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Labour, Liberals and the Future

It is likely clear to most that British Liberalism has a complicated relationship with the Labour Party. We seemingly rely on their electoral success for our own; the periods in which we appear to gain the most seats seem to coincide with periods during which Labour is at its most electable. To me, this makes a significant degree of sense.

It’s obvious now that the 2019 Election was a disaster for British Progressivism. Labour’s vote share and Parliamentary representation collapsed and we, while increasing our vote, ended up with a net loss of one seat.

It seems to be that when Centre-Right voters are concerned of a far-left Labour party gaining power in the UK, they flee into the comfort of the Conservatives; seeing them as the most likely party to keep Labour out of Downing Street. Of course, to many, this is possibly old news; however, what to do about this?With the election of Kier Starmer as Labour leader, some are concerned that we may see an exodus of centre-left members and voters going back to the Labour party. Now that Momentum is less able to bully and purge them from the Labour ranks. We will inevitably see some return to Labour or some of our swing voters throw their vote behind Labour to dislodge the Tories from power after a decade of their seemingly heartless rule.

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Journalistic Silencing

In the last few days, we have seen reports of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s Downing Street attempting to exclude some journalists from press reports.

This is utterly disgusting behaviour by Her Majesty’s Government, and I am proud to hear that the remaining journalists refused to play along and also walked out.

However, the thought then dawned on me, what if this is what Cummings wants? Think about it. Downing Street wins either way.

Only two outcomes would’ve come out of this move

  1. The chosen outlets, those likely to spin Johnson in a favourable light (I.e. the Telegraph, Daily Mail, etc.) continue to

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It’s Johnson’s responsibility – hold him to account!

Today, for the first time since this debacle began all the way back in 2016 we find ourselves with an odd sense of certainty.

For better or (definitely) for worse, at the end of January the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will be leaving the European Union under a majority Conservative and unionist Government, headed by Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (yes this is his actual full name to those who aren’t aware).

This may not be the certainty we ever wanted but there is an odd sense of relief in it; sort of like that feeling when you …

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