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Monthly Archives: February 2022

1st  Towards an elected Head of State (32) by Leon Duveen
  Mandatory staff vaccines – No apology to sacked care home staff… (41) by Catherine Crosland
  Johnson’s future – “Blue wall” Tory MPs targeted (0) by Newspuppy
  Amna Ahmad is our new Vice President (3) by The Voice
  Lib Dems welcome LGBT+ History Month (0) by Caron Lindsay
2nd  William Wallace writes: Can we campaign on local democracy (6) by Lord William Wallace
  Being serious about Council services (8) by John Knox
  Liberator 411 is out now (0) by The Liberator Collective
3rd  Farron: Nationality and Borders Bill impact on LGBTQ+ refugees (2) by NewsHound
  Is the Big Squeeze set to become the Big Freeze? (31) by Andy Boddington
4th  Why did I decide to stand? (6) by Michal Siewniak
  Forcing ministers (and the PM) to reveal any fines they are given for partygate (5) by Mary Reid
  Wikipedia quoted at length in the Levelling Up White Paper (5) by Mary Reid
  Observations of an expat: Revive Détente (8) by Tom Arms
5th  A key internal party reform built from liberal principles (12) by Jeremy Hargreaves
6th  Rome and Jericho – Are Gove’s Levelling Up plans Byzantine? (8) by Andy Boddington
7th  Davey: We need leaders who can act over energy supplies (8) by NewsHound
  Have we ever had such an awful prime minister? (37) by John Marriott
  How to get your Conference amendment selected for debate (0) by Matt McLaren
  ALDC by-election report: Manchester gain and two holds (3) by Paul Heilbron
8th  BP £10bn profits shows windfall tax is about “basic fairness” (9) by NewsHound
  Is democratic dystopia now the order of the day? (9) by Andy Boddington
  Spinning cancer care targets is shameful – Daisy Cooper (2) by NewsHound
9th  Levelling up – all things to all people but nothing for anyone? (5) by Mark Valladares
  Former Conservative Senedd member joins Lib Dems (4) by The Voice
  Carmichael: New partygate picture shows Boris Johnson is not fit to be PM (0) by The Voice
  Overseas Constituencies for Overseas Voters #VotesWithRepresentation (39) by James Churchill
  WATCH: Ed Davey say Boris Johnson using Trump playbook to distract from his failings (1) by The Voice
  Ed Davey challenges Boris Johnson on fraud (0) by The Voice
  Jimmy Carr and the Boribumbalas* in the room (15) by Ruth Bright
10th  Sex, gender and everything in between: why we need new language to help people understand trans rights (16) by Sam Al-Hamdani
  Wendy Chamberlain says Tories have plunged older people into cost of living crisis (7) by NewsHound
11th  Powys Lib Dems call for pause in school transformation process (0) by NewsHound
  The case for a pro-active campaign to force Constitutional reform (4) by Tim Knight
  People are complicated – not necessarily tribal (8) by Geoff Reid
  The EHRC is utterly broken (5) by Helen Belcher
  Fixing the crisis in Social Care (7) by Judith Jolly
12th  Observations of an ex pat: A bad special relationship (20) by Tom Arms
  ALDC’s by-election report – 10 February 2022 (3) by Charles Quinn
  Getting our technology and tools right: get in the know. (13) by Greg Foster
13th  Tom Arms’ World Review – Key players in the Ukraine crisis (18) by Tom Arms
  The Health and Social Care Bill needs a complete rethink (5) by Chris Perry
  Yet more chaos in Downing Street (4) by Ellen Nicholson
  President’s Update, February 2022, Europe, Party reform, supporting candidates, new Vice President (4) by Mark Pack
  LibLink: Alistair Carmichael: SNP pension plans a good reason to stay in UK (13) by NewsHound
14th  Welcome to my day: 14 February 2022 – “A change would do you good” (0) by Mark Valladares
  A whole systems approach to solving the health and social care crisis (13) by Chris Perry
  A Liberal Democrat Case for Universal Civic Duty Voting (19) by Samuel Jackson
  The Geneva Accord Proposals to resolve the Palestine – Israel Conflict (13) by Leon Duveen
  Welsh Liberal Democrats Pay Tribute to Former Assembly Member Aled Roberts (1) by The Voice
15th  Saving our Natural Environment (7) by Richard Benwell
  Party reforms are crucial for our fightback (29) by Hannah Kitching
16th  Lib Dem Peer David Chidgey dies (5) by The Voice
