How many people will miss the vaccine because they don’t have a GP?

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I am looking forward to having the Covid-19 vaccine. Well, not the actual act of having a jab in my arm (twice), but because it will open up my life. Apart from a short window in the summer, we have not had any social visits in our home since March and we still only leave the house for walks or for medical reasons.

We can both be confident that we will be called in for the vaccine at some point in the New Year. But it appears that an unknown number of eligible people may be missed. Thousands of people in the UK are not registered with a GP. We can only speculate on the reasons why anyone may not be registered – it could be down to something simple like moving house, or it could be something more complex around immigration irregularities, even because someone is the victim of trafficking.

To be effective, as many people as possible should be vaccinated, whatever their immigration status. So surely the NHS needs to know how many people in the country are not registered, so they can be traced and contacted?

Munira Wilson asked Health Minister Jo Churchill how many people are not registered in England, and was told “No such estimate has been made.” In other words, they don’t know.

Apparently over 60million people are registered with GPs in England and that figure is actually larger than the population, which implies that many people are registered with more than one GP, and that people who have left the country or have died are still on GP lists. But that, of course, masks the numbers who are not registered at all.

Munira is quoted as saying:

With so much relying on the Government to successfully roll out the vaccine, it is absolutely vital that ministers make sure everyone can access it. The fact that there has been no estimate made of the numbers of individuals not registered with a GP calls into question what plans, if any, they have made to reach everyone.

People are placing so much hope on the vaccine that any further blunders in the Government’s response to the pandemic will further devastate the millions of people hoping that by next Spring we can expect to return to a level of normality.


* Mary Reid is a contributing editor on Lib Dem Voice. She was a councillor in Kingston upon Thames, where she is still very active with the local party, and is the Hon President of Kingston Lib Dems.

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  • Peter Hayes 17th Dec '20 - 2:39pm

    Also how many people are still in contact with their GP? My partner has lived with me since before the lockdown and not seen her GP in years, only knew practice but not current assigned GP. Now registered here.

  • Paul Murray 17th Dec '20 - 5:29pm

    I’ve just had the flu shot at my GP’s surgery. It would not be wrong to describe it as resembling a military exercise. Arrived at side door, temperature checked, squirt of hand gel applied, straight through to a room and jab given, leaflet offered and out the door. From start to finish it took literally about 90 seconds. I found myself wondering if this was a dry run for the covid vaccine.

  • John Marriott 17th Dec '20 - 8:53pm

    What do the late Claude Rains and my local GP have in common? The answer is that they have both played the rôle of the invisible man. Trying even to get to speak to anyone at our local practice is a minor marathon, to the extent that my wife and I got our free flu vaccine at the local Co-op Pharmacy.

    Goodness knows if we shall ever get our COVID vaccine when it’s our turn.

  • @Paul Murray –
    I’ve just had the flu shot at my GP’s surgery. It would not be wrong to describe it as resembling a military exercise.”

    It needs to be, if it is to achieve a signifcant coverage of the population before next summer.
    Personally, I don’t see a problem, when we received vaccines at school it was well organised machine, only problem, the medical professionals at the time had scant understanding of proper vaccine handling – that only really came in after Wakefield…
    Hopefully with CoViD-19, commonsense will prevail and school-based vaccinations are re-instated as a normal part of UK school life.

  • @Roland – definitely not complaining about it! I was very impressed by the speed and efficiency of the process.

  • I am not registered with a GP because in 67 years of life, I have only had two decent ones, for a total of about 3 years. The rest have been arrogant, patronising, bullying, uncaring and, in a couple of cases, incompetent. After moving to my current location, three years ago, I cannot sum up the willpower to go through the registration process here.
    So it seems I will have to go without the vaccine.

  • Nigel Ellison 26th Jan '21 - 8:57pm

    I don’t have a good….how do I get the vaccine??

  • I would say to @CJ and @Linda Dale (if they happen to still read this thread) do register with your GP to get the vaccine – you don’t need your NHS number and it takes literally five minutes to register and the form (which I think varies by GP Practice) just involves giving a few details – basically just name, address and date of birth.

