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Lib Dems put forward youngest candidate on Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight County Press reports:

A FRESH face will be taking the reigns in the Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats’ fight for parliament on June 8.

Nicholas Belfitt, 24, of Shanklin, was selected as the parliamentary candidate at a local party meeting today Saturday.

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Why the Liberalisle is taking off on the Isle of Wight


Many in the UK who would drive down to Portsmouth will often think that going any further south would take you to France and the lands beyond. However, just off the coast there exists a place that for a long time has been off the Lib Dems’ map. An ancient Isle that once in the 1970s held one of  the only Liberal lights in the country, but now for over 15 years has been swallowed by a blue fog as thick as the ocean itself.  The once golden yellow beaches lie empty and cold.

Why would a Tory stronghold, with a social conservative view so strong you could mistake it for the back bench of the party itself, ever be the place of any Liberal rival? Yet could this be the beginning of a Liberal fight back.

Ever since I became the Vice-chair of the local party I wanted to try to be optimistic and passionate about the chance to make change. I wanted to try and show how we can inspire by directly questioning the norm. For some in and out of the party this may be seen as nonsense, it may be seen as crazy. Yet at one time so was the notion of the Liberals ever being in power.

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Tim’s pick a ward and win it – how that’s part of the Isle of Wight’s #libdemfightback

Nicholas Belfitt winning hereIn June last year I attended a small event in Guildford in the run-up to the leadership election where I was lucky to meet Tim Farron. He  made a great speech which, as always was both thorough and entertaining. But it was in the end what he said that began to push me to believe in the Lib Dems. Pick a ward and win it.

No words have been so strong for me. After the event it was all I could think about for weeks and weeks during which time I returned  home to the Isle of Wight. I had always dreamed of being able to be involved, but like many young liberals I thought that caution and moving through groups such as the Liberal Youth were the formats in which make  progress. But I could not get that line out of my head.

I began to be involved in my local party and before I knew it I was swiftly elected Vice-Chair. ME? At 22? The only experience I had of campaigning was under Kelly-Marie Blundell in her Guildford campaign, but I had no training or preparation.  

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Isle of Wight Lib Dems withdraw support from council candidate over masonic bank account allegations

The Isle of Wight County Press online reports:

MIKE Carr, the Liberal Democrat candidate for the West Wight Isle of Wight Council by-election, has been de-selected by the party days before the poll. An investigation prompted by an anonymous e-mail, suggesting Mr Carr had wrongly withdrawn money from the bank account of The Needles Lodge of the Freemasons. The money is now being paid back.

In a statement, Mr Carr’s election agent, Bob Blezzard, said when Mr Carr was adopted the party had been unaware of the situation that had come to light. “As a result of this information, the Liberal

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Lib Dem councillor expelled over police assault charges

The Isle of Wight County Press Online has the story:

CALLS for a Lib Dem councillor to be expelled from the party have been made this week after it was confirmed 37-year-old Adrian Whittaker was alleged to have assaulted a police officer.

The calls were led by Island party vice-president and long-serving executive member Morris Barton. He said: “It is the party’s AGM tomorrow (Friday) and I am sure Cllr Whittaker’s expulsion from the party will be on the agenda. If Cllr Whittaker is subsequently convicted we will be seeking the Isle of Wight Council leader Cllr David Pugh’s support for

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Daily View 2×2: 23 July 2009

Good morning. You join us here on LDV as we wish happy birthday to Philip Seymour Hoffman and Michael Foot, and as the nation of Egypt and the Rastafarians commemorate the birth of Haile Selassie.

It’s also polling day in Norwich North. Will April Pond become the 64th Lib Dem MP? Will we make our second by-election gain in the 2005 Parliament? Find out first on twitter – as the blogosphere’s reporter on the spot Nich Starling will report, live from the Norfolk Showground.

Two big news stories

Kingsnorth tactics criticised
The Guardian reports the report into police behaviour at

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