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Jo on Ridge on Sunday: Lib Dems could win General Election

In a clear and confident interview on Ridge on Sunday this morning, Jo Swinson staked her claim to be Prime Minister.

Any Brexit deal, she said, would be as bad for the country as the financial crash in 2008. This is why Lib Dems would be supporting amendments to give the people the final say:

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Jo Swinson gives Jeremy Corbyn a lesson in opposing a terrible Government

Jo Swinson has had a very effective first six days as Lib Dem Leader. She’s been popping up all over the media and the fact that both Labour and SNP supporters alike have gone for her big time shows that they know she is a massive threat to them.

This morning, viewers of Sophy Ridge on Sunday will have seen Jeremy Corbyn offer his usual tired and hand-wringing approach to Brexit and his less than robust approach to anti-semitism in his party.

Immediately afterwards, they had Jo on. She was clear, engaging and she answered the questions put to her.

Here are some of the highlights:

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  • User Avatarfrankie 17th Oct - 1:32pm
    I'd quibble with the designation of John Mann as a Labour MP. To use the current in vogue language de jure he is while de...
  • User AvatarDavid Allen 17th Oct - 1:29pm
    Johnson is ruling out an extension and saying it is his deal or no deal. He does hold some of the cards. The EU are...
  • User AvatarRichard Underhill 17th Oct - 1:16pm
    Labour MP John Mann will vote for EU Boris' deal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Mann_(British_politician) Nigel Farage has tweeted that this deal is "not Brexit". This is one of...
  • User AvatarRichard Underhill 17th Oct - 1:09pm
    A simple majority of members of the elected Assembly (if it were actually to meet) is not enough. A measure intended to protect the nationalist...
  • User AvatarJohn Marriott 17th Oct - 1:02pm
    It’s too late to close the stable door. Those of us, who advocated Remain over three years ago should have done a better job. All...
  • User AvatarBarry Lofty 17th Oct - 12:44pm
    Thanks "frankie" I understand what you are saying, I just need to calm down a bit! !!