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Future Women MPs Weekend 2018 – back by popular demand

Female? An aspiring MP? This is the event for you!

Normally an annual event, the Campaign for Gender Balance and the Candidates and Diversity Team will be running a second Future Women MPs Weekend to support and develop female talent within the party.

Empowering and thought-provoking, this intensive training weekend for aspiring female MPs will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to run as a successful candidate.

Many current and former female Lib Dem MPs started their journeys at an FWMP event and you could be next!

The invaluable opportunities, skills and advice you will gain include:

  1. How

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6 things I learned from being an unlikely candidate

Sometimes being a candidate just happens

When I went to my first ever Scottish Spring Conference this year, I had few expectations. I expected to debate, to meet up with Lib Dem friends, and to listen to some interesting talks. I didn’t quite expect to find myself on the ballot paper this May. Sometimes living next door to seat with no current Lib Dem candidate is enough.

I was told that in the recent by-election we had come 5th, behind UKIP. This time only 4 parties were running. “Oh good,” I said, “I’ll move us up a place.”

All Candidates give a speech at the count

This was also my first time attending a count. Confession time: Because I’ve only seen counts on TV, I genuinely thought only the winners spoke after the result. Not even I am optimistic enough to prepare a speech just in case, so after the result I found myself addressing a room of people not knowing quite what to say. I think this pleased the returning officer at least, who had begged for brevity before we mounted the stage.

You get a lot of emails

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