Lots of new hope in Scottish Party Political Broadcast

It’s a new era in Scotland, so a brand new Party Political Broadcast is going out as you read this.

It is a thing of beauty. Enjoy.

If the words “new hope” mean nothing to you, you haven’t been watching closely enough.

A lot of this was filmed at his leadership launch speech on 20th August.

We love the ending:

“If you want a party that is dedicated to fighting the climate emergency with ferocity without the baggage of nationalism, come with us.”

“If you want a party that is focused on human rights at home and abroad, come with us.”

“If you want a party that fights for the best education for our children, come with us.”

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  • If you want a party that is focused on human rights……
    Don’t bother to post things on lib dem voice. The free speech lib dem police will surely stop you

  • Hmmmm….
    Martins comment seems to rather disprove Davids point.
    In fact LDV are far too loose in allowing comments that clearly break the “rules”, like mine as an example.
    I would remove all 3 & wait for someone to actually reference the article.

  • Peter Martin 23rd Sep '21 - 1:15pm

    @ Martin,

    “EU countries are not vassal states, they are treated with a respect and attention that is currently denied to Scotland in the UK.”

    So you are saying we’d be treating Scotland with more “respect and attention” if we froze the bank accounts of all Scottish residents, as the EU did with Greek residents, in the event of a strong disagreement between Westminster and Holyrood?

  • Peter Martin 23rd Sep '21 - 4:12pm

    @ Martin

    “….any more than Holyrood would be able to dictate terms on electorates of other member states.”

    I would agree that Holyrood/Scotland wouldn’t be able to dictate terms to other EU member states. It’s what might happen in reverse that Scots voters should be rather more concerned about. They might think London govts have been a little too tight with their money. So they are going to end all that by jumping into the tender embrace of German neoliberals?

    Well good luck with that! Don’t say they weren’t warned!

    Here’s more “right wing blather” from that well known ‘ultra’ Yanis Varoufakis.


  • Andrew Melmoth 23rd Sep '21 - 7:14pm

    The EU did not freeze Greek bank accounts. Yanis Varoufakis campaigned against Brexit. The influence the EU has over member states is nothing compared to the power Westminster wields over Scotland. The sovereign members of the EU are free to leave any time they like. Even with a pro-independence majority in it’s parliament Scotland cannot hold a referendum without the permission of Boris Johnson.

  • Peter Martin 23rd Sep '21 - 8:36pm

    @ Andrew Melmoth

    “The EU did not freeze Greek bank accounts.”

    So who did then?

    “Yanis Varoufakis campaigned against Brexit.”

    He did. He since written “I opposed Brexit, I campaigned against Brexit (…) My remain position was weird in the sense that I was never a cheerleader for Brussels in the EU.”

    It was indeed weird. I must admit I never quite understood it. That’s probably because he’s smarter than me ! 🙂 Some would say too smart for his own good. He, however, went on to say:

    “There’s been developments that have made me rethink my position…. ”

    That’s good. I’m starting to understand him better now!


    “The influence the EU has over member states is nothing compared to the power Westminster wields over Scotland.”

    This is because of differences in the political structure and the arbitrary lines we’ve drawn and the political entities we’ve created in Britain. One is called Scotland, another is called Wales, another is called Cornwall, another is called Lancashire etc etc

    Scotland isn’t treated any more harshly than Cornwall or Lancashire. Many would say it was treated much better because of the relatively generous Barnett formula and because it has its own Govt with substantially more powers than Lancashire County Council. It had its own laws and justice system before it had its own Govt. It has already had one referendum and the question will be when, not if, we have the next one.

    I would say maybe in the next Parliamentary session or sometime after 2024. But we’ll all have to wait and see what will happen then.

  • Peter Martin 23rd Sep '21 - 9:35pm

    @ Martin,

    ‘ “other member states” refers to other member states of the UK.’

    I see. But the point still stands. If there is a UK there will be a UK govt which will be able to impose its will on all member states just like the USA govt can impose its will, if it wishes, on all member states in the USA. The Federal govt will of course allow some leeway in letting the individual states vary rates of taxation and adjust the levels of state spending but there will always be a line which the individual states cannot cross. We saw what happened in the last century when the Confederate States did just that.

    The govt in the EU is a combination of the European Commission and the ECB. If Scotland leaves the UK and joins the EU then it will simply be swapping London for Brussels and Frankfurt.

