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Daily View 2×2: 24 May 09

Welcome to the Sunday outing for The Voice’s new daily post series highlighting two big stories from the media and two “must read” blog posts from Liberal Democrats. As it’s a Sunday, there’s also a bonus extra supplement. If you spot anything for future posts, do let us know on [email protected]

2 Big Stories

MPs’ expenses
Heading into its third week, the MPs’ expense story shows no sign of abating. The latest scalp is that of Andrew MacKay, again. The story has been running for so long that not only was he one of its first victims (losing his Conservative Party job) but …

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Somehow I think that if this was a Lib Dem council, there would be a whole load of Tory bloggers hurling insults…

From the Daily Mail:

They’re never going to have to deal with a difficult route across country, or conquer the maze of an inner city.

In fact, the trickiest test of navigation they are likely to face is getting from one side of a field to the other.

But that hasn’t stopped council chiefs buying a set of sophisticated satnavs – for their fleet of lawnmowers.

They spent £6,000 hooking up the devices to 14 mowers because gardeners claimed they kept getting lost in long grass…

Launching the system this week, David Parsons, leader of the Tory-led council, said wet weather and

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    I see loads of criticisms and accusations made against Labour - but nothing in terms of actual policies they proposed that are considered unacceptable by...
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    Sorry - no one no matter how talented and hard working should be a borough councillor in Hampshire and a county councillor in Oxfordshire.
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    Paul, Another of your "provocative" cruise missiles! I would love to see a centre ground party emerge. The public mood is right for it and...
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