Not in my name – the Trump State visit is a disgraceful spectacle

Back in 2017, Vince Cable called Donald Trump evil and racist.

The love has not grown since then.

Vince tweeted about Trump’s imminent state visit:

And on Marr today, the US Ambassador said that the future of the NHS could be threatened by a US trade deal

Tomorrow this country will give Donald Trump the tightest standard of hospitality at our disposal. A state visit.

The Queen will entertain someone who has insulted her granddaughter in law.

That, of course, is the least of his misdemeanours. He has glorified sexual harassment. He has discriminated against women, muslims, transgender people, immigrants. He has separated refugee children from their parents and locked them up in cages. He has appointed judges to the Supreme Court who will roll back decades of progress on gender equality and workers’ rights.

We should not be honouring this man.

It is not being done in my name.

I, sadly, can’t get to London for the protest on Tuesday, but if you are around, do join the Lib Dems on Tuesday morning at 10:30 outside, ironically, Canada House on Trafalgar Square.

* Caron Lindsay is Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and blogs at Caron's Musings

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  • Lorenzo Cherin 3rd Jun '19 - 12:24am

    Language , is a little in fact, like gesture, it can be utilised to express the truth and to great effect. The two are not the same nor does the latter reflect, automatically, the former.

    Caron, here, does better than our leader. The language used in this article , admittedly with more words than a tweet, is very expressive the tweet of Sir Vince, the older tweet, is very extreme.

    Trump is best described and explained as Caron does, though my view is this takes him too seriously, and so too does the tweet.

    Trump is a bombastic, absurd figure best left to his own devices until the Congress steps up to do its thing, as it does often.

    I have the great delight in being involved as an online contributor or commentator with the website initiative of former Senator Gary Hart, a man as good and brilliant as Trump is lousy and foolish. Senator Hart, a man twice almost the Democratic candidate and the greatest President in recent years they never had, but for a mishap in his private life, detailed recently in the movie dragging it all up, with Hugh Jackman as Hart, he might have been marvellous. At eighty two, he is kind, thoughtful and warm , my experience with him online, one I value. He is so eloquent and so scathing on Trump, far more than any tweet, real analysis as to the real and many faults in this awful President.

    As one who married into that country I love, they deserve better, and we, who care, as they should and many do, must, demand better.

    May and her pathetic reliance on a trade deal with him, is the reason for this overblown visit that is wrong and we should say it. But eloquently, more like this article than that old tweet.

  • John Marriott 3rd Jun '19 - 7:35am

    During his interview with Andrew Marr, I’m sure that US Ambassador,, Woody Johnson, said that we ALL get the chance to vote for the next PM. Slip of the tongue or ignorance? Either way, it just shows you the kind of people that Trump has around him. Given Mr Johnson’s links to the pharmaceutical industry (Johnson and Johnson) it’ll take a bit more than talcum powder to sooth things!

  • I get the sense that a lot of people have forgotten he’s coming until he’s almost here. I suppose we’ve been caught up in more important domestic events, but unfortunately it’s too much to hope we can ignore him altogether. At least we know he won’t get the same reception as the Liverpool victory parade!

  • Linda Dickins 3rd Jun '19 - 8:01am

    My Dad who went to Normandy on D Day 5 will be spinning in his grave when Trump is in Portsmouth… A sad day

  • nigel hunter 3rd Jun '19 - 9:33am

    Johnson on Marr openly pointed out the NHS is up for discussion as well as all the economy.. It has started in one way with Germany’s Allianz insurance purchasing a number of UK insurance companies. Britain up for grabs,the NHS next.

  • Richard Underhill 3rd Jun '19 - 9:41am

    “The Queen will entertain someone who has insulted her granddaughter in law.”
    In flight today, across the Atlantic, Donald Trump denied this,
    ignoring the fact that it is on record, and claiming on Twitter that it is “fake news”.
    Vince Cable was interviewed on BBC1 saying that Trump is damaging the world’s trading relationships and the NATO Alliance.
    Trump was welcomed by Foreign Secretary Hunt at Stansted and will proceed, with his wife, by helicopter, to the residence of the US ambassador, Woody Johnson.

  • David Becket 3rd Jun '19 - 9:53am

    We need a three sentence Press Release to grab attention today.

    Lib Dems will not sell the NHS out to the Americans.

    Lib Dems will not force chlorinated chicken down your throats.

    Stopping Brexit will stop this nonsense.

