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  • It seems to me that LDV is dying a slow death, and those who run the site are in denial thinking that trying to rally people to more of the same is the answer.

    In these times of political crisis most UK political sites are humming with debate; here new threads get a handful of comments from a few regular contributors, and in the members’ forum it is worse, with most threads and often entire sub-forums having received nonnew contributions in weeks, sometimes months. Like the LibDems, LDV is turning in upon itself and pandering to its own internal obsessions rather than honestly addressing the major questions of the day.

  • Catherine Jane Crosland 18th Nov '18 - 7:17am

    Ian, Lib Dem Voice does seem to have gone rather quiet in the last few weeks.
    I’ve been very surprised that there has not been more discussion about the Brexit deal, and what the party’s response to it should be. It might have been expected that this would lead to a lot of lively debate, but there has actually hardly been any debate here at all. I suspect that many people are uneasy at the prospect of our MPs basically voting for a no deal Brexit, but are afraid to say so.
    But despite what you suggest, Ian, I am sure Lib Dem Voice will soon become full of interesting and robust discussion once again. It really is up to all of us to improve things by writing articles and/or posting comments.
    To really appreciate Lib Dem Voice, just try posting on one of the Lib Dem Facebook groups.
    I don’t “do” Facebook very much, but yesterday I put a post on the the Lib Dem policy group on Facebook. My post was somewhat controversial – I was suggesting that Lib Dem MPs ought to vote for the deal, as the lesser of two evils. So obviously I was expecting plenty of robust disagreement. But I didn’t expect the level of rudeness. One of the first comments said that Theresa May seemed to have infiltrated the group! Soon there were other comments calling me a troll. But very few bothered to try to give a reasoned explanation of why they thought it was a good idea for Lib Dem MPs to vote for “no deal”.
    On Lib Dem Voice the discussion would have been far more polite, and far more intelligent.
    We need Lib Dem Voice, so let’s all do what we can to make it the exciting, radical and dynamic site that it should be – and is, at its best!

  • Catherine Jane Crosland 18th Nov '18 - 7:50am

    Has the site been experiencing some technical issues recently? I tried to post a comment just now, but when I clicked on “post comment”, the comment just disappeared.

  • Catherine Jane Crosland 18th Nov '18 - 7:52am

    But that one appeared ok, so perhaps it was just my computer!

  • Catherine Jane Crosland 18th Nov '18 - 7:58am

    Lib Dem Voice does seem to have gone a bit quiet recently, which is rather surprising at a time when there is so much to discuss. But it is up to all of us to turn things around by writing articles and posting comments.
    Many thanks to the Lib Dem Voice editorial team for all their hard work.

  • @ian. “Internal obsessions”. I would love to know precisely what you had in mind ? I do agree that, Brexit apart, there hasn’t been a great deal about the real nitty gritty of our national decline ; education, health, poverty, inept local government……….etc, etc.

  • I am afraid Ian is right. LDV, like the Lib Dems is dying a slow death. But it is death by self neglect.

    Over the coalition years it spent so much effort trying, as Ian puts it, “to rally people to more of the same,” while the party many of us had worked to build up for decades were crying out for a real radical voice to say clearly and strongly “This is going totally wrong. We have to change course.” Instead those that remained in the party received so much of “Aren’t we good, sacrificing ourselves to save the country from destruction.”

    However, the truth was, time after time we were sacrificing ourselves to save the Conservatives, and taking the blame on ourselves, just so they could stab Nick in the back and then destroy the country through Brexit a few years later.

    As our preamble so clearly says “The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society,” but you can’t do that with only 12 MPs especially when the public are ignoring you, initially because you betrayed them and subsequently because you are of no consequence.

    We have allowed ourselves to become a small party on the fringes of British politics once again. Until we come to terms with that and start to behave once more like a radical, insurgent voice against the abuse of power by the powerful, we will continue to decline.

