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The words of Trump coming from Lib Dem MPs

A video has emerged of Lib Dem MPs reading the words of Donald Trump.

Ed Davey, Jo Swinson, Christine Jardine, Tom Brake and Alistair Carmichael repeat some of his most egregious quotes.

And some of them get scarily into character.

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Not in my name – the Trump State visit is a disgraceful spectacle

Back in 2017, Vince Cable called Donald Trump evil and racist.

The love has not grown since then.

Vince tweeted about Trump’s imminent state visit:

And on Marr today, the US Ambassador said that the future of the NHS could be threatened by a US trade deal

Tomorrow this country will give Donald Trump the tightest standard of hospitality at our disposal. A state visit.

The Queen will entertain someone who has insulted her granddaughter in law.

That, of course, is the least of his misdemeanours. He has glorified sexual harassment. He has discriminated against women, muslims, transgender people, immigrants. He has separated refugee children from their parents and locked them up in cages. He has appointed judges to the Supreme Court who will roll back decades of progress on gender equality and workers’ rights.

We should not be honouring this man.

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