    I do understand the sort of feeling of confronting authority when you have put something off – but its stupid not to get the vaccine and get it as early as possible.

    I have recently registered having moved and being a typical man not wanting to confront medical matters. I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure (which I knew I had but which can be a silent killer) but is now coming down nicely with some medication and may have saved me from an early death.

    I’d also venture that it would be worth getting a bit of a check up at your ages if you haven’t for a while – something I always hate but hey if it prolongs your life a bit…!- or if you don’t want there is no compulsion to see your GP about anything else! Just be on their records for the vaccine.

  • I don’t have a GP so was told I can’t get the COVID injection I am 65 years old … so where does that leave me now ?

  • @Lynda

    Do register with a GP – it’s easy and you can even do it on a temporary basis –

  • So how do I get a jab I’m not registered as I moved ?

  • @Linda Dale

    That’s excellent news. Good luck with everything!

  • John O'Donnell 1st Mar '21 - 2:44pm

    I attempted to book an appointment without a NHS number and was told it couldn’t be done. Far from wanting to inoculate everybody the government seems happy to exclude anyone not registered with a GP.

  • @ John O’Donnell
    You don’t need an NHS number to receive the vaccine. Staff will ask for it as it makes their job easier. Just contact your local CCG, threatening to make a complaint. They will have a process in place to vaccinate unregistered people and those without an NHS number.
    They are vaccinating homeless people and others, so even though we are being told to wait until we’re contacted, some people will need to contact them.

  • I’m please to see that it’s possible to get a vaccine without being registered with a GP. Let’s see if my local CCG is as helpful as Linda’s

  • I am not registered with a gp and cannot get registered, I have tried. I have mental health issues which makes it difficult. I have been email NHS England and also local CCG but no help from anyone. I won’t be getting a vaccine as I just get completely ignored by everyone.

  • I have recently moved to a new a because my workplace relocating. I’m registered with a GP at my old address but need to register with Gp in new area. But I cannot do this, there is no simple instruction how to go about this regarding covid. I have been refused entry into various GP surgeries just to hand in a registration form. I have all my documents to register. I’m not an immigrant either. I actually have health issues and was invited to have the vaccine last week, but because I have moved, I was turned down. I tried to book the vaccine nearer to me and was turned away. I’m locked out and there’s nothing I can do. I’ve been let down all because I wanted to keep my job during the pandemic and moved. I feel like I’m punished for something that’s not my fault. My mental health has got so bad. I didn’t think I would have to fight for my own health.

  • @Sarah
    I am also in the process of moving home, from one rural area in Norfolk to another.
    I phoned the GP that we want to register with, was told we are able to do it all online.

    I have quite a few medical complications and was worried about delays in transfer and not being able to get hold of medications immediately, I was worried about not being able to provide proof of address as obviously it takes time for Utility Bills etc to come through in your name at new address.

    I was assured it was not a problem in this day and age with proof of address and there would be no problems in seeing a GP in an emergency, I was told to ensure that I had 2 months supply of medications from old GP before moving ( which has been arranged)

    I was also worried about my Covid Jab as I had already received my first jab through current Dr’s and I was told it is not a problem, just to provide proof of my vaccination card with Batch no ( which I could upload online at time of registering with dr) and they would add me to their vaccination list so I would automatically be called up for 2nd Jab at the 12 week interval.

    Have you looked too see if the GP surgery is online, it would be very unusual in this day and age if they were not and you should be able to register direct from the website

  • David Procter 14th Mar '21 - 4:02pm

    I have been out of the NHS since 1995 when I signed up with a private GP, now retired. I only have the old style NHS card with a number which is now defunct. I would be interested to know what those who contacted their local CCG told them and exactly to how to go about it.

  • David Procter 14th Mar '21 - 10:11pm

    Thanks, Linda. I’ve done that and am just waiting for a reply. Hopefully it will be straightforward.

  • David Procter 15th Mar '21 - 12:17pm

    I have been told by the local CCG this morning that the only way I will be able to get a vaccine is by registering with a local GP practice in the area.

