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The Independent View: Lost hours playing Snake – and reining in the banks on food pricing

About a decade ago I was addicted to the classic Nokia game, Snake. If I had a spare few minutes I’d be guiding my pixelated reptile around the black and white screen of my mobile phone, trying to beat my high score. It was simple, hopelessly addictive and I couldn’t put it down.

As I happily helped the Snake on my screen eat itself full, like most people I was blissfully unaware that something was seriously unfair with global food pricing. The rules governing how much food costs – and banks taking advantage of them – was, and still is, locking …

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  • User AvatarGraham Martin-Royle 10th Apr - 1:45pm
    @Mary Reid, Actually, no we didn't. I have received no communication at all from the PM, either in the form of a letter or a...
  • User AvatarJoe Bourke 10th Apr - 1:40pm
    Katharine, this is a great idea and our party should support it. Ed Davey has been active on this front https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/rishi-sunak-package-of-help-for-tackling-coronavirus-1-6572151 calling for the Chancellor...
  • User AvatarManfarang 10th Apr - 1:26pm
    "there has to be change" Pancapitalisme?
  • User AvatarJoseph Bourke 10th Apr - 1:09pm
    Good article, Tom. It is a shame to see what has become of parts of the free press in the land of the free and...
  • User AvatarGlenn 10th Apr - 1:08pm
    Is the CCP actually on top of the virus , because they claim the only new cases are from people coming from outside of China....
  • User AvatarPaul Holmes 10th Apr - 12:05pm
    These grandparents had eldest daughter and 2 year old Grandaughter move in with us 'for the duration' because son in law is an essential worker....
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