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Why we need to argue for constitutional reform

The Liberal Democrats must advocate for the radical reform of the UK’s political system as a necessary condition for meeting the country’s diverse challenges.

Climate change, nuclear proliferation, inequality and decreasing living standards – the UK is awash with crises, threatening its place in the world and the welfare of people in our country and beyond.
Throughout our recent history, innovation has driven improvements in our lives. Individuals invented revolutionary technologies, while politicians championed visions to improve our overall welfare. Just as the UK’s rational and free society created the conditions for its industrial power, so did our world war leaders give us the post-war consensus, ensuring the security and freedom of millions.

So where’s the innovation now? Where are our visions?

The truth is that today’s challenges are far more complicated, interdependent, and costly. Tackling climate change requires a radical new approach to how we consider the natural world. Managing war and nuclear proliferation requires global cooperation. Inequality has many vectors and is deeply rooted among different groups and regions. Solving these problems requires more than innovation: they require political visions.

This is why it’s so tragic that our politicians lack substantial visions for our future.

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