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The Independent View: Lost hours playing Snake – and reining in the banks on food pricing

About a decade ago I was addicted to the classic Nokia game, Snake. If I had a spare few minutes I’d be guiding my pixelated reptile around the black and white screen of my mobile phone, trying to beat my high score. It was simple, hopelessly addictive and I couldn’t put it down.

As I happily helped the Snake on my screen eat itself full, like most people I was blissfully unaware that something was seriously unfair with global food pricing. The rules governing how much food costs – and banks taking advantage of them – was, and still is, locking …

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  • User Avatarexpats 7th Apr - 7:24pm
    With Johnson incapacitated Raab has shown that he has all the qualifications to replace him. When asked who would 'carry the can' if the government...
  • User AvatarLee Allane 7th Apr - 7:20pm
    The Liberal Democrat Leadership has been conspicuous by it's absence throughout the entire coronavirus crisis. They should have been screaming from the rooftops at Johnson's...
  • User AvatarMary Reid 7th Apr - 7:18pm
    Richard Underhill: I imagine the Bruch is just as popular today.
  • User Avatarmatt 7th Apr - 6:55pm
    I dislike the idea of a sugar tax because it does tend to hit the poorest harder, however, I would like to see legislation that...
  • User AvatarJames Baillie 7th Apr - 6:47pm
    I have much sympathy with those who think the "nanny state" rhetoric here is grating - all too often the term has been used to...
  • User AvatarChris Cory 7th Apr - 6:43pm
    Can't agre with this piece, I fear. Yes, we know television is valued by many old and lonely people and the BBC is free, well...
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