  • Tried always to get vaccine I’m not registered with a GP and don’t want to be. Told can’t have vaccine without being registered. There are thousands of people in the uk the same as me. Guess I will not be vaccinated 🙁

  • This is information copied from my local CCG which may help someone. I am trying to get a vaccine too so will update if I am successful.

    Can I get a Vaccine if I don’t have an NHS Number?

    Yes. People do not require an NHS number or GP registration to receive a vaccination and should never be denied one on this basis. Local leaders have been asked to take action to ensure this is not the case.

    If someone does not have an NHS number but is within an eligible group, services have been advised to vaccinate now, record locally via a paper system, and ensure vaccination is formally documented later.

  • I am curious to the above commentators why someone would not want to be registered with a GP.

    I don’t mean to be offensive or intrusive for asking, just trying to understand.

  • I’m a bit annoyed. I have paid in to the NHS since 1985 and only been off 3 days . I can’t believe there is nothing on record that can be used ss well as patient records to allow people easy access to this important resource which the government wants everyone to use. Now I hear to book by Monday or lose out when I don’t even pass the first hurdle on their website .. Does that mean lose out completely ? I don’t know, it is not mentioned ! I guess my excellent health stands me in good stead and I shall continue to eat my broccoli but I am a little peeved to be missing out on this wonderful piece of scientific history due to poor communication ..

  • Charles Young 26th Mar '21 - 3:42pm

    I’m right in the middle of dealing with this. I’m 58. I last saw a GP in the late 1990’s to get some travel shots. I registered with a new GP in 2002 when I moved, but it appears I failed to complete all the forms (my fault) and they never issued me with an NHS number. I’ve never had occasion to visit that surgery and they have long since ‘returned’ my medical records as an inactive patient. I still live locally, but I’ve moved and am a mile or so outside their catchment area and they are not willing to resurrect my registration on that basis.

    Obviously, I have not had any letter from the NHS inviting me to get the vaccine. The UK government states that you don’t need an NHS number to access medical services, but you can’t book an appointment on-line without one. I saw an earlier comment about going to your CCG, but most people will have never heard of a CCG. I’ve been trying to register with another GP to get an NHS number. I’m well within their catchment area and they are taking on new registrations, so there shouldn’t be a problem. However, the surgery has refused to register me on the basis that someone else was born on the same day as me with the same surname (I am precisely and fully reporting their given reason). I was told that I was at fault for not keeping my GP records ‘up to date’ and that it would not be possible for me to register with any other GP.

    This is, of course, pure nonsense, and having contacted the very helpful PCS-England helpdesk (which isn’t meant to directly help members of the public, so I am doubly thankful for their help), I now have sufficient knowledge of the process to get this sorted. I have a contact there who will sort this out. I’m a professional person well equipped to cope with these issues – I manage Healthcare software development, which is why I know what a CCG is! But if my experience is anything to go by, the government is going to have to think a lot more creatively if they want to make inroads into the cohort of the forgotten. Their only plan currently is that GPs will somehow get this sorted out. They won’t. Another plan is required.

  • David Procter 30th Mar '21 - 5:04pm

    Huge thanks to both Linda Dale and Claire. I contacted my local CCG this morning reiterating my position and telling them what you both said to say. This afternoon I received a phone call booking me in for my first vaccination on April 14th. I’m eternally grateful for your help as I would not have known where to begin or how to explain my situation. Best wishes to you both.

  • I have lost contact with a GP so can’t have jab

  • David Procter 1st Apr '21 - 11:31am

    Keith, you can get one. The government want everyone to get one. Contact your local CCG by email and begin with the phrase “I am informed that” and then write the last two paragraphs of Claire’s post leaving out the word yes. Then at the end put “Or do I have to contact my MP and explain my situation?” That’s what I did on Monday. I got a reply that morning and a vaccination appointment was made. Good luck.

  • I am so pleased to read that you managed to book an appointment David and I am sure it is a huge relief for you.

    An update from me is that I have had my covid vaccination this morning. My local CCG didn’t book an appointment for me but they advised me to attend a local drop-in vaccination clinic. The people there couldn’t have been kinder and I had no trouble in getting one even though I am not currently registered with a doctor.

