib Dems owe their resurgence to the simple clear message: Stop Brexit. Do you want to be like Jeremy Corbyn who shies away from...
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    Peter Watson is right. As Henry Ford famously said, his customers could have their Model T in any colour they liked “as long as it...
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    @Andy - you're making the mistake of viewing Labour as a "progressive" party (whatever that means - usually it means "Labour-dominated" when appended to the...
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    The problem is that some, most, MP's cant see further than the end of their nose, or their deselection, or electoral loss. It is understandable...
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    One point I would make to Mack is I don't know how old you are but I am old enough to remember real shortages in...
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