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Let’s Replace the Tories!

I can see three possible conclusions to the Brexit debacle. First, we’ll crash out the EU without a deal. Second, Brexit will become untenable and we’ll have to end up staying in the EU. And third, we’ll be stuck in a transitional limbo with a debilitated leadership and endless bureaucratic wrangling that may further weaken our economy and global reputation. Nevertheless, if we ever get through this mess, we will most certainly hit rock bottom. However good this imaginary deal might be, relations with our European partners will have been broken beyond repair. We need to prepare ourselves for any …

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  • User AvatarDavid Evans 22nd Sep - 1:03pm
    What Frankie says is pretty well spot on. The Cons always wanted a Conservative Brexit and Labour a Labour Brexit. May's Con Brexit wasn't supported...
  • User AvatarSandra Hammett 22nd Sep - 12:30pm
    Two people who agree with each other, trying to push the same cause does not make for a hard hitting interview.
  • User AvatarMick Taylor 22nd Sep - 12:11pm
    Jayne As you say yourself the last election (and indeed 2015) are no guide to what will happen this time, nor indeed polls. Yes, I...
  • User Avatarnigel hunter 22nd Sep - 12:06pm
    Does Eton and Oxford (plus others)have they got 'charitable status)? If so it should be withdrawn.
  • User Avatarnigel hunter 22nd Sep - 11:56am
    Camerons starts this mess off. Right wing monetarist Tories (and others) stage a coup helped by the right wing press. Corbyn ,in his own way...
  • User Avatarfrankie 22nd Sep - 11:13am
    Jayne, You might be right if Jeremey wasn't a committed Brexiteer ( sorry Lexiteer ) but he is. So you are faced with the devil...
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