    If anyone is having problems getting a vaccine then I would definitely try a drop-in clinic. My CCG emailed me a list of where they are being held but you can search for them online by entering the name of your local CCG followed by covid vaccination drop in clinic.

    I hope this helps.

  • Well , I’m 58 and friends and family started screaning at me to get vaccinated and I told them I was doing what the advice was, waiting to be contacted . It was only when my younger sister got the Jab I realised I was never going to be contacted. I registered online with a GP via the official site and absolutely nothing has happened ….we are now into the 40+ group , I have been paying NI since 1985 and only missed 3 days and the most important thing to come my way looks as if I am not going to be offered. Sure I’ll take my chance with a virus if that’s what the government seems to want , my immune system is strong and I am most confident it can deal with it…I am not as sure how my body would deal with blood clots that is an unknown to me but a lifetime of healthy living stands me in good stead . but it is really a sense of unfairness I am feeling rather than concern here. A feeling of not belonging , left out .I would take part in this historic event if I were to be asked…

  • @Dominic. Anyone over the age of 45 can now book a vaccination. You do not have to wait to be called (which was the case in the early days). See

  • Peter Martin 15th Apr '21 - 5:39am

    There does seem to be quite a lot of false assumptions such as, for example, that you can’t book a vaccination without a NHS number.

    The link Mary provided above is a good place to start or you can start here:

    The first question is “Do you have a NHS number?” If you don’t, or you don’t know it, you’ll then be asked your name and date of birth. If you don’t show up in the system for any reason you may then have a slight problem. You will be asked to register with a doctor. A GP. This could be of concern to some who may not want to trust the authorities. But, legally, anyone can register with a GP surgery. You do not need proof of address or immigration status, ID or an NHS number.

    The advice is not to visit the surgery if possible but to give them a call.

  • Just to add to Peter’s considered comment, you may find – as I did that “the NHS” isn’t quite as integrated as you might think and hence the records being referred to are not necessarily current.

    In my case, whilst I had registered at my current Doctor’s and new home address back in 2004 and visited my local hospital in 2016, the address on my record that the local CoViD vaccination centre had, was my previous address (but with my current Dr). It was a good thing I made the effort to book an appointment as I suspect my invitation was sent to my old address.

    I suspect by the end of the year, the NHS database will be more accurate than the 2021 Census…

  • I am absolutely appalled at the number of people being refused an appointment for vaccination, particularly if they’re not registered with a GP.
    The government boast of how well the vaccination programme is being rolled out, but they don’t publicise the fact that many people are being incorrectly advised and turned away when contacting their local NHS CCG because they “must register with a GP before they can have the jab”. This is completely false information.
    My 65 year old wife attempted to book an appointment through Stoke on Trent CCG, and was refused. She also contacted the Patient Advice and Liaison Service, but was badgered in to GP registration. Not wanting to register after years of abuse and neglect by medical practitioners, she tried to book through the online system, with no success, then rang the 119-telephone helpline to arrange a booking, but again was informed she needed to be with a GP.
    Finding no regulations stipulating the need to be registered with a GP in order to receive the Covid-19 vaccination, we rang the local CCG again who demanded she be registered. I pointed out there were no such requirements, but she argued with me, told me I was wrong, and refused to make a booking. My wife tried to register as a temporary patient with 4 local NHS surgeries and was turned away by each of them.
    Disgusted, we took our enquiry to the Regional Director of Health and Social Care, and the e-mail response below proves that we are being deceived, either by lack of training or by covert attempts at gathering data on unsuspecting members of the public. It can’t be a simple mistake when we’ve approached different parties and all are giving us the same incorrect response.

    Rachel Bentley-Parton (CCG) CCCCG
    Wed 07/04/2021 10:02
    To: pellis*********
    Sent on behalf of Mel Mahon, Head of Primary Care Commissioning & C19
    Vaccination Planning Lead
    Dear Mr Ellis
    It is not a legal requirement to be registered with a GP to receive the Covid
    vaccination. Any patient, including NHS staff, does not require a NHS number or
    GP registration to receive a vaccination and should never be denied one on this
    I am unable to answer why patients are being refused …………..
    Kind Regards
    Mel Mahon
    Head of Primary Care Commissioning & C19 Vaccination Planning Lead| Primary

    I feel this warrants public attention and is relevant in the current pandemic

  • woops i really need a GP im a uk citizen who has lived in uk my whole life and due to move last year and covid havnt been able to get doctor so will get my ass to one tomorow and hope i can be registered!

