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“I’ve never marched before”

Like a million others I marched for a People’s Vote on 23 March. It was the second time in six months I’d taken to the streets of London and once again it was an uplifting moment I won’t forget. My Queen-themed placard (“Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?”) raised a few laughs and provided good photo fodder.

But I’m a politician so I guess people expect me to be marching, campaigning and putting myself out there.

At October’s march I was joined by a friend from university days (a Labour supporter actually but disillusioned with Corbyn – aren’t we all?) and lots of fellow Lib Dems. This time I reached out to another friend from uni days – Tim. “Will you come along the march?’ I asked. Now Tim is a lovely guy, a Dad and husband, but not particularly political. I didn’t think he’d come to London but I asked him anyway. To my surprise he said yes. ‘This Brexit mess has got me angry” he wrote in a short email. And with that we were set to meet up.

The sun was glimpsing through the clouds around Park Lane on that Saturday and there were thousands and thousands of people milling around. To get to Tim we had to walk the wrong way through throngs of people. Politely saying ‘Excuse me’ we battled through the masses – my Bohemian Rhapsody themed placard drawing smiles and requests for pics. Well I had to oblige didn’t I?

We found Tim. He was surrounded by flag waving and poster holding hordes – and off we went to join the march.

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    @David Evans @Tim13 It is because the Government has over a period of decades (beginning with Thatcher) funded more and more of Local Government spending...
  • User AvatarPaul Barker 21st Jul - 5:54pm
    The tone of this thread has got a bit negative which seems odd when we are doing much better than we have for Years, since...
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    Good luck, Jane. I was looking for your donation address. A good campaign is essential, like that of Lee Howgate now Lib Dem councillor in...
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    @Michael BG It’s KestevEn, by the way. If you were referring to the candidate, who got elected, was a choice made largely out of desperation,...
  • User AvatarDavid Raw 21st Jul - 4:52pm
    @ Michael BG I respect your views on the need to tackle poverty Michael, and I'm sorry you didn't make it to the SLF Conference...
  • User AvatarTim13 21st Jul - 4:47pm
    John Marriott Just add: ...and west of Reading to your last sentence! I agree with David Evans and disagree profoundly with Laurence Cox. There MUST...
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