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Monthly Archives: April 2022

1st  Lib Dems take action to clean up language (36) by The Voice
  Today’s stories (0) by Mary Reid
  Government U-turns on gay conversion therapy, but still allows it for trans people (0) by The Voice
  ALDC by-election report: 1 April 2022 (4) by Paul Heilbron
  Observations of an expat: more global moves (11) by Tom Arms
2nd  Hina Bokhari AM writes: Being a Muslim candidate during Ramadan (6) by Hina Bokhari
3rd  Issue 412 of Liberator out – Ukraine, Erlend, Extinction Rebellion (4) by The Liberator Collective
  Tom Arms’ World Review (13) by Tom Arms
  LGBT+ Allies need to step up (10) by Jack Meredith
4th  How to persuade a Brexit voter to support you in the Local Elections? (39) by Michal Siewniak
  4 April 2022 – today’s press releases (2) by Mark Valladares
5th  Triple lock restored but half a million miss out (6) by Colin Bloodworth
  Resisting the UK’s slide into a ‘middleman’ economy (5) by Nick Baird
  2022 Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy (6) by Phil Bennion
  5 April 2022 – today’s press releases (6) by Mark Valladares
6th  Church leaders join to oppose trans conversion therapy in a beautifully written letter (9) by Mary Reid
  Moray matters – our first gain in 2022! (8) by Neil Alexander
  Jo Cox Foundation calls on election candidates to take Civility Pledge (1) by NewsHound
7th  Dominic Raab: Blue Wall under serious attack from the Lib Dems (4) by Andy Boddington
  We must protect Channel Four (5) by Jack Meredith
8th  Chamberlain: We won’t end homelessness with the same old ineffective solutions (0) by NewsHound
  IPCC climate change report: what next? (14) by Jennifer Schwartz
  Book review: “The Avoidable War” by Kevin Rudd (0) by Merlene Emerson
  From the Red Benches: Health and Social Care Bill (0) by Joan Walmsley
  ALDC by-election report 7 April 2022 (7) by Paul Heilbron
  Observations of an expat: Amazing Ukraine (25) by Tom Arms
9th  Save the date: Two events to remember Erlend on 23 May (0) by The Voice
10th  Tom Arms’ World Review: “Butchers of Bucha” (14) by Tom Arms
  Jardine bill to force Sunak to reveal family tax arrangements (24) by NewsHound
11th  Welcome to my day: 11 April 2022 – they seek him here, they seek him there, that damned elusive Rishi Sunak… (9) by Mark Valladares
  The LDV quick guide to non-domicile (14) by The Voice
12th  Good polling news ahead of May local elections (0) by NewsHound
  Review: Revolution of our Times (2) by Marguerita Morton
  New policy working groups – apply by 27th April (1) by The Voice
  Davey: Recall parliament after PM & Chancellor fined for partygate (25) by Andy Boddington
13th  Davey on Partygate: “Our prime minister just doesn’t get it” (3) by NewsHound
  Davey: Inflation at 7% is “frankly frightening” (5) by Mary Reid
  Caption time (17) by Mary Reid
  Mark Pack’s April report: Good luck to all our candidates and agents (0) by Mark Pack
  Alex Cole-Hamilton launches Scottish Lib Dems local government campaign (2) by The Voice
14th  Wallace: Who’s patriotic now? (8) by Lord William Wallace
  Our nation should hang its head in shame over Rwanda refugee plans (15) by Andy Boddington
  Priti Patel’s new asylum strategy – wrong in every sense (70) by Mark Valladares
15th  By-election round-up – terrific Lib Dem gains (3) by Mary Reid
  New policy group on Skills and Training (2) by Helen Cross
16th  The importance of acknowledging mental health (4) by Jack Meredith
17th  Cooper: NHS rocked by mental health tidal wave (3) by NewsHound
18th  Welcome to my day: 18 April 2022 – in search of serenity… (27) by Mark Valladares
  Musk bids for Twitter but wealth doesn’t create wisdom (4) by Andy Boddington
  Federal Policy Committee launches Food and Farming Policy Working Group (8) by Phil Bennion
  Liberal Democrats: Ban water company bosses’ bonuses until sewage discharges end (16) by The Voice
19th  Local elections: ‘It will be tough for us’ (5) by NewsHound
  Moran: Backsliding democracies from the USA to Ukraine (9) by Layla Moran MP
20th  Olney letter: Suicide risk assessment must be improved (3) by NewsHound
  Boris Johnson – you’re fired (13) by Jack Meredith
  Farron: Sewerage bill moves to second reading (4) by NewsHound
  Members and local coalitions  (17) by Stephen Harte
21st  Morgan letter to Blue Wall MPs on Partygate vote (2) by Andy Boddington
  Strengthening – and extending – London’s yellow wall (2) by Mary Reid
22nd  Yes, there are alternatives (1) by Suzanne Fletcher
  Observations of an expat: France – Nationalism v Supra-nationalism (19) by Tom Arms
23rd  Leaseholders still at risk of having to pay huge sums for cladding replacement (4) by NewsHound
  Lib Dem MPs criticise Jacob Rees-Mogg for “get back to office” memo (10) by The Voice
  State of the Locals Survey 2022: opinions of councils and MPs (0) by Andy Boddington
24th  Tom Arms’ World Review (5) by Tom Arms
  Making Putin Pay (7) by George Cunningham
25th  Welcome to my day: 25 April 2022 – perhaps it doesn’t need to be so bad? (9) by Mark Valladares
  Basic Income – sign the pledge! (30) by Jane Dodds
  Lithuania takes Liberal lead against authoritarianism (1) by Humphrey Hawksley
26th  Vote for Gerry the Springer (0) by NewsHound
  Last chance to develop Lib Dem policy on food and farming, international security and training (1) by The Voice
27th  Dodds: GPs could be forced to leave Wales (2) by NewsHound
  Dents in the blue wall? (0) by Mary Reid
  We must not be complicit in fighting local elections on national issues (17) by Chris Bowers
28th  Carmichael: PM can’t be allowed to rewrite election law in his favour (8) by NewsHound
29th  “Girls don’t like hard maths” according to Social Mobility Commissioner (11) by Mary Reid
  The Nasty and Brutish Bill (5) by Sally Hamwee
  Observations of an Expat: Crossing the Ukrainian Rubicon (10) by Tom Arms
30th  Daisy Cooper: PM must tell Neil Parish to resign (9) by The Voice
  Parish resigns decently over indecency in the Commons (16) by Andy Boddington

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