  • PAUL BARTON 27th Apr '21 - 5:30am

    My local covid vaccine inserter is invitation-only (no drop-ins allowed), the location impossible to find online, but does not appear to require GP registration or an NHS number. They are on the online form but are not compulsory fields. I’ve only just managed to find the form on the website so I’ll have to wait and see whether it actually translates into an invite.

    However, I have to take issue with the claim above that “you don’t need an NHS number or proof of address” to register with a GP. Good luck with that.

  • I found many of the above comments very surprising.

    I had assumed that to be part of the country’s health care system it would be reasonable to register with the local surgery. That worked for me and I got invited to have the jab.

    I am at a loss to understand why people who have not registered somehow feel left out. If you decide not to exist then the system can hardly be blamed for believing that you don’t exist.

  • PAUL BARTON 29th Apr '21 - 8:11pm

    Peter, there is no requirement to be registered with a GP to “be part of the health system” and you’d be surprised how many people (mostly men, I suspect) don’t bother, because there is simply no need to do so between the ages of 18 and 45 if you are in rude health and intelligent enough to self-diagnose most of the obvious stuff online. The GP system (which was only quasi-nationalised by Aneurin Bevan) is largely separate from the hospital system (which was almost entirely nationalised).

    As children we are inoculated against smallpox and other horrible diseases, but one does not normally expect to need to be inoculated as an adult.

    The issue at hand is how difficult it is to get the jabs if you have fallen through the cracks (and I appreciate that it’s a massive job). At the time of writing I have just managed to get a jab appointment (to fair, they offered to get me a new NHS number – but they did try to insist I was registered with a GP which we are told on here is simply not a requirement – I finally got away with saying I was in the process of registering).

    My local GP surgery has been refusing to register me without my NHS number (which we are also told is not actually a requirement), which I have finally managed to obtain from a surgery where I was briefly registered several decades ago. The first time they shoved the form in an envelope and sent it back within a week despite my having explained the situation. The second time they took a month to do so. They made no other attempt to contact me or explain the situation. You’d think that they could arrange for me to get a new NHS number or find out my existing one, but no, apparently they can’t or won’t. Hopefully they will now be processing my application.

  • You’d think that they could arrange for me to get a new NHS number or find out my existing one
    My understanding is that the CoViD vaccine hubs are using the NHS master database. So if you can provide full identity details: name, DoB, address and details of the Doctor you were last registered with they should be able to locate your record.
    I suspect they want to see the NHS registration card in your possession (which should, but doesn’t always match their records) before they effectively update their records and hand you the relevant regisitration number and thus give effective access to those medical records – just another instance of GDPR reminding people about the handling of personally identifiable data.

  • Peter Martin 30th Apr '21 - 8:23am

    @ Tom Ellis,

    ‘“must register with a GP before they can have the jab”. This is completely false information.’

    Not completely false.

    If you start with the online form on this link:

    You’ll find that you can book an appointment for the vaccine, but only if you show up in the system. This is can be because you know your NHS number or the system can identify you from your name and D.O.B.

    If you don’t know it and if it can’t, you will be required to register with a doctor. I would suggest for perfectly understandable reasons.

  • PAUL BARTON 2nd May '21 - 5:28am

    I registered with a local surgery in my first week at university (college rules requirement) and never set foot in there ever again. I vaguely remember they returned my teenage medical records, which they had obtained, to me when I graduated. All that was thirty-odd years ago. So I was showing up on the system at my old university address (hitting the “send your NHS number” on the website didn’t work, because of course it just went to that address and never reached me). It was only with some difficulty that I was able to trace the surgery (thank God it hadn’t closed down or moved), get them on the phone and obtain my NHS number off them. They assumed I’d been abroad for the decades since and I didn’t disabuse them.

