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Jo: If you want a future in the EU, you need to vote Liberal Democrat

Jo Swinson went on The Andrew Marr Show today to give an unequivocal message that a vote for the Liberal Democrats was a vote to stop Brexit.

In contrast, she warned that a vote for Labour was a vote for Brexit.

She also said that it was a shame that pro Remain parties weren’t voting together in the European elections, but she emphasised that they would continue to work together in Parliament for a People’s Vote to ensure we could stay in the EU.

Jo faced some challenging questions from Mishal Hussein. The very first one was about austerity and its effect on local government and how that squared with our local elections campaign.

Jo answered that one as well as she could, pointing out the effectiveness of Liberal Democrat councils and councillors in delivering for their communities but acknowledging the cuts and the economic crisis at the time when the Coalition Government came to power and highlighting how much worse the Conservatives got when we left Government.

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Jo Swinson on Marr tomorrow

Lib Dem Deputy Leader Jo Swinson will be on The Andrew Marr Show (which will be presented by Mishal Hussein) at 9am tomorrow on BBC1.

This is a critical weekend for the party in the run-up to the critical local elections. A good performance will be a superb launchpad in our quest to establish ourselves as the Stop Brexit party to vote for in the European elections.


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Vince on Marr – Rudd, race and the need for a People’s vote on Brexit

There must be an election happening or something. We have had Vince on Marr this morning and Jo Swinson is on Peston as I write.

He was quite measured on Amber Rudd. Rather than call outright for her resignation, he said we needed to hear what she had to say to Parliament tomorrow. One of two things is true:

Either she misled Parliament or she was the last person in the Home Office to know about removal targets.

A later comment by Brandon Lewis on the same programme intensifies the case against Amber Rudd.

Lewis bullishly defended the removal targets, saying that we had to get rid of those bad criminals and illegal immigrants, didn’t we? It is very easy to become an illegal immigrant. A tiny error on a complicated Home Office form can mean that you lose your status. You are given no chance to rectify it. Yet the people responsible for an almighty scandal such as Windrush get off with a few critical newspaper headlines.

I actually hope that Amber Rudd didn’t deliberately mislead Parliament because I don’t want her replaced by some extreme Brexiteer like Gove or Grayling. There is nobody in the Conservative Party who is going to give the Home Office and immigration system the treatment it deserves: dismantling completely and being rebuilt in a fair and compassionate manner which inspires the confidence of those who use it and those who advocate on their behalf.

Back to Vince. He said that most people who voted for Brexit did so for legitimate reasons, but that racism was a factor.

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Farron on Marr: Lib Dems will be the strong opposition that Britain so desperately needs

Tim Farron has been on the Andrew Marr Show this morning. Theresa May was on as well, although not at the same time. It was like Durham in 1992 all over again.

He set out his pitch to be the strong opposition to Theresa May’s Government:

And he explained why people should spoil May’s coronation by turning to the Liberal Democrats

He appealed to young people to vote for the Lib Dems to avoid a hard Brexit that could damage us for generations to come.

He came across very well and got in our campaign messages along the theme of the only way to avoid a hard Brexit is to vote for the Liberal Democrats.

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Tim Farron on Andrew Marr show this morning

It’s almost unheard of these days to have Lib Dems on the Andrew Marr show two weeks running. Last week we had Nick Clegg and this morning we have Tim Farron.

He’ll no doubt be talking about the Lib Dem’s unique position on the Article 50 Bill and will no doubt want to continue his criticism of Theresa May for being not very bothered about Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims entering the US.

Watch on BBC1 at 9 am or on iPlayer later.

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ICYMI: Nick Clegg’s Andrew Marr interview: Post Brexit trade deals and the cannibalisation of Labour

Nick Clegg was on the Andrew Marr show today talking about the opportunity that exists for the House of Commons to amend any Article 50 legislation that comes before it, the potential for post-Brexit trade deals (nothing comes close to being as good as what we have at the moment) and the state of the Labour Party. It’s failure to be a decent opposition on the biggest issue to face this country for some time will cost it, says Nick. It’ll be “cannibalised” by UKIP in the north and the Liberal Democrats in the south.

Watch the whole thing courtesy of BBC Politics here.

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WATCH: Tim Farron on the Andrew Marr Show

Tim Farron was on the Andrew Marr Show this morning, putting in an other strong performance. What was unusual is that he was on the studio rather than the gorgeous Lake District countryside.

You can watch what he has to say here:

He talked about the “joyful challenge” of leading the party, of the party’s success in terms of seats and vote share in local government by-elections, of how Labour, “the worst opposition in history” were letting the Tories away with forced academisation of schools, an attack on junior doctors and dismantling all the good things on climate change that Lib Dems had done in Government.

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Farron’s first Sunday media marathon

Tim is doing the media rounds this morning with interviews on Marr, Murnaghan (at 10:20) and John Pienaar (at 10:35).

Here are some tweets from his Marr appearance:

adding that he wanted them to join the Liberal Democrats to fight the Tories on the appalling things that they are planning on doing.

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Shirley Williams on green taxes, war, crime and Theresa May’s Prime Ministerial ambition…

Shirley WilliamsShirley Williams was reviewing the papers with the Spectator’s Fraser Nelson on this morning’s Andrew Marr show.

Remembrance Sunday was  obviously discussed. Shirley described a story of a boy of 12 sent to Somme after lying his way into the Army and his mother got him sent back. Of course, by that time, he had seen so many horrors.

She also added that it’s not just the lives lost we have to commemorate:

Many get a life sentence as those injured suffer for the rest of their lives.

She described the use of IEDs as “colossally effective but deeply cruel”, a weapon that’s  inexpensive but devastating.

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Nick Clegg is on the Andrew Marr Show

Nick Clegg on BBCYour 10 minute warning: go and get yourself a nice cup of tea and settle down to watch the Andrew Marr Show.

There’s no long lie and being pampered for Nick Clegg this morning as he’s being interviewed. We’ll be back with full coverage later.

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