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+++Lib Dem vote quadruples at Peterborough. Labour wins while dumbstruck Farage leaves hastily by back door

Many congratulations to Beki Sellick and her team on nearly quadrupling the Lib Dem vote share at Peterborough. We won 12.3% of the vote – up from 3.3% at the 2017 by-election.

Here’s the full result from yesterday’s parliamentary by-election, following the recall of Labour’s Fiona Onasanya:

There was much campaign hoo-haa from the Brexit party about them gaining their first MP at this election. They failed, despite all the publicity surrounding their European election performance.

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Next stop…Peterborough

Your next stop is Peterborough!

What a great result in the European elections. 

A clear bold message from the Liberal Democrats triumphed over Labour obfuscation and Tory division. Our clear commitment to Stop Brexit and give the people the final say, struck a chord with voters who felt they lacked a voice.

Back on May 2 we Liberal Democrats had our most successful local elections in a decade, gaining more than 700 councillors and taking control of 12 councils.

British politics remains stuck in the quagmire of the June ‘16 referendum result; we do not yet know whether we face an autumn general election or have a chance to lead the Remain cause for a people’s vote on Europe.

But we do know we have a by-election in Peterborough; caused by the expulsion of the former Labour MP following the first successful recall petition in the UK. 

Our candidate Beki Sellick and the local team have been working steadily for the last nine months, never knowing when or if this by-election would take place. After two trials, there was a verdict, sentencing, appeals and finally the recall petition. The timing wasn’t great for anyone, but we now have polling day on 6 June. As you may have read elsewhere, there were sustained attempts to have a single strong remain candidate standing as an independent. Unfortunately, these efforts failed at the last minute, and I, as agent, was instructed to get the Lib Dem nomination papers in. 

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Lib Dem Beki Sellick to fight Peterborough by-election after efforts to find single remain candidate falter

There had been some speculation in the media that there would be one single Remain candidate in the Peterborough by-election, which will take place on June 6th following the recall of MP Fiona Onasanya.

However, nominations closed today and that didn’t happen. Lib Dem Beki Sellick was duly nominated to fight the by-election for us:

The official party line is as follows:

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First successful recall petition means there will be a parliamentary by-election in Peterborough

Official portrait of Fiona Onasanya crop 1
Former MP Fiona Onasanya

For the first time, a recall petition under the Recall of MPs Act 2015 has been successful. There will be a parliamentary by-election in Peterborough.

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