    The local vaccine hub were OK about it once I’d finally made contact with them. As I said, they did offer to provide me with a new NHS number, although they also tried at first to insist that I had to be registered with a GP. I’ve since had my first jab, a month or two later than it should have been, but better late than never.

    My real gripe for the last couple of months has been my local surgery’s inability or unwillingness to process my application to register, despite my explaining the situation to them. If they are using “GDPR concerns” as an excuse for jobsworth-ery then they could have asked to see my passport and/or driving licence, and then set about tracing my records once I had proved my identity, or else starting from scratch with a new number. They didn’t. They just sent the application form back to me – twice – without any explanation or communication whatsoever, other than ringing and starring the boxes on the form demanding to know my NHS number and name of previous doctor. The second time they took a month about it.

    Obviously, I no longer have my NHS Card, if I ever did have one. Modern NHS numbers were brought in in 1996, according to Wikipedia. Before that, you used the code off your birth certificate (5 letters followed by 3 numbers), which I remember being made to note for NHS purposes while I was at school and which I still have. I was, it turns out, assigned an NHS number at the surgery where I registered all those years ago, even though I had long since left university by then.

  • Charles Young 3rd May '21 - 10:36pm

    @Peter If you register with a GP, but have no need to visit your GP, then you will eventually be deemed to be an ‘inactive patient’ and the GP will ‘return’ your records (I don’t know where they go). One surgery suggested to me that they do this after two years of inactivity. At that point, you may still be on their system, but in effect, your registration has been terminated. This is perfectly reasonable, of course.

    We should not visit busy GPs unless we have a reason to do so. In my case, I haven’t had any reason to visit a GP in over thirty years (long before NHS numbers were introduced). My problem now is that while it should be a simple matter to register with a GP and get an NHS number, unfortunately this has proved difficult. My local GP surgery originally refused to register me, claiming that ‘someone else with the same surname was born on the same day’ as me, that it was my fault that I had ‘let my records get out of date’ (i.e., that I had not visited my GP on a regular basis) and stating that I could never be registered with them or any other GP ever again. After several phone calls and visits to the surgery, a formal letter reminding the GP surgery of its obligations under the national contract did the trick. They decided they could register me, but needed support from PCSE to sort out the issue of the ‘person with the same surname’. Over a month later, we are still waiting for PCSE to respond.

    In summary, some people have never been allocated an NHS number and are unknown to the NHS. This may simply be because they have not had reason to access health care – not that they failed to register with a GP. The NHS booking system does not allow such people to book appointments for vaccine (i.e., it cannot locate such people based on their name, d-o-b and postcode). The solution is to register with a GP and obtain an NHS number, but registration may not be straightforward, supporting services may be slow, and frankly, some GP surgeries do not comply willingly with the national contract and are reluctant to register new patients. These are the reasons some people are having difficulty accessing the vaccine.

  • I will try to keep this short. I am 38 male with severe social anxiety and paranoia. I can not step into a gp surgery. My partner of 16 years has had both of her jabs now. And on the first appointment I went with her which I must add was far from easy to do. Her hopes was to ask if I could get a jab also but was refused due to no gp. She has been on phone with medical professionals asking for some forms of help because of my needs and refused at every turn. My family will not visit until I have had the Jab but I just can’t physically walk into a gp and no one seems to help. I know that I will not be the only one in this situation.

  • John Peters 7th May '21 - 6:19pm


    I don’t think under 40s jabs have started in England yet. There is little point asking for help until your age range is asked to make an appointment.

  • @Paul Barton & Charles Young
    I don’t see why a Dr should ‘return’ records after such a short period of time, given there is no legal requirement for people to ‘regularly’ visit their doctor and the Dr gets funding based on patient numbers…
    My attitude is that if you’ve registered with a Dr then you are still registered with that Dr, even if you’ve not seen them for 30 years and that surgery no longer exists. I accept that if I’ve moved and not informed my Dr or registered with another surgery then it is my problem the records are not accurate.

  • @ John Peters

    Thanks for the quick reply. But my partner is 36 and already had both of her jabs.

