Monthly Archives: August 2023

1st  495 Uxbridge voters tip the whole UK climate policy into madness (17) by Paul Walter
  Ambition for Cambridge (15) by Joshan Parmar and Emma Munda
2nd  A huge moment in the US (6) by Caron Lindsay
  Jo Swinson and Duncan Hames welcome third son (4) by Caron Lindsay
  Accelerating economic decline and the political long game (9) by Paul Reynolds
  Shattered Dreams – the human cost of Brexit (27) by Jack Meredith
  Are you planning on being an agent at the General Election? (0) by Caron Lindsay
3rd  Christine Jardine: SNP so caught up in indy fantasies they are almost in Narnia (0) by NewsHound
  Taxing and Spending (28) by Lord William Wallace
  Together, Israel and Morocco are striding towards a peaceful future (12) by Gavin Stollar
4th  Victory in ULEZ campaign (32) by Mary Reid
  ALDC by-election report, 3rd August (3) by Charles Quinn
5th  Observations of an expat: The Big Lie is finally in court (8) by Tom Arms
6th  Tom Arms’ World Review (38) by Tom Arms
7th  Young Liberals’ Local Elections campaigning and successes (1) by Joe Norris
8th  Review: Iain Dale interviews Penny Mordaunt and Harriet Harman in Edinburgh (1) by Caron Lindsay
9th  Lib Dems target seat gains on new boundaries (0) by NewsHound
  Hospitals suffer chemical leaks and broken fire alarms as repair bills rise (0) by Mark Valladares
  Sewage: Investigation reveals water firms failing to admit how much sewage is being discharged (0) by NewsHound
10th  Review: Vince Cable at the Edinburgh Festival (6) by Caron Lindsay
  Lib Dems should show courage on the housing crisis (45) by Janey Little
  Grid capacity (9) by Laurence Howe
  Introducing … Lib Dem Friends of Cycling (4) by Richard Shaw
11th  ++ BREAKING NEWS ++ Lib Dem candidate for London Mayor revealed (3) by Mary Reid
  The NHS, doctors and government – it’s ideological, stupid (20) by Catherine Royce
  ALDC By-Election Report – 10th August (0) by Charles Quinn
  Our candidate announced for the by-election in Rutherglen and Hamilton West (21) by The Voice
12th  Observations of an Expat: Immigration – Analysis and Suggestions (29) by Tom Arms
13th  Tom Arms’ World Review (26) by Tom Arms
14th  Welcome to my day: 14 August 2023 – whilst there are still some grouse left… (2) by Mark Valladares
  Reality barges into Small Boats Week (10) by Tom Reeve
15th  LibLink: Mark Pack on Sunak’s ‘war on woke’ (2) by Paul Walter
  Trump Georgia indictment – this is different (7) by Paul Walter
16th  Ed Davey calls for action to help those struggling with rising bills (31) by Caron Lindsay
  Radio phone-in highlights reality of homophobia (1) by Caron Lindsay
17th  Mark Pack’s monthly report to members (0) by Mark Pack
18th  Those A level grades are actually good news (10) by Mary Reid
  Let’s celebrate the Lionesses! (12) by Mary Reid
  ALDC by-election report, 17th August 2023 (3) by The Voice
19th  Cole-Hamilton calls for Illegal Migration Bill to be scrapped (13) by The Voice
  Observations of an expat: Enemy of my enemy (5) by Tom Arms
20th  Tom Arms’ World Review (21) by Tom Arms
21st  Caroline Pidgeon writes: Take Back Control? (21) by Caroline Pidgeon
  Christine Jardine: Tinker, Tailor, Tartan Trews (5) by NewsHound
  LISTEN: Ed Davey on For the Many Live at Edinburgh (2) by Caron Lindsay
22nd  Conference papers now available online (0) by Paul Walter
  Thoughts on “For A Fair Deal” (21) by Peter Wrigley
23rd  We are crying out for a fairer Pupil Premium deal (8) by Callum Robertson
24th  Nadine Dorries should do something (10) by Mary Reid
25th  Update on Nadine Dorries (7) by Mary Reid
26th  An extra million pounds in donations boosts Lib Dem finances (5) by Caron Lindsay
27th  Nadine finally quits – how you can help Lib Dem Emma Holland-Lindsay win Mid Beds (2) by Caron Lindsay
  Observations of an Expat: The Almighty Dollar (30) by Tom Arms
  Tom Arms’ World Review (20) by Tom Arms
28th  Sarah Green MP to speak at Social Liberal Forum pre conference dinner (3) by Geoffrey Payne
29th  Tim Farron: “Scrapping nutrient neutrality is a disgraceful act from the government” (6) by NewsHound
  Layla Moran urges Cleverly to think again ahead of China visit (13) by News Meerkat
30th  Vince Cable: The net zero consensus is over (18) by Caron Lindsay
  Hina Bokhari writes…Cargo bikes are an important tool towards cleaner air (13) by Hina Bokhari
31st  Jane Dodds writes: Basic Income is a liberal idea and we must reclaim it (37) by Jane Dodds
  ‘Crisis’ doesn’t cut it anymore: Britain’s housing is breaking us (17) by Charlie Murphy
  The more isolated the CCP is, the fewer human rights Chinese people have (9) by Yue He Parkinson

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  • David Langshaw
    Just to add to the Singapore imagery, it's worth remembering that the Japanese advanced all the way down the Malayan peninsula on bicycles....
  • Geoff Reid
    In the midst of the alarms and excursions of an election campaign - and the necessary simplifications - it is very refreshing to be reminded of the ground on wh...
  • Bill Le Breton
    Fantastic piece. Thank you....
  • Neil Hickman
    Sadly, Martin, I fear you’re right. Labour apparatchiks would far rather a monopoly Labour government than one dependent on the Lib Dem’s (and kept honest ...
  • Martin Gray
    If Labour - as predicted win by a landslide I can't see a change in the voting system anytime soon. PCC and local elections have a poor turnout - no amount of a...