Monthly Archives: December 2023

1st  UBI and PR will work together (27) by Roger Lake
  Why is the Government scared of Lib Dem South Cambridgeshire’s trial of four-day working? (27) by Cllr Bridget Smith
2nd  New issue of Liberator out (0) by The Liberator Collective
  ALDC’s by-election report – 30 November 2023 (3) by Charles Quinn
3rd  COVID inquiry: Strip Johnson of allowance and bar him from future honours (16) by The Voice
  Economic dishonesty, political irrationality (10) by Lord William Wallace
5th  The Poverty Pandemic, fossil fuels and consumer advertising (4) by David Brunnen
  We need to champion radical and avant-garde policies (52) by Patrick Streeter
  Aotearoa New Zealand pivots….backwards? (1) by Paul Walter
6th  How the Lib Dems can be distinctive on the environment (7) by Chris Bowers
  Back to Beveridge at Ballot Time (4) by John Pugh
  Mark Pack hits back at activists who called for bolder, distinctive offer to voters (39) by NewsHound
  Congratulations to Mick and Joye! (7) by Caron Lindsay
7th  Earl Russell highlights lack of mental health support for children and young people (3) by The Voice
  An early election? (16) by Mary Reid
8th  Ed Davey’s message for Hanukkah (0) by The Voice
  Focus on migration Part 1 – Visa Rule Changes (3) by Michael Wang
  Part 2: Lib Dem Peers call for improved mental health services for young people (2) by The Voice
  ALDC By-Election Report, 7th December (3) by Charles Quinn
9th  Observations of an Expat: Colonial Problem (5) by Tom Arms
10th  Tom Arms’ World Review (6) by Tom Arms
  The liberal case for increased defence spending (29) by Nick Baird
11th  Welcome to my day: 11 December 2023 – the loss of innocence… (1) by Mark Valladares
  Support your local Parish Council, Minister… (5) by Mark Valladares
12th  Mark Pack’s December report – the challenges of 2024 (74) by Mark Pack
13th  Lib Dems oppose “moral vacuum” Rwanda Bill (13) by Caron Lindsay
14th  The choice is yours – your full pension or your family (7) by Colin Bloodworth
15th  Evan Harris on Piers Morgan and the High Court judgement in favour of Prince Harry (4) by Mary Reid
  ALDC by-Election Report, 14th December (9) by Charles Quinn
16th  Observations of an Expat: Nikki Haley (2) by Tom Arms
  LISTEN: Ed Davey talks about his life as a carer (4) by NewsHound
  Layla Moran talks about her family who are trapped in Gaza Church (4) by Caron Lindsay
17th  Tom Arms’ World Review (9) by Tom Arms
18th  Mental health, Maths and a great British education (5) by David Agyemang
19th  ‘I’m worried that if it’s not the bullets that kill them, it will be the lack of water,’ says Layla Moran of civilians trapped in Gaza church (11) by The Voice
  Focus on migration Part 2 – asylum policies (6) by Michael Wang
20th  Why would you cut energy efficiency funding in a climate emergency – Alex Cole-Hamilton (10) by The Voice
  What’s the future for Israel and Palestine? (29) by Andy Daer
21st  Green Book Pod 3: the party’s messaging on Brexit (47) by Duncan Brack
  What is the true meaning of Christmas? (6) by Michal Siewniak
22nd  ALDC by-election report, 21st December (5) by Charles Quinn
  ALDC by-election review for 2023 (5) by Charles Quinn
  Observations of an Expat: Christmas around the World (3) by Tom Arms
23rd  Season’s greetings (2) by The Voice
  Ed Davey’s Christmas message (2) by Caron Lindsay
24th  Alex Cole-Hamilton’s Christmas message (1) by The Voice
29th  Four Lib Dems honoured in New Year Honours List (1) by The Voice

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  • Adam Robertson
    @Alex Macfie - You are pertinent to the fact that there are many Liberal Conservatives who should be welcomed into our party. All Liberals should be made feel w...
  • theakes
    Excellent question yesterday from Christine Jardine over the VAT on Private Schools and the negative effect it appears to be having in Edinburgh and within the ...
  • Paul Barker
    Thanks for a very useful article. Something like a quarter of 2024 conservative Voters are likely to die before the next General Election - that shift on its ...
  • David Le Grice
    Why the hell do we only get two questions? We got more than half the seats and votes that the Tories got, if they get a whopping six then we should get at least...
  • Peter Davies
    @Paul Yes. Most organised areas do tallying....