  • @Frank

    You might be able to get someone to pick up a blank form for you, you fill it (and basically my GP practice only asked for a couple of details – essentially – name, address and date of birth and previous practice) and someone return it – your partner or family member or even a voluntary helper. Or possibly your mental health teams / mental health NHS trust. In general the local NHS if you have some mental health issues, should be concerned if those with mental health needs are being prevented from accessing physical health resources as it is well established that people with mental health issues have worse physical health – may be through social anxiety etc. through looking after their own physical health less well or sometimes physical health problems causing and exacerbating mental health issues – diabetes, obesity, lack of exercise are all risk factors for worse mental health as well as physical health. And you should complain (although I appreciate the difficulties) if that’s not happening!

    But it does seem from what others say that you can get a jab via your CCG or (possibly) via the NHS vaccine booking site.

    But good luck.

    (BTW as far as I am aware unless they have an another medical condition or are a health worker etc. those under about 42 are not being vaccinated at the moment – 42 year-olds started on 27th April –

    And it is worth pointing out that for those having difficulty that in many areas if not all there are several GP practices that you can register with – and given they get reimbursed according to how many patients they have registered with them they shouldn’t be putting bureaucratic obstacles in your way so try another practice and you can register with a GP outside your “boundary area” i.e. that’s nearer your work or your children’s school etc. but it is voluntary for that practice to accept you.


    @Linda Dale

    That’s excellent. Very good luck for the future!!!!

    (and I can suggest gently and respectfully suggest that you do register with a GP and indeed do get appropriate medical help and advice when you need it – although I do appreciate the issues – having only recently registered myself!!!!)

  • I am over 50 and not registered with a gp. I have been trying for years to get help with registering but there is nobody, and I’ve tried a lot of different ways. Mental health organisation, NHS England, local CCG to name the main ones, none can help. I have also been in contact with local CCG since the vaccine was available to my age group and after several weeks of saying I needed a gp they finally admitted I don’t need to be registered and they will help, that was several weeks ago and I’m still waiting. My father has cancer and as that means he is more vunerable to catching covid even with vaccine I would like to get vaccinated.
    I have tried online a few times as I do know my NHS number but the system does not recognise me. I have tried to see if there are any drop in centers in my area but can’t seem to find any so I guess there isn’t.
    There is no way for me to get vaccine even though I have tried everything I can.

  • Same problem as I have no idea of my medical number and have been going around in circles for over a month. My local GP are not even answering their phones and registering with them seems impossible, my old practise seems to think I don’t exist. After many searches on the NHS site I have found a email address [email protected] to try again and make a complaint as to why so many people are being ignored. In some areas of London there are walk in centres that do not require any info but as I live in Hampshire, we just don’t have these.

  • @ Sue and Kay

    I know how you both feel me and my partner have been passed from pillar to post through phoning and emails everyone saying I need to register with gp problem is they ask for nhs number and details of previous gp problem is I don’t have either not been with gp. So I got refused lack of info I do have my mental health probs and I got to say it’s getting alot worse with the stress and pressure they put us under and give no answers or way out. A nurse told me that I can just slip through the system. It’s crazy

  • MANDY WEDGWOOD 18th May '21 - 9:45am

    My parents 68/69 were not registered with a GP but I have eventually persuaded them to let me do so for them, taking in forms and ID on their behalf. They have mental health issues and do not trust medics etc but have reluctantly agreed to get vaccinated. They will only go to a pharmacy to get this done which means me booking them in via the website – however the website doesn’t accept their NHS ID’s and after waiting on the phone for 90+ mins the help desk person said that there is a system issue with newly-registered people meaning that they do not appear as valid on the vaccine website – sometimes it can take months for them to do so apparently! I work in IT and assumed that they must be trying to fix this but she said no. Apparently not. So basically even if you get an NHS ID it doesn’t work in the website necessarily. Ridiculous.

