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Who to trust on the economy? The CBI or Dr Fox with his kamikazee Brexit?

This week, it was very welcome to hear the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) calling for the UK to remain in the Single Market and Customs Union once it leaves the EU, until a full trade deal is in place.

This seems to be simple common sense to me.

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Clegg tells CBI: Liberal Democrats guarantee economic stability

All three party leaders have been speaking to the CBI Conference today, setting out their election stalls. Nick was keen to emphasise the contribution the Liberal Democrats have made to the Government. It was the right message for an audience of businesspeople. 

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Liblink… Vince Cable: Europe is an anchor for British business

For centuries, Britain has developed economically through being an open, outward-looking country. Today, the economy has a high level of global integration. The UK is the world’s fifth largest exporter of goods and services, and we attract more foreign direct investment than any other European country.

…Vince Cable, writing in the Guardian.

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All in a night’s work: Nick Clegg faces down HS2 critics and embraces Home Rule

Nick Clegg is in Glasgow tonight, talking to CBI Scotland. Much of what he says is applicable across the whole UK, though. Here are some of the highlights:

The economy

At every step of the way, in the Coalition, we’re fighting hard to create jobs, boost growth and make a genuine difference to people’s lives across the UK.

That’s why we’ve committed to raise the personal allowance on income tax. So that basic rate tax payers will get to keep all of the first £10, 000 they earn. We’ve already taken over 2 million people out of paying income tax altogether. And by

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Opinion: Will fixing the planning system improve the housing supply?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Britain has a housing problem. There are problems of shortage and, consequently, access and affordability.

There are three principal mechanisms for dealing with significant housing shortage and indirectly reducing the affordability problems that go with it: (1) You can reduce the number of households needing to be housed; (2) You can increase the number of properties available; and (3) You can improve the utilization of the existing stock of properties.

You can try to do something on all three fronts. A couple of weeks ago LibDemVoice co-editor Mark Pack identified six …

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What Vince told the CBI

Earlier today Vince Cable gave a pugnacious speech, bashing bankers to use the tabloids’ favourite phrase, but doing so in the name of industry:

I can see Richard covering his eyes and groaning, alarmed that I may be about to embark on a round of “banker bashing”. What I can tell him is that businesses – including a lot of CBI members – keep telling me that I am not bashing them enough.

Of course, there is no point in engaging in a sterile public exchange of insults. But no one listening to the Chancellor’s statement last week will be under any

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Nick Clegg’s speech to the CBI conference

Nick Clegg addressed the CBI conference in London this moring, “set out how to foster a rapid recovery and shape a new competitive, sustainable economy.” Here’s the full text of what he said:

We are in the teeth of one of the most difficult and unpredictable recessions we have ever faced.
The origins of the recession, at the heart of the financial services sector on which we have relied too heavily for far too long, begs profound questions about how we can rebuild the British economy on a different, more sustainable footing in the future.
As the CBI said this morning – this recession can be a catalyst for positive change.
In the short time we have today, I want to run through the five main areas where I believe urgent action is required not only to foster a rapid recovery in the short term, but to shape a new competitive, sustainable economy for the long term.

  • First: stabilise, decontaminate and re-balance our financial industry.
  • Second: a strong, credible plan to sort our Britain’s finances, to maintain confidence in our credit-worthiness.
  • Third: invest in infrastructure, to create jobs now and the right environment for sustainable growth later.
  • Fourth: decentralise decision-making and business support to drive growth in industries and regions that have been left behind
  • And fifth: change our tax system to put money into the pockets of people who both need it and spend it, helping rebuild consumer demand.
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