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Opinion: Why Lib Dems should hot-foot it to Sefton Central

Don’t be put off by the train station sounding Sefton Central – the news that Claire Curtis-Thomas, once dubbed the UK’s most expensive MP, is standing down should signal a re-evaluation of the Liberal Democrats chances in this new seat.

No-one is surprised by Ms Curtis-Thomas’s decision as she has gone from being the country’s most expensive MP to one of the most inactive. I have been the prospective Parliamentary candidate for two years, and in that time there has only ever been reactive responses from the Labour camp. In terms of literature, the only thing that has hit …

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  • User AvatarGeorge Kendall 26th Sep - 1:50am
    @John King Thanks for the comment. I've changed the page to take out the links to the "fringe of the conference" tweet, as that was...
  • User AvatarPaul Walter 25th Sep - 11:39pm
    Agreed about LBJ, Hywel. One of his big strengths was gaining votes in Congress for his bills, by hook or by crook.
  • User AvatarPaul Walter 25th Sep - 11:35pm
    Thanks Lorenzo - from October 1st, I'll be posting some more about things I noticed on my tour of the USA.
  • User AvatarFiona 25th Sep - 10:58pm
    At risk of stating the obvious, Uber has a lot going for it, or it wouldn't be popular, but they have been asked, repeatedly, to...
  • User Avatarfrankie 25th Sep - 10:56pm
    It looks like poor David will be sent home again to do his homework. I can't work out if he fails to do it hoping...
  • User AvatarOnceALibDem 25th Sep - 10:54pm
    I don't see why political parties should be able to keep (what is after all sensitive data) on people in perpetuity. There is also an...