  • David Procter 18th May '21 - 12:32pm

    Everyone in the UK is entitled to medical treatment on the NHS. The Covid situation is a national emergency and you would think in these circumstances NHS officials would be desperately trying to accommodate everyone to get vaccinated regardless of their personal circumstances. Unfortunately, an awful lot of people in the UK are paid not to think at all let alone think outside the box. I left the NHS in 1995 and signed up with a private GP – a real one who stood or fell by who came through the door and paid, not someone working in the NHS and doing a bit of private work on the side. I was given a new NHS card with letters and numbers and the words not registered with a GP. When the new NHS numbers were brought in in 1996 I wasn’t given one for some reason despite continuing to get dentistry on the NHS. Fast forward to 2021 and my attempt to get a Covid vaccine. I took my registration forms to a local GP surgery where my wife and son are registered along with a copy of the old NHS card. The practice manager rang me to say there was no record of me in the system and the NHS number I had given them was my National Insurance number – it isn’t. My wife spoke to someone at the surgery about my situation and they said they were having send off for a new NHS number for me and that this could take weeks. I then contacted the local CCG once again and explained my position telling what Claire – above post 23rd March- said to say and asking if I needed to contact my MP. This time they acted with alacrity and I got my first vaccine on April 14th. I recently received an email from the GP practice asking me to confirm my email so I’m assuming I’m now being recognised by the system and that I’ll be getting a call for my second vaccine in early July. Since the government want everyone to have their vaccine and are bandying around the phrase no-one is safe until everyone is safe it seems that there are many people in the NHS who are trying to take the easy way out of their responsibilities and are telling people they cannot get a vaccine without an NHS number or being registered with a GP practice. This isn’t correct and is form over function. To all those who have been told they cannot get a vaccine you need to contact your local CCG or contact your MP.

  • I’ve had similar problems to many of the people posting above. Shockingly difficult getting any response from a GP. I tried getting a GP’s appointment about 3 months ago because I was worried about possible prostate cancer following a high PSA reading on a blood test I had via an occupational health scheme provided by my employer. I couldn’t get an appointment out of my GP despite repeated attempts. All I received were some useless acknowledgement text messages. I therefore went private to get properly examined etc.
    I’m now trying to get a COVID jab, but my GP now appears to have actually deregistered me, despite being in touch with them repeatedly so recently. I’ve rung the NHS COVID booking line and they said they couldn’t book me in for a job because they can’t find evidence I’m registered with a GP. A shambles. I’ve just checked to see whether I can go private and actually pay to have a jab, and of course you can’t yet.
    I’ve therefore written to the CCG, as suggested by another poster. We’ll see what happens…!
    I’m grateful for the advice other posters have provided.

  • This thread is a real eye opener to me, I never realized. Yes this is something the party leadership should take on board with immediate effect.

  • Just wanted to add I finally got my first jab today. But it was not with the help of local CCG, even though I have been in regular contact through email since the 50year olds were eligible and them telling me they would help. The reason I got the jab, my father talks to anyone and he has no problems asking people. He went to the local vaccination centre and asked them, they told him that I could go there and get vaccinated that day. I walked in got the jab straight away (there was nobody waiting). Just had to wait 15 mins before leaving. They even took my details so they could contact me for second jab as I had no gp. So much for the local CCG sorting things out. Just need a family member that’s not afraid to ask and will not give up.

  • I am 59. Not registered with a UK GP for 20 years as lived abroad. Returned to UK a few years ago. I have no need to register with a GP nor do I want to as I move around a lot.
    I have an NHS number but cannot book vaccine online as “i don’t exist ”
    Family and friends are more or less forcing me to get vaccinated although i am not that bothered if I am or not. Tomorrow I am going to try a walk in centre.

    I have just researched about proof of vaccine for travel and the only way to get the certificate is through an App or sent via your GP. So you do have to be registered to get proof of the vaccine which makes a mockery of the fact you can get the vaccine without a GP.
    I also do not use Apps for anything. Ever.
    I feel i am being forced into something i don’t want to do (register with a GP) just so i can get proof of having the vaccine.

  • Nonconformistradical 30th Jun '21 - 8:57pm

    @Deborah J
    You say you ‘move around a lot’. Is that over w very wide area? I ask because it might be possible to register with a GP while living outside their normal practice area (I think without any commitment on their part for home visits).

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