  • Innocent Bystander 18th Nov '18 - 12:40pm

    I much appreciate the efforts you all put in to give this site life. It adds to the political discourse in our nation.
    However, LibDem Voice has become the domain of a handful of the very opinionated who simply state their one hobby horse, over and over again. Intruders who try and move the debate on are ganged up on by these stalwarts whose technique is to praise, extravagantly, the posts of other members of the clan while denigrating the contributions of newcomers . Valid arguments from outsiders are treated to the “la-la-la we’re not listening” game or treated with condescension.
    I guess that 95% of posts come from a group of about 10 names and new debaters don’t last very long before they disappear.

  • Lorenzo Cherin 18th Nov '18 - 1:24pm

    I value this site and its volunteers and contributors and disagree that it is going down the drain, or this party.

    Now for the strong part. The moderating both for comments or articles is draconian compared to some political sites. I believe in the interest of fairminded liberal understanding, in trying to avoid libertarianism, the danger is illiberalism. I have had comments and articles not allowed because they do not take a preferred stance. I admit this is subjective, but do feel the team should view, as I reccomend, the excellent debate on Conservative Home, and the abysmal level of completely libertarian, on labourlist.

    The comments from Catherine are as ever to be welcomed from the very fairest contributor here. As is the response from Paul.

  • David Warren 18th Nov '18 - 2:09pm

    LDV is my favourite political site.

    I have written a number of articles for it in the last 5 years or so, some draw a lot of comments others not so many.

    It very much depends on the subject matter.

    If you are a liberal there is nothing better out there for news or debate.

    When I worked in Royal Mail we had a campaign amongst our delivery members to keep the canteens open in their offices.

    ‘Use It or Lose It’

    That is my message now for LDV.

  • Nom de Plume 18th Nov '18 - 2:21pm

    Prophets of doom on LDV. There may be fewer comments than usual, maybe people have other things to do. Party membership is good, so not all bad news.

  • Sue Sutherland 18th Nov '18 - 2:58pm

    For some reason that wonderful Frankie Howerd exclamation “Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!” keeps resonating in my mind. It’s the best solution to incipient paranoia that I know of.
    LDV keeps me in touch with what is happening in the party and I read it every day. I don’t belong to any clique or clan but I do try to give praise where I think it’s due. Occasionally I get moderated which is irritating because it takes me a long time to write a contribution, quite often my comments are ignored but there are the truly wonderful times when people agree with me! I do acknowledge that I’m opinionated and often repeat my point of view in response to several different posts in one day.
    All in all I would be lost without it so thank you to the team for keeping us in touch with the political debate in our party.

  • Katharine Pindar 18th Nov '18 - 5:34pm

    Well said, Sue. For me, you are one of the wisest contributors to this site, whose comments are invariably worth reading – thank you. I too value LDV very much, and am surprised at some of the negative comments above. On Brexit, our MPs and party workers are beavering away, as I know from numerous emails and the press releases we are now – thank you, Mark – able to read; and it is just a shame that our leading position in promoting the need for another referendum isn’t much recognised by the main broadcast channels. The campaign that has gone on for months on social media strikes me as splendid, and it’s admirable that so much work is being done by staff, when we were sorry to hear that there had had to be redundancies there.

    Maybe the messages are getting through to the grassroots. A snapshot. Chatting over coffee to fellow church-goers this morning, rather gloomy Scriptural readings and interpretation led to gloomy comparison murmurings on the political chaos at the centre just now, which led me to declare my Lb Dem faith and mention our policy. At which point the two women I was talking to, neither of whom I know well, both indicated they were fed up with the way both the major parties are being led. No, I didn’t feel I could follow up then. But seemingly that was one seed that didn’t fall on stony ground!

  • John Marriott 21st Nov '18 - 8:14am

    As someone who has only been ‘at it’ for a year or so since returning to LDV after being excoriated by some contributors (and editors) over my views on the causes of the Hillsborough disaster, I value the site as it gives me a chance to exchange some of my possibly idiosyncratic views and occasionally to elicit responses! My wife is for ever complaining at my incessant tapping on my iPad, when I should be tackling the list of DIY projects I have been putting off over the years as Council duties called. I haven’t got that excuse any more.