  • I would like this absurd man to be given the traditional welcome by Her Majesty. He should be greeted with the traditional questions “And what do you do?” and “Have you come far?” Not sure if the Duke of Edinburgh still offers distinctive remarks on the arrival of overseas visitors …

  • Yeovil Yokel 3rd Jun '19 - 11:53am

    Geoff Reid – I’m sure that Trump will not need any prompting from Her Maj in order for him to tell her all about himself, how he is making his country great again, and which Prime Minister she should appoint – whether she wants to hear it or not. No 93 year-old should have to face such an ordeal.

  • Philip Moss 3rd Jun '19 - 12:38pm

    Trump was invited by the Queen, the best way is no noise and no crowds to welcomehim.
    Just give him the cold shoulder.
    Mr Trump was not elected by the American people but by their voting system., his oppenent got more votes ,in the same way our new PM will only become so because of their election as the new Tory leader by only Tory Party members, infiltrated by Brexit members?

  • Wiith every passing minute we are closer to him flying off. Every cloud has a silver lining!

  • Jayne Mansfield 3rd Jun '19 - 1:01pm

    Unfortunately, Mr Trump is the President of the United States of America, and insulting him will be seen by many Americans as a insult to the people of America. A state visit honours the people of that country, not an individual.

    I don’t see how one can offer a state Visit to the President of China ( where Human Right activists were hidden out of sight of him and his entourage), and not offer one to the current President of the United States.

    We British have perfected the art of a particular type of etiquette which I hope will be on display – a diplomatic, cool, polite formality.

    Ordinary people like myself would do well just to ignore Mr Trump and his royal family, he seems to thrive on attention.

  • Richard Underhill 3rd Jun '19 - 1:55pm

    Donald Trump is visiting the UK with his family. We are, of course, aware of his reputation for frequent inaccuracy.
    On the issue of the D-Day ceremonies there is therefore a risk that he might make inaccurate statements. He is of course too young to have personal experience of the Great War, or of World War II.
    Donald Trump is not F D Roosevelt, our greatest friend in both wars.
    John F Kennedy had experience in the US navy.
    In the UK those who had personal experience of war/s included Harold MacMillan (both) Edward Heath (army) and James Callaghan (navy).
    Jo Grimond’s Memoirs (Heinemann 1979) were nearer the time than now.
    Antony Beevor’s article (Sunday Times magazine 2/6/19 pages 14-17) deserves respect.
    How many countries had people in D-day? USA, Canada, UK, French, Swiss(!) and many others.
    What was the attitude of those who were liberated by invasion? Mixed.
    Allied bombing was used to prevent occupying forces being reinforced, with heavy civilian casualties.
    In all the armies combatants were understanding that the war was likely to be over soon and they wanted to stay alive.
    Did Donald Trump serve in the US military during the Vietnam war?
    Maybe one day he will say he did, instead of criticising the late Senator John McCain, a true American patriot, recognised by Republican former President Ronald Reagan as a victim of torture.

  • Richard Underhill 3rd Jun '19 - 2:00pm

    French politics includes an element of Le Defi Americain, about business and
    the choices made after the Suez crisis, which were different for France and the UK.

  • Nonconformistradical 3rd Jun '19 - 2:23pm

    “Did Donald Trump serve in the US military during the Vietnam war?
    Maybe one day he will say he did, instead of criticising the late Senator John McCain, a true American patriot, recognised by Republican former President Ronald Reagan as a victim of torture.”

  • @ Richard Underhill “Donald Trump is visiting the UK with his family. We are, of course, aware of his reputation for frequent inaccuracy. On the issue of the D-Day ceremonies there is therefore a risk that he might make inaccurate statements. He is of course too young to have personal experience of the Great War, or of World War II.”

    You might be interested in looking this up, Richard :

    “Donald Trump avoided the draft during the Vietnam War › News
    2 Aug 2016 – Donald J Trump pictured in the 1964 New York Military Academy … have sparked renewed scrutiny of the tycoon’s military service deferment “.

    Personally I find Trump attending D-Day ceremonies insulting to say the least. I can just about remember WW11. Seared in my mind is Mum’s tears on Leeds Station exactly seventy five years ago last weekend when Dad was squashed onto a train to return to his squadron after a 48 hour leave. It’s an image I’ll carry for the rest of my life.