    Scotland can only be truly independent if it stays out of both the EU and UK. It also needs to have its own currency which it alone controls.

  • Peter Martin 23rd Sep '21 - 9:41pm

    Correction: The Confederate States existed in the 19th century not the 20th.

  • Andrew Melmoth 24th Sep '21 - 12:22am

    Brexit was only ever a means for a faction in the Tory party to gain power. Of course it’s prettier to imagine oneself as a latter-day Byron than a dupe of the right. But the Greek people never supported leaving the eurozone never mind the EU. Trying to cast Brexit as some kind of act of solidarity with Greece is not only utterly risible but displays contempt towards the Greek people.

  • Peter Martin 24th Sep '21 - 5:50am

    @ Andrew,

    You’re right that Brexit wasn’t an act of solidarity with Greece or Syriza but it should have been a much bigger factor for the left than it was. Usually the left manages to be on the right side of history but not this time. It largely turned a blind eye to what was happening there. Not everyone did, but there wasn’t nearly enough criticism of the EU for crushing Syriza in the way it did.


    @ Martin.

    If Iceland (pop 300k) can exist as an independent state, ie outside the EU and with its own currency then so can Scotland. If it wants to. It is those who say the only alternative to UK membership is EU membership who are the ‘belittlers’.

  • Christopher Moore 24th Sep '21 - 2:45pm

    I must have missed the bit where the EU froze Greek bank accounts.

  • Andrew Melmoth 23rd Sep ’21 – 7:14pm:
    Yanis Varoufakis campaigned against Brexit.

    He’s since seen the light…

    ‘Yanis Varoufakis: Why Brexit was the right decision for the UK in the end’ [May 2021]:

    YANIS Varoufakis now thinks Brexit was the right decision for the UK – despite being a reluctant Remainer during the 2016 referendum. […]

    “The day after the referendum, I could see the problem were the Remainers, because they were simply anti-democratic, they treated those who voted with the majority with contempt.” […]

    “I’ve changed my mind. I think that Brexit, in the end, when you weigh things up, was probably the right way for Britain.”

    Varoufakis also hit out at the lack of democracy within the EU – saying it was not so much a democratic deficit as a vacuum.

    The sovereign members of the EU are free to leave any time they like.

    So married people are single as they are free to divorce, employees are unemployed as they are free to resign, and the living are dead. While in the EU, members are, by definition, not sovereign: EU law has supremacy, the ECJ has jurisdiction, and the EU enters into binding treaties on their behalf.

    Back in 1960, in a letter to Edward Heath MP, the then Lord High Chancellor, Lord Kilmuir (Sir David Maxwell Fyfe) gave this legal advice on our loss of sovereignty if we joined the EEC…

    ‘THE KILMUIR LETTER – A damning Critique over UK’s ‘ILLEGAL’ entry into the EEC!’:

    …if binding treaties are to be entered into on our behalf, Parliament must surrender this function and either resign itself to becoming a rubber stamp or give the Community, in effect, the power to amend our domestic laws.

    This is a complete surrender of our Sovereignty, …

  • Peter Martin 23rd Sep ’21 – 9:35pm:
    Scotland can only be truly independent if it stays out of both the EU and UK.

    Indeed. And the SNP used to understand that. Here’s what they had to say when Scotland was ‘taken into’ the EEC (which had far less power over member states than the EU)…

    ‘Insight: Crucial lessons from 1975 referendum’:

    Today, the SNP is united in favour of membership of the European Union, but party documents drawn up in 1975 suggest that continuing membership of the EEC would “strike a death blow to [Scotland’s] very existence as a nation”. […]

    The SNP’s leader, Billy Wolfe, claimed that continuing membership of the Common Market would mean for Scotland “a political dark age of remote control and undemocratic government”, while Donald Stewart, who led the SNP’s parliamentary group, said the EEC “represents everything our party has fought against: centralisation, undemocratic procedures, power politics, and a fetish for abolishing cultural differences”.

    Today, the only party campaigning for an independent Scotland is Restore Scotland:

  • @petermartin

    “It had its own laws and justice system before it had its own Govt.”

    Scotland was a separate state with its own government, laws and justice system for longer than it has been a member of the UK. Where do you think its own laws and justice system ( and education system, religious settlement etc) came from?

  • @jeff

    !975 is nearly half a century ago. Time to enter the 21st century perhaps?

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