    Although I have never met them, I have made a few ‘friends’ on LDV David Raw in particular being one of them. I am amazed at the intimate knowledge on politics and history and attention to detail shown by people like ‘Michael 1’, Joseph Bourke and others, the ever enthusiastic Katharine Pindar, the ‘doom and gloom’ of the Coalition haters like David Evans and some of Lorenzo Cherin’s ‘experiments’ with the English language, not forgetting David Raw’s Yorkshire bluntness, now tinged with a bit of Scottish common sense. Oh, and Paul Walter’s love of everything American – and the Eurovision Song Contest! LONG MAY THEY ALL CONTINUE (

    PS Sorry for the upper case – I know it annoys some of you English language fascists!

  • David Evershed 21st Nov '18 - 11:53am

    We should seek quality rather than quantity or activity.

    There does seem to be much fragmentation of internet sources for Lib Dem stuff, with a variety of web sites and facebook sites.

    I suggest some consolidation of quality sources. For example a merger of Lib Dem Voice with Mark Pack’s newsletter at

    Perhaps also with more direct links with local issues via ALDC.

  • John,

    Thanks for the mention, but I’m afraid you have bought into the narrative adopted by so many on LDV to describe as “doom mongers” those of us who tried to get the party to face up to the disastrous consequences of coalition when it was happening. Quite simply it was a term chosen to undermine and demean those fellow Lib Dems who held those views at the time. However, those Lib Dems were right – the party was almost destroyed in 2015 and despite being right on Britain’s place in Europe, the party is still making no headway three years later.

    As we all know, but many on LDV will never, ever admit to, it became clear very early in coalition that our leaders were making a total mess of the future of Liberal Democracy and were not prepared to listen to those saying things had to change. Instead, people preferred to cling to a comforting narrative that we were right, and things would work out fine if we just carried on doing what we like doing, which was mainly telling each other comforting fables that we were saving the country and people would come to realise it and things would improve.

    Accepting that we were undermining ourselves and the Conservatives were repeatedly knifing us in the back was unthinkable.

    As for looking at ourselves, accepting that it was were rapidly becoming accepted that Liberal Democrats were untrustworthy, and then trying to work out what to do about it – that was forbidden.

    Now, three and a half years on, we are considered to be a spent force and totally irrelevant by most of the country. However, we still refuse to consider that we need to ditch our comforting delusions, change and actually do something that the majority of the population are interested in. Instead we focus on policies no one reads, and issues that, however right they may be, are nowhere near the mainstream for 90% of the people.

    Well, as you and I know, that is not builds a successful political movement and is definitely not what wins elections so that you can actually do something about it.

    As a result, we are still almost totally ignored by the media, and whatever happens on Brexit, it is clear we will gain very little credit for it, and once it is over, what is left?

    It is not that we are doomed, but unless we choose to change and deliberately start on a journey to make our party relevant once again (as Jo Grimond once did) our party will continue its slide to nice, middle class, self comforting obscurity.

  • Lorenzo Cherin 21st Nov '18 - 1:05pm

    A wonderful couple of comments from two of our real veterans.

    Sue is, as our marvellous Katharine states, one of the wise amongst any forum, she is on. I am on more than one with her, I see nothing but intelligence and wisdom.

    John, thanks, my experiments are threefold. 1. I write as I talk, in person I pause, but am fluid as a speaker. 2.I speak with several times more talent than I type, which is not with much talent, thus punctuation is lacking. 3. I am very influenced by my love for and work in, performing arts , drama, and poetry, and songwriting , versatility more than verbosity but some of either often!

  • John Marriott 21st Nov '18 - 1:28pm

    @David Raw
    Thanks, David. Some of your remarks remind me of the little boy’s comments in ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, if you get my drift. As for ‘the Brian Clough thesis’ I’ve just googled it. The answer would broadly be yes, with some caveats; but I don’t want to unleash the dogs of war again. Let’s not go there! Remember the wise words of Voltaire.
    @Lorenzo Cherin
    In all honesty, I felt a bit guilty as soon as I had pressed ‘Send’. I suppose it’s your name that made me think that English was not your first language. Even if it isn’t, I have to admit that I would have struggled to put together even one sentence in Italian (?) although I’d be OK in German or French; but I ‘ve already been admonished by Cllr Lishman yesterday about my ‘pedantry’.