  Christine Jardine: Families need a lifeline to help with impact of inflation (1) by The Voice
  Daisy Cooper: Scrapping free lateral flow tests would leave the public flying blind. (9) by The Voice
17th  Partygate: Lib Dem motion to reveal if PM and officials fined by Met (5) by NewsHound
  Ordinary families are paying more so banks’ owners can pay less (3) by Antony Hook
  The Progressive Alliance isn’t progressing… (15) by Nick Baird
  Dodds: Wales must stand in solidarity with Ukraine (8) by NewsHound
  Why I’m sick of being the invisible minority and why we need to change! (24) by Sarah Cheung Johnson
  FT says Labour and Lib Dems have informal pact for next general election (25) by NewsHound
18th  Help tackle the housing crisis (24) by Peter Thornton
  Lib Dems force the Government to cancel the “Golden Visa” scheme (2) by The Voice
  Sal Brinton shortlisted for Anthony Nolan award (2) by Mary Reid
  The power of words (5) by Michal Siewniak
19th  Problem of Russia and Ukraine or anywhere inextricably linked to China (8) by Tom Arms
  Conference amendment and questions deadline approaches (0) by The Voice
20th  World Review by Tom Arms (5) by Tom Arms
  What are the UK’s Armed Forces for? (26) by Nick Baird
  What’s on in our Parliaments this week? (0) by The Voice
  ALDC by-election report 17 February 2021 – Win in Oundle (6) by Paul Heilbron
  Ed Davey: Scrapping Covid tests means 4 million face £500 tax on caring (25) by The Voice
21st  Welcome to my day: 21 February 2022 – “I’m still standing…” (2) by Mark Valladares
  Living with Covid: Shambolic Govt taking NHS & Care services for granted (8) by The Voice
22nd  Rebuilding trade and cooperation with Europe (28) by Duncan Brack Layla Moran
  You are invited to Shirley Williams’ Memorial Service (5) by The Voice
  “Unjust and unfair” to force people to pay £00s to visit loved ones – Ed (19) by NewsHound
  Ed Davey on Ukraine: Freeze and seize assets of all Putin’s cronies in UK (15) by NewsHound
23rd  Something is wrong (18) by Peter Wrigley
  Layla Moran welcomes scrapping the Vagrancy Act (1) by Mary Reid
  Are policy motions at Conference too long? (10) by Lord William Wallace
24th  Ukraine: Live thread on the political reaction (16) by The Voice
  Lib Dems Abroad about to join the party’s campaigning mainstream (5) by George Cunningham
  In solidarity with Ukraine (1) by Michal Siewniak
  Davey: Parliament must sit this weekend to support Ukraine (13) by NewsHound
  Absence of Gazprom and Rosneft from sanctions list is “elephant in the room” (3) by NewsHound
25th  UK must lead humanitarian response to stop Putin destabilising Europe (3) by NewsHound
  Jamie Stone calls for cancellation of Russian Grand Prix (0) by Mary Reid
  Lord Newby on the Ukraine crisis (5) by Dick Newby
  Update on Conference deadlines: Emergency Motions on Ukraine (0) by Nick Da Costa
  ALDC by-election report – 24 February 2022 (8) by Paul Heilbron
26th  Observations of an expat: Putin’s disastrous time machine (25) by Tom Arms
  Davey: Use ‘oligarch tax’ to insulate the UK from Putin’s gas price spike (1) by NewsHound
27th  Lib Dems Abroad about to join the party’s campaigning mainstream (23) by George Cunningham
  Tom Brake writes: The route to Proportional Representation (7) by Tom Brake
  Tom Arms World Review: The global impact of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine (5) by Tom Arms
  Welsh Lib Dems call for UK to follow Ireland and let in Ukrainian refugees (0) by NewsHound
  Carmichael on Ukraine refugees and Russian oil tankers in Orkney (2) by Andy Boddington
  Lib Dems stand in solidarity with Ukraine and call for UK to do more for refugees (4) by The Voice
  What’s on in our Parliaments this week? (0) by The Voice
28th  Welcome to my day: 28 February 2022 – “It’s now or never…” (2) by Mark Valladares
  In solidarity with Ukraine in Welwyn Garden City (0) by Michal Siewniak
  How to help Ukraine (4) by Tom Arms
  Brian Paddick: the Lords takes up cudgels against the Nationality and Borders Bill (3) by Brian Paddick
  Has ‘Zelensky’s 300’ changed Europe? (15) by James R Moore
  Want to represent the Liberal Democrats and influence international politics? Read on… (0) by The Voice

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