Monthly Archives: December 2022

1st  NHS workers will strike to protect patients not harm them (27) by Charley Hasted
  The horror of black mould in social housing (3) by Andy Boddington
  There has never been a place for racism: “We are all children under god’s sun” (7) by Andy Boddington
2nd  Chester sends a message to Rishi (24) by Mary Reid
  Robert Woodthorpe Browne MBE (1943-2022) (10) by Mark Valladares
3rd  Observations of an expat: Phew! – or Not (19) by Tom Arms
  186 days – my misadventures with Long Covid (9) by Caron Lindsay
4th  Tom Arms’ World Review (4) by Tom Arms
  Disabled people don’t want to cost the earth (13) by Charley Hasted
  New issue of Liberator out (0) by Liberator Collective
5th  Welcome to my day: 5 December 2022 – “would the last Tory to leave the building…” (1) by Mark Valladares
  Lib Dems can make gains if we stand up for closer relations with the EU (27) by Nick Hopkinson
  ALDE Party Council – so many thoughts, so little time… (1) by Mark Valladares
  5 December 2022 – today’s press releases (0) by Mark Valladares
6th  LibLink – Vince Cable: ‘Why don’t you speak up about Brexit ?’ (46) by The Voice
  Naomi Long is on the BBC’s 100 Women list for 2022 (1) by The Voice
7th  Labour Party constitutional reform proposals (13) by Paul Reynolds
8th  Old King Coal is back in Cumbria as the wind blows in favour of turbines (12) by Andy Boddington
  NHS Strikes – view from the back of an ambulance (6) by Andy Boddington
9th  Compass launches Win As One campaign (17) by Mary Reid
  Mark Pack’s December report: Fixing our broken politics (8) by Mark Pack
  A plan for electing members to a second Chamber (Senate) (22) by Leon Duveen
  ALDC by-election report: 8th December (6) by Alan Good
10th  Observations of an Expat: Multi-dimensional Nuclear Chess (4) by Tom Arms
  The Lib Dem connection to the Harry and Meghan Documentary (8) by Caron Lindsay
11th  Tom Arms’ World Review (1) by Tom Arms
  Is it time to come out in favour of rejoining the EU? (84) by Mark Argent
12th  Making a difference for LGBTI+ communities across Europe (1) by David Chalmers
  Nigel Jones MP: a Liberal Democrat tribute (3) by Ed Fordham
  The army should not be called in as strike breakers (15) by Andy Boddington
13th  Office for National Statistics: Real wages have fallen by 2.7% (6) by NewsHound
  Only 40 armed forces paramedics are qualified to work in the NHS (5) by NewsHound
  Lib Dems need to do something about jury duty (14) by Richard Kemp
14th  Lib Dem attempt to kill off voter id regulations for May elections fails (23) by The Voice
  Seeking indicators of totalitarianism and democracy? (9) by Steve Trevethan
  Lib Dem Hat-Trick at PMQs (1) by The Voice
15th  I asked the chat bot about UK politics and which side to butter my toast (2) by Andy Boddington
  Humanitarian visas would end tragedies in the Channel (10) by Suzanne Fletcher
  Donald Trump makes “beyond parody” major announcement (2) by Paul Walter
16th  In praise of precision in UK public policy (8) by Paul Reynolds
  Italy: works starts on the Costituente Liberale (4) by Massimo Ricciuti
17th  Observations of an expat: Elected Autocrats (14) by Tom Arms
18th  Tom Arms’ World Review (3) by Tom Arms
  The question Laura Kuenssberg should have asked the editor of the Sun (16) by Caron Lindsay
19th  Elon Musk gets voted out of hot seat at Twitter, why does he remind me of Liz Truss? (10) by Andy Boddington
20th  What are the two most important actions to address global warming that the party should be campaigning on in the next election? (12) by Kevin Langford
21st  Why highlighting FIFA’s awful actions was so important in fulfilling the continuing work of promoting Liberal Democrat values and principles (1) by Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett
22nd  My hero of the year – Volodymyr Zelenskyy (9) by Andy Boddington
  Behind you! Jamie Stone on being a pantomime dame (0) by Andy Boddington
  Scotland finally passes Gender Recognition Reform Bill (12) by Caron Lindsay
23rd  Alex Cole-Hamilton’s Christmas Message (0) by The Voice
  ALDC by-election report: 22nd December (12) by Alan Good
24th  Ed Davey’s Christmas message for 2022 (5) by Ed Davey
  Christmas HOPE 2022 (2) by Michal Siewniak
  Season’s Greetings (1) by The Voice
28th  Divided and confused Tories need a rest and we need a rest from them (25) by Andy Boddington
29th  A nonpartisan campaign to seek apology for the forced repatriation of Chinese Sailors after Second World War (4) by David Nam
  Introducing “Letter from Brussels” (4) by Sean O'Curneen
  My New Year Resolution: Let’s give London its Liberal voice (10) by Hina Bokhari
30th  Munira Wilson challenges Government on free school meals (11) by Mary Reid
31st  Honours for trio of Lib Dem Women (2) by Caron Lindsay
  Ed Davey’s New Year message (11) by Ed Davey
  Daisy Cooper on the “Zoom parliament” (2) by News Meerkat
  Alex Cole-Hamilton’s New Year Message (1) by The Voice
  President Xi’s Grand Zero-COVID Reversal: What are the Risks?  (7) by George Cunningham

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  • Alex Macfie
    @Peter Martin: No-one was saying that at all, except maybe @Adam who is relying on BtL comments on news articles which cannot be taken as representative of anyt...
  • Peter Martin
    @ Chris, Adam and David, So can we all agree (except perhaps Alex ) that being in favour of the EU does require uncritical support? This is a big problem...
  • Alex Macfie
    @Adam: I rarely read BtL comments in newspaper articles as they tend not to be representative of public opinion. All I can say is that such opinions as you have...
  • Adam
    "Given the avalanche of unending and captious criticism of the EU from the pro-Brexiteer nationalist establishment prior to Brexit, it’s scarcely surprising t...
  • David Allen
    Peter Martin, "In practice, we seldom, if ever, see any criticism of the EU from its supporters." Yeah, yeah, yeah. When the Tories make a political broa...