    Oddly my twin girls were born on 6 June and my youngest girl gets married on 6 June this week. We’ll think about their Granddad and my best friend’s Dad who died in the surf on Gold Beach. Trump’s bluster knows nothing about any of this and many thousands have similar memories. The man is an embarrassing intrusion.

  • Richard Underhill 3rd Jun '19 - 4:04pm

    Today we have statements from George Galloway, who has been sacked from Talk Radio and from Anne Widdecombe (Brexit MEP) on SKY.
    I prefer not to repeat either of them.

  • Jayne Mansfield 3rd Jun '19 - 5:23pm

    @ David Raw,
    Tomorrow runners will start from Tarrant Rushton in Dorset to Pegasus Bridge. A 75 mile run to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D Day. It will be completed on Thursday the 6th.

    One of our sons did the run in 2009, proudly carrying the name of one of those who flew, on his back. We returned home to find that two BNP had become MEPs.

    These things, and the irony, stick in the throat, but they also awaken people to the difference between those who defend our values and are prepared to die doing so, and those who want to destroy the values that make a country great, doing so from within.

    As with the run completed by our son, every penny of the money raised by sponsorship of participants goes to The Veteran’s Charity.

    Trump is just an unpleasant diversion, a temporary aberration. We will be standing honouring people in services of remembrance for people like your dad long after Trump has disappeared from sight and memory.

  • Dear Jayne, Thanks for your very kind message. Give the runners a cheer from us tomorrow and do please give your son our very best wishes..

    I notice you’re from Dorset. Dad flew with 175 squadron from Holmsley South in the New Forest not that far from you for the first few days. The ground crews went across from Poole on 16 June after which they were at airstrip B5 (Le Fresne Camilly) five miles west of Caen. He never went back to visit …. too painful.

    Happy memories of Pegasus Bridge when I took Mum and the girls across for the 60th … drinks from Arlette Gondree and a lot of (very old) friends !!

  • Outside of the state visit. We should remember the very large sacrifice that firstly Brits made including civilians but also that Americans made alongside Brits and other allied troops in D-Day and indeed the great affection that Americans of that generation held for Britain which was then passed down to subsequent generations.

    An American who served alongside my grandfather in the Navy in WWII started sending us hampers every Christmas! I think remembering starving Britain of the time (I think he thought we were still starving!)

    We should celebrate the true joy that is free elections, and the ability to criticise our leaders and demonstrate.

    And we should cherish the candle of freedom that is free speech. And be careful when we say that someone can’t say that because it is racist, xenophobic, unpatriotic, sexist, rude, homophobic, heterosexualist etc. (Criticise what they say by all means but defend their right to say it!)

  • The media are now reporting that Corbyn is going to speak at the anti-Trump rally tomorrow. I hope Vince is going to speak too (?) If he isn’t, why on earth not? And if he is, I suggest our press team tell the media who are reporting Corbyn’s presence as a big deal. Vince has said a lot of good stuff on social media about Trump. Lets hear him say it to a huge crowd tomorrow, on behalf of all of us.

  • Jayne Mansfield 3rd Jun '19 - 10:52pm

    @ David Raw,

    I am not from Dorset, I am from South Yorkshire, we just travelled there to drop off our son before re-joining the runners at the ferry and then after disembarking to cheer him and others when they reached the bridge.

    Ben Parkinson was on the ferry in 2009 too, and it is good to see that he has finally won his 12 year fight for a long term care package. That people who have served their country have to face another battle and often do not get the care they need for the physical and/or mental scars that result is shameful.

    I too have fond memories of the Cafe Gondree. And also the bar opposite where I was in conversation with a sensitive young soldier from a Scottish regiment. They have to see and experience things that are beyond our imaginings, and beyond theirs when they sign up, then return to civilian lives where they are often, without support, expected to react and behave as though they never had those experiences.

    There are so many reasons why we should be thankful for those of many nationalities who fought the Nazis. The D day commemorations will focus minds on what our country was saved from, and for the sake of later generations, the importance of never letting that particular memory fade.

  • Richard Underhill 4th Jun '19 - 12:47pm

    Stella Creasy MP (Labour) should not accept Johnny Mercer’s view that the USA is a democracy. Mercer is an MP in a party which opposes improvements in democracy.
    The USA is a constitutional state in which federalism is deeply embedded and in which democracy has made a lot of progress.
    The President is elected through the federal system in which the federal electors do not meet and in which it is possible that the candidate with the largest number of votes is not guaranteed election, as has happened recently.
    This President is US.

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