    My problem has always been that I have liked to find the funny side of things, if a funny side can be found. My only ‘criticism’ of many, but by no means all, of the LDV contributors is that they often appear to have had a humour bypass. Or it may be that they don’t find my occasional attempts to bring a smile to their faces just not funny.

  • John Marriott 21st Nov '18 - 1:33pm

    Oops! Double negative in the last sentence. Write out one hundred times: ‘I must reread my contribution carefully before pressing the ‘Send’ button’.

  • Lorenzo Cherin 21st Nov '18 - 1:47pm


    No English is my first and only language as far as fluency, but the influences of an Italian father, and Italian is very florid and the sequence of words and expressions, and I do speak and know a lot of it, does figure here.

    Another thing is that this site is the only one this has been alluded to. It has something to do with the lack of edit feature for the commenting poster, LDV should change the particular techno aspect here, nearly every site is increasing its garnering of self alter and edit features.

  • John Marriott 21st Nov '18 - 4:18pm

    @ Lorenzo Cherin
    So I was wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time! Judging by some of the linguistic mistakes I’ve been making, perhaps it’s my ‘experiments’ with the English language that need revising!
    @David Evans
    I enjoy your posts and appreciate your dedication to the cause. You are clearly more of a Liberal Democrat than I ever was. What intrigues me is how many times you manage to work the Coalition into your arguments. There was life before and there will undoubtedly be life after 2010 to 2015.

    One of the problems on LDV, and it probably exists elsewhere, is the ability of contributors to go off at the tangent, which is something that appears to drive Paul Walter mad. How you stop it happening is far above my pay grade.

  • Eddie Sammon 21st Nov '18 - 7:25pm

    Hello. It saddens me to see people feeling pessimistic about Lib Dem Voice and the Liberal Democrats. I can’t see why we aren’t more popular right now. I haven’t engaged with this website much recently but I check back every now and again. It’s good to see many familiar names commenting. I hope you are all well. 🙂

  • I’m not sure if it’s true that LDV has become quieter lately, at least not in any meaningful sense. You could argue that we have plenty to get worked up about regarding Brexit, but I feel that virtually everyone on here is on the same page on that one, and a lot of the important stuff is happening at a cross-party, or non-party level.

  • David Evans 22nd Nov '18 - 6:16pm

    John, I am afraid I must disagree totally with your comment “You are clearly …” – No, I am a mere footsoldier who could hardly believe the destruction done to our party by Nick and his acolytes. Basically they sacrificed Liberal Democracy and let the Tories back into power in areas like Cornwall, Devon and Somerset that took decades of work to make ours, and we now find ourselves desperately trying to stop them doing their worst, with Brexit, Universal Credit etc etc etc.

    However, what was even more shocking was the meek way the vast majority of members simply let it happen and barely complained, never mind tried to change things. For a party that believes in the individual and democracy, and even argues for a second vote on Brexit when it became clear things were not turning out as expected, it is almost like we don’t believe we have to make sure democracy works within the party as well as outside it.

    Certainly, the massed ranks who repeatedly churned out things like “Nick has more of a democratic mandate than anyone else in the party,” have a lot to answer for. Those who remember all the dodgy polling done to persuade constituencies that they would keep their MP if Nick remained leader, but lose if he was replaced were totally fooled, but none of them own up to it. Hence the new generation of Lib Dems who have the job of building that recovery will never know and any opportunity for learning and not making the same mistakes again will be lost.

    But what do those of us who want us to be a learning organisation, one that really believes that education is in fact the one way we can progress, one that wants our message to be that we can learn, improve and recover? It gets called “doom and gloom.”

    Now that could make a Lib Dem gloomy.

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