Monthly Archives: July 2023

1st  Observations of an ex pat: Russian chickens (9) by Tom Arms
  Come and see Ed Davey and Vince Cable at the Edinburgh Festival (1) by Caron Lindsay
2nd  Tom Arms’ World Review (3) by Tom Arms
  ALDE Party Congress 2023 – the local government cut (1) by Doreen Huddart
3rd  Reflections of a Hong Konger (2) by Ying Perrett
4th  Achieving electoral reform – the common good comes before personal ambition (22) by Geoff Reid
5th  Liberal Democrats celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the NHS (5) by Mary Reid
  5 July 2023 – today’s press releases (7) by Mark Valladares
6th  Half a million comments!! (2) by The Voice
  Don’t grow old! (42) by Mary Reid
  6 July 2023 – today’s press releases (1) by Mark Valladares
7th  What does it mean to be a good Chair? (1) by Michal Siewniak
  Boris – one last regal porkie (2) by Ruth Bright
  ALDC by-election report, 6th July 2023 (7) by Charles Quinn
8th  Observations of an expat: Ukraine and NATO (25) by Tom Arms
  Young Liberals, youthful radicalism: remembering Peter Hellyer (13) by Lord William Wallace
9th  Tom Arms’ World Review (32) by Tom Arms
10th  So, you’re thinking about finding a PPC?… (3) by Mark Valladares
  10 July 2023 – today’s press release (0) by Mark Valladares
12th  Mark Pack’s monthly report: Rishi Sunak’s (latest) mistake (4) by Mark Pack
  “I am not Amazon” (31) by Mary Reid
13th  Federal Conference Committee report – agenda selection for Autumn Conference (15) by Nick Da Costa
  London Mayoral shortlist (1) by The Voice
  Save the Children Fund exposes Israel’s abuse of Palestinian children (23) by David McDowall
14th  A leftist divorce (42) by Jack Meredith
  ALDC by-election report, 13th July 2023 (8) by Charles Quinn
17th  Welcome to my day: 17 July 2023 – “the things that pass for knowledge I can’t understand”* (4) by Mark Valladares
  NHS waiting lists: One in eight patients in some areas waiting over a year for treatment (1) by Mark Valladares
  Liberal Democrats announce London Mayoral shortlist (6) by The Voice
  10 years since Same Sex Marriage Act (1) by Caron Lindsay
18th  Nick Harvey to head up European Movement (5) by The Voice
19th  Last day of campaigning in Somerton and Frome – how you can help elect Sarah Dyke (3) by The Voice
  LIb Dem led Powys County Council continues free school meal holiday scheme (1) by NewsHound
  Liberator 418 is out! (0) by The Liberator Collective
  What on earth is Keir Starmer playing at by refusing to remove two child limit? (69) by Caron Lindsay
20th  Ed Davey sends a message to Somerton & Frome (1) by Mary Reid
  Generosity is the only acceptable antidote to the UK’s cynical politics (7) by Tom King
  Putting the leaves on the Magic Money Tree (30) by John Shreeve
21st  ++BREAKING NEWS++ Massive success in Somerton & Frome (38) by The Voice
  The reactions and the speech (5) by The Voice
  Get these clowns out of No 10! (2) by The Voice
  Barbenheimer (2) by Mary Reid
  Rosie Jones is a brave woman (5) by Mary Reid
  ALDC By-Election Report 20th July 2023 (2) by Charles Quinn
22nd  Kicking off the weekend (1) by Caron Lindsay
23rd  Look how hard Lib Dem MPs work! (0) by The Voice
  Party Awards – just over a month to get your nominations in (0) by Caron Lindsay
24th  Elon Musk shows Lib Dems the way (8) by Tom Reeve
  24 July 2023 – today’s press releases (2) by Mark Valladares
25th  Blue walls to giant cannons and all the memes in between (11) by Roisin Miller
  Unsolved burglaries soar to more than 580 a day (2) by The Voice
  Lib Dem Lords’ maiden speeches – Earl Russell (2) by Mark Valladares
26th  By-Election winner Sarah Dyke to visit Mid Bedfordshire (20) by The Voice
27th  The importance of political cartoons in a liberal democracy (5) by Mary Reid
28th  Unity or compromise – the dilemma of tactical voting (12) by Jack Meredith
  Act now to prevent the death of cash (20) by David Gray
  ALDC by-election report, 27th July (7) by Charles Quinn
29th  Why we should defend the BBC (12) by Lord William Wallace
  ALDC Campaigner awards – submit your nominations now (0) by The Voice
31st  The impact of the inflation and cost of living crisis on individuals and families (22) by Michal Siewniak
  The battle hum of the internal combustion engine (11) by Tom Reeve

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  • Martin Gray
    Ultimately - you cannot sustain the current levels of immigration, & solve the housing crisis simultaneously...Sadly too many progressives are infatuated wi...
  • Nonconformistradical
    "Blaming them for promising amenities (to get planning permission) that they then find endless excuses to delay, however…" A key issue and the one which resu...
  • Joe Bourke
    The Renew Europe demand that the EU Council and Commission take responsibility and finally take further steps to apply Article 7, which could lead to the remova...
  • Cassie
    @Simon R – “I don’t think we can blame developers for building the houses they think they can most easily sell for a profit.” I, for one, wasn't blamin...
  • Joe Bourke
    Vernon Bogdanor has an interesting analysis of the rise of the Reform party in contrast with the SDP of the 1980s