2020 Federal Committee election results

Back on January 20th, our President Mark Pack told us about opportunities for members to get involved in running the party. It seems there was a very good response to this, with many members putting themselves forward to be on federal party committees and such like.

Those nominated were put forward to the voting Federal Board members, and the following people have been elected to serve:

Federal Finance & Resources Committee (5 posts)

Louisa Noel
Mike Tuffrey
Oliver Forder
Paul Fox
Richard Flowers

Federal People Development Committee (6 posts)

Abi Bell
Barbara Gibson
Bess Mayhew
Jon Ball
Lisa Maria Bornemann
Mary Regnier-Wilson

Vice-Chairs, Racial Diversity Campaign (2 posts)

Dipa Vaya
Josh Babarinde

Vice-Chairs, Federal Board

Elaine Bagshaw
Jeremy Hargreaves

The following positions were also elected unopposed:

Chair of FFRC & Registered Party Treasurer (1 post)

Tony Harris

Party Treasurer (1 post)

Mike German

Vice-Chairs, Campaign for Gender Balance (2 posts)

Julia Cambridge
Anna Sabine

Chair, Racial Diversity Campaign (1 post)

Ade Adeyemo

Federal Board Representative to Federal Conference Committee (1 post)

Simon McGrath

Federal Board Representative to Federal International Relations Committee (1 post)

Joyce Onstad

Chair, Federal Communications and Elections Committee (1 post)

Lisa Smart

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  • I not sure how to phrase this .

    So I’m going to try my best …

    Until the party considers opinions outside it’s normal thinking …. nothing will change

    As a BinMan (AND PROUD TO BE SO ) , residing in the north .

    Until you speak to people like me, the party will be a mix of students , and middle – upper class voters .

    A new broom sweeps clean !

    Take on opinions from outside , and people who have lived it !

    That’s my advice

    Malc Poll

  • Their is often a question asked with political candidates

    Country , Party , or Constituency…

    My personal 123 is

    Constituency- first

    Country – second

    Party- third .

    My ex labour mp valued a shadow cabinet job (party ) over constituency (60% leave )

    And that’s the nubb

  • Sue Sutherland 17th Feb '20 - 1:49pm

    I agree with you Malc. I’m not sure what happens now but there was a time when part of a student’s education was the job they got in the holidays. A friend worked as a bin man, my husband worked in the Cheshire salt mines, I worked in a bakery and as a postie, my daughters all worked in pubs. We got a lot of valuable life experience from these jobs. We need people like you in the party Malc so please contact your local party and go to a meeting.

  • David Warren 17th Feb '20 - 3:10pm

    Couldn’t agree more as a former postman I am passionate about the need for more blue collar liberals something I championed on this site in an article a few years back.

    The Liberal Party lost the working class nearly a century ago. Our party the Lib Dems will only start to regain ground if we actively try to compete with Labour for the support of the majority of the population.

    Sadly at the moment there is no sign of that happening.

  • Sue is right. Malc, if you haven’t done so already, get involved in your local party. That may require you to make a bit of a nuisance of yourself in the short term, but as a party we desperately need the diversity of people with different perspectives and different life experiences.
    On the substantive point of this article, am I the only one who noticed that these people were elected by the Federal Board. And what, can someone remind us, was the procedure for being nominated in the first place ? This is a rather interesting take on the word “elected” and somewhat at odds with my definition of democracy. The boards of FTSE 100 companies are more democratic than our institutions – at least there the shareholders get a vote.

  • Thank you Sue / David and Chris for your replies.

    I have tried to find out where my local meeting is (Heywood and Middleton Constituency) , but the website is awful … I gave up !

    I do fear that I would he the lone voice among “we have always done it this way ”

    I can deal.with push back , bit not being side-lined as my “views dont fit” with the narrative from above …

    If you let me know when I can attend I will , but I will ruffle a few feathers … I’m not one to take things “just because its said often enough” so I believe it .

    Thank you

    Malc Poll

  • And to bring it back on track as chris says

    “Who elected the federal board ”

    That’s why I posted up my initial post .

    Dont appoint people with your vision , you should appoint against as well equally , appointing people in your image is like navel gazing ….

    Gives you a bit of “ohh what’s that ” …. then after 5 mins you find ….. yeah it looked the same as last week

    Malc Poll

  • Marc Poll. Yes I don’t know how to communicate sometimes. I have been a clerk (pen pusher!),care worker,voluntary youth worker and a postie and joined my local area. We are beginning to reach out but it is a slow process. We need people like you who can join and ‘stir it’. If you need to k now things about the party go email [email protected] and ask questions to get answers. All the best.

