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1st  Welcome to my day: 1 August 2022 – no more gallant losers… (6) by Mark Valladares
2nd  Alex Cole-Hamilton banned from Russia (4) by The Voice
  LibLink: Christine Jardine: Birmingham games shows sport and politics do mix (2) by NewsHound
  Richard Foord: Sunak and Truss have learned nothing from Tiverton and Honiton (4) by The Voice
  Autumn Conference agenda is now live! (1) by Caron Lindsay
3rd  The stark reality of ending freedom of movement (1) by Michal Siewniak
  Updated, with fury: Conference Agenda: Keynote speeches (0) by Caron Lindsay
  Five Policies for a Manifesto: In Case of Snap Election, break glass (44) by Richard Flowers
  Myanmar Executions, what now?  (2) by Merlene Emerson and Dr Yeow Poon
  Women’s Aid highlights impact of cost of living crisis on women experiencing domestic abuse (1) by Caron Lindsay
4th  Conference: Morgan calls on Lib Dems to stand up for rural communities (14) by Andy Boddington
  Cole-Hamilton: SNP must do more to help Ukraine refugees (1) by NewsHound
  Scots and Welsh Lib Dems call for action after drug deaths rise (0) by NewsHound
  Welsh Lib Dems call for free train travel as cost of living crisis bites (12) by NewsHound
5th  Lib Dems comment on dire economic news – but we need to say more (34) by Caron Lindsay
  Lib Dems highlight Home Office incompetence which leads to £70 million compensation payments (3) by Caron Lindsay
6th  Observations of an ex-pat – Disappointing Biden (22) by Tom Arms
7th  Tom Arms’ World Review (1) by Tom Arms
  LIb Dem Councillor assaulted while delivering Focus leaflets (3) by Caron Lindsay
  A Manifesto for Stagflation (54) by Joe Bourke
8th  Welcome to my day: 8 August 2022 – adding social value… (2) by Mark Valladares
  Choosing Johnson’s successor: a Tory attack on our democracy? (26) by Mark Argent
  Forget cutting VAT: social tariffs would help tackle the cost-of-living crisis (24) by Ian Sollom
9th  Cancel October energy price rise says Ed Davey (21) by Caron Lindsay
10th  Ed Davey: Cancel energy price rise to avoid a social catastrophe (6) by The Voice
  LibLink: Christine Jardine on how the Scottish Greens are letting voters down (15) by NewsHound
  Scotsman: Lib Dems deserve praise for coming up with what looks like a plan (3) by NewsHound
  Davey: A cosy meeting with energy companies isn’t enough (2) by The Voice
  Shropshire Lib Dems welcome former Labour Mayor Jon Tandy (2) by The Voice
11th  Davey: Conservative candidates in parallel universe on cost of living crisis (18) by NewsHound
  The right-wing myth of Britain’s ‘liberal elite’ (9) by Lord William Wallace
  Cheltenham Hustings: Truss and Sunak out of touch (0) by Cheney Payne
12th  Navel-gazing Tories arrive in Cheltenham (or was it Derbyshire?) (4) by Max Wilkinson
  Truss looks to be the winning loser in Cheltenham races (1) by Andy Boddington
  North Shropshire Lib Dem election HQ saved from flames (7) by Andy Boddington
  Ron Waddell’s funeral to take place on 16th August – livestream available (1) by Caron Lindsay
  English Heritage plaque unveiled to Dadabhai Naoroji (1) by Simon McGrath
  Sarah Olney: GDP figures are proof that the Government is missing in action (4) by The Voice
  Young Liberals head to Birmingham for their Summer Conference (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Layla on Salman Rushdie’s “Beautiful pieces of literature” (22) by Caron Lindsay
13th  Observations of an ex-pat – Law vs Politics (3) by Tom Arms
  Alistair Carmichael in blistering form on Any Questions (5) by NewsHound
14th  Tom Arms’ World Review (5) by Tom Arms
  Exclusive: Contents of Donald Trump’s safe revealed by Macavity (0) by Newsmoggie
  Lib Dems uncover massive fall in permanent contracts for new teachers (2) by Caron Lindsay
  Young Liberals affirm support for trade unions (4) by The Voice
  Carmichael accuses SNP of “criminal negligence” over ferries (4) by NewsHound
  Cole-Hamilton calls for action to stop spread of Monkeypox (0) by The Voice
  14 August 2022 – today’s press releases (2) by Mark Valladares
15th  Welcome to my day: 15 August 2022 – in Tufton Street we Trus(s)t? (22) by Mark Valladares
  The Elections Act made easy (3) by Merlene Emerson
  Public Spaces Protection Orders are out of control (4) by David Gray
  Liberal Democracy must become the engine room of progressive ideas (14) by Stephen Barber
  15 August 2022 – today’s press releases (3) by Mark Valladares
16th  Liberal Democrats should support trade unions and strike action (26) by Callum Clark
  Water shortages are not just the fault of the weather or climate (3) by Andy Boddington
  Bulls, ostriches and national housing targets (0) by Tony Vickers
  President’s Report August 2022 (1) by Mark Pack

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  • Paul Barker
    Politicians (this means You & me) should keep out of Industrial Relations, they/we should not be backing or attacking strikes. What we should be saying i...
  • George Thomas
    “working with the army and others to put contingency plans in place if these strikes are going to continue” I think the army should change their slogan f...
  • Ruth Bright
    As usual David alerts us to such important issues....
  • David Evans
    Lorenzo, Do you really believe that "Only a general strike, in support of all those who cannot afford to live under the current nightmare economics, makes sens...
  • Jason Connor
    Are they really? Well I'll find out about that to see exactly what is going on. The author would not publish an article if there isn't any truth in it....