Monthly Archives: November 2023

1st  WATCH: John Curtice tell Lib Dems how we can do better (83) by Caron Lindsay
2nd  Let’s hear it for hardworking customers (6) by Geoff Reid
  It’s time we gave the Civil Service independent communication!! (21) by Daniel Henry
3rd  Layla Moran briefs members on Israel/Hamas war (14) by Caron Lindsay
  ALDC By-Election Report, 2nd November (0) by Charles Quinn
5th  Scottish Conference: Nazanin, new faces and the rise of the mini motion (5) by Caron Lindsay
  In full: Alex Cole Hamilton’s speech to Scottish Conference (3) by The Voice
  Why we need childcare from birth to nursery age (4) by The Voice
7th  What would be in your King’s Speech? (27) by Caron Lindsay
8th  Lib Dems react to King’s Speech (8) by The Voice
  Rob Blackie: Ban on laughing gas “waste of time” (12) by NewsHound
  Green Book Pod….It’s the Economy… (2) by Robin Stafford
  8 November 2023 – today’s press releases (4) by Mark Valladares
9th  The Gaza War – what should or could happen next (24) by Anne-Marie Simpson
  Suella Braverman must go (20) by Mary Reid
  9 November 2023 – today’s press releases (0) by Mark Valladares
10th  ALDC By-election report, 9th November (1) by Charles Quinn
  10 November 2023 – today’s press releases (0) by Mark Valladares
11th  Observations of an Expat: A sad tale (16) by Tom Arms
12th  Yesterday’s ugly scenes show why the Conservatives must be beaten (10) by Caron Lindsay
  Tom Arms’ World Review (3) by Tom Arms
  Last chance to stand in Scottish internal elections (0) by The Voice
13th  Israel-Gaza conflict: Liberal Democrats call for immediate bilateral ceasefire (26) by Mark Valladares
  Suella Braverman goes… at long last… (0) by The Voice
  UPDATED: Tory reshuffle: goodbye, Suella Braverman, hello, David Cameron? (29) by The Voice
14th  LISTEN: Jim Wallace on his long career (0) by Caron Lindsay
  Lib Dem Peer Brian Cotter has died (11) by The Voice
  Where next for Gaza? (26) by Leon Duveen
15th  How should Lib Dems deal with the Conservative fear-mongering? (4) by Mark Argent
  Rwanda Ruling: Immoral plan was huge waste of time and money (9) by Caron Lindsay
  Cameron’s return: the ministerial appointments process needs reform (4) by Richard Wood
  Inflation figures “cold comfort” – Olney (5) by Caron Lindsay
16th  Brian Cotter 1936-2023, former Lib Dem MP for Weston-super-Mare (6) by Mike Bell
  The shoplifting epidemic (18) by Mary Reid
17th  LibLink: Vince Cable on industrial strategy (5) by The Voice
  ALDC By-election report, 16th November (4) by Charles Quinn
18th  Observations of an Expat: The Revenge of Trump (7) by Tom Arms
19th  Tom Arms’ World Review (0) by Tom Arms
  Prosecuting the Lowery photo football ‘fan’ sets a dangerous precedent (9) by David Gray
  Rob Blackie tackles Met Police on stop and search study failure (0) by Caron Lindsay
  In Full: Willie Rennie’s Charles Kennedy Lecture on the importance of listening in a noisy world (2) by Caron Lindsay
20th  One in three Brits miss work while waiting for healthcare (2) by The Voice
  The Rosalynn Carter I knew (4) by Rebecca Tinsley
  What Jeremy Hunt should include in his autumn statement 2023 (139) by Michael Berwick-Gooding
  Welcome, belatedly, to my day: 20 November 2023 – perhaps Bhutan might have a useful suggestion on levelling up… (4) by Mark Valladares
  Lib Dems mark Trans Day of Remembrance (2) by Caron Lindsay
  20 November 2023 – today’s press releases (1) by Mark Valladares
21st  Rob Blackie challenges Transport for London to tackle sexual harassment (0) by The Voice
  Carmichael warns on new election spending regulations (2) by The Voice
  21 November 2023 – today’s press releases (0) by Mark Valladares
22nd  Carmichael warns about increases in helicopter response times (1) by The Voice
  Jane Dodds sets out Welsh Lib Dem priorities ahead of Autumn Statement (0) by Caron Lindsay
  Mark Pack’s Monthly Report – Turning our policies into practical action (1) by Mark Pack
  Lib Dems react to the Autumn Statement (9) by Caron Lindsay
  Christine Jardine MP writes: Reflections on “Camelot” 60 years on (0) by Christine Jardine MP
  Alistair Carmichael slams Lee Anderson’s Orkney asylum seekers plan (0) by NewsHound
  22 November 2023 – today’s press releases (1) by Mark Valladares
23rd  Channel 4 highlights human rights concerns of Caithness women facing 2.5 hour journey to give birth (1) by Caron Lindsay
  23 November 2023 – today’s press releases (6) by Mark Valladares
24th  Is the Netherlands election the end for PR? (35) by Ciaran Morrissey
  ALDC’s by-election report -23 November 2023 (2) by Charles Quinn
25th  Observations of an ex Pat: Geert (1) by Tom Arms
  The importance of signing a Faith Covenant (1) by Michal Siewniak
26th  Tom Arms’ World Review (20) by Tom Arms
  The Lib Dems (and Labour) could learn from Russell T Davies (10) by Caron Lindsay
27th  Welcome to my day: 27 November 2023 – there’s no need to burn down Parliament given what some MPs are doing to it… (12) by Mark Valladares
29th  UPDATED: Senior Liberal Democrats call for “bold and distinctive offer to voters” (90) by Caron Lindsay
  Ed Davey tackles PM on hospital delays (3) by The Voice
30th  Green Book Pod 2: the net zero debate (2) by Neil Stockley

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  • theakes
    Excellent question yesterday from Christine Jardine over the VAT on Private Schools and the negative effect it appears to be having in Edinburgh and within the ...
  • Paul Barker
    Thanks for a very useful article. Something like a quarter of 2024 conservative Voters are likely to die before the next General Election - that shift on its ...
  • David Le Grice
    Why the hell do we only get two questions? We got more than half the seats and votes that the Tories got, if they get a whopping six then we should get at least...
  • Peter Davies
    @Paul Yes. Most organised areas do tallying....
  • Peter Davies
    "even in London we have no councillors (and so no councillor tithes) in 19 of the 32 Boroughs" it's not really 'even'. London Boroughs have the highest proporti...