  • Malc is right that the Party must involve and speak to and listen to working-class people. It’s partly a language thing and gets worse as you go up the levels. There’s not a few local campaigns that obviously get it right – see Sunderland or Southwark. This is not just an urban issue, as we’ve lost ground catastrophically since 2010 in areas with rural poverty.

    There is a danger in the push to create a core vote. We need a core vote, but people often define it not by belief, values or attitudes, but in terms of “our demographic”, which essentially means university-educated, professional and middle management or going that way. OK, this is useful information, just as in my working-class-area-councillor days we’d take into account the ratios of social housing to terraces to bigger houses, or how much the population shifted through people arriving or leaving, to help decide a new target ward. But if we convince ourselves upper-middle-income graduates are our core vote, or working-class Muslims aren’t, we become more and more like that self-image, losing contact with other people.

    Definitely, Malc, the thing to do is to contact the local party. The central website is not constructed to help people find information, foolishly. Search online for Heywood and Middleton Liberal Democrats for a start. They’ll almost certainly welcome you. They’re likely to give you some delivery to do for a start – we’re all expected to do our bit of that sort of thing – but say, “I’m happy to help, but I also want to be involved!” It’s not just our party: many organisations just assume new volunteers just want to do simple stuff.

    On the positions listed in Mark’s post: guessing by first names where I don’t know the person, I’m interested to learn that Finance is a man’s job (four men, one woman) and People Development is for women (five women, one man).

  • Simon is right that we need to work hard to address the needs of all communities. We have a definite risk from the very narrow demographic spread of our held constituencies, which are almost all now very wealthy middle class areas – the expensive corner of SW London, the expensive part of Edinburgh, and some wealthy islands of middle class professionals such as Bath, the better end of Oxford, and St Albans.

    Any elected politician, at any level, will always have an eye on the needs and interests of our constituents, and our current seats will make it difficult for them to take a properly objective view on many economic issues, a mansion tax being one obvious example.

  • @Simon

    I can orate eloquently, but ,, . I can call a shovel a shovel.

    Dont mistake language for intent !

  • Thieir IS no Heywood / middle party represented !

    Rochdale (not my constituency! Will help)

    For a national party , this is woeful !

  • nonconformistradical 18th Feb '20 - 5:52pm

    @Malc Poll
    “Thieir IS no Heywood / middle party represented !

    Rochdale (not my constituency! Will help)”

    From the https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/election-maps/gb/ website – the Rochdale council area covers both Rochdale and Heywood & Middleton constituencies. I think Rochdale LibDems therefore cover both constituencies.

  • Can I ask how this works then ?

    Rochdale ,(in the council collective) is a separate constituency to heywood / middleton in a MP sense (councillors v Mp )

    Please dont confuse the 2 . They are sperate entities


    How can one cover the other?

    Malc poll

  • Nonconformistradical 18th Feb '20 - 9:44pm

    @Malc Poll
    Parliamentary constituency boundaries do not – in fact usually don’t – tie up with local authority boundaries. Local authorities usually cover a bigger area. In your case you live in the area of Heywood and Middleton Parliamntary constituency and Rochdale Council.

    From looking at the map web link I gave – Rochdale Council area covers both Rochdale and Heywood & Middleton constituencies. And it isn’t uncommon for a LibDem local party to be organised by local authority boundaries rather than parliamentary constituencies. Especially as parliamentary cosntituency boundaries change far more often than local authority ones.

    If you go to the link I gave, click on the Boundary button, check Metropolitan Districts and Westminster constituencies and also check Show names, then drag the map about until you are looking at the right area and blow it up a bit you’ll see what I mean.

  • Yes .

    Thank you I get it now .

    Malc poll

  • @PaulWalter. Belatedly responding to your posts of the 17th (10.26pm) and 18th (4.34am), irony and rhetorical questions obviously loose a certain power on the written page. You make my point for me, not only do the Federal Board “elect” members of the committees under discussion, but only they can nominate candidates in the first place. I just find that a bit odd, they can’t local parties, or indeed ordinary members nominate candidates ? And what does one do if one doesn’t actually know any FB members ?
    On the subject of party democracy, I see from our website that three new Policy Working Groups have just been appointed. Unfortunately I can’t find any notices online inviting members to apply for these groups.

  • Exactly Chris .

    I’m reminded of the film “enemy of the state ”

    …. who monitors the monitors monitor ?

    Malc poll

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