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What does the future hold for British political blogging?

Predictions that the next general election will be the one in which the internet will make a huge impact have regularly come and gone. Post-Obama ready yourself for another such clutch of predictions, but underneath this punditry froth the internet has got on with quietly shifting the way politics works. It’s been more at the unglamorous organisational end (imagine trying to organise a campaign without email) than at the eye-catching systems-shattering dramatic end beloved of pundits, but it’s been a major change nonetheless.

Following in the footsteps of email, blogging has also established a firm place in the logistics of politics, even if its impact on the overall style and conduct of politics is less clear and less dramatic. Blogs have become a key news medium for people involved in or significantly interested in politics, they have become a key part of the flow of news to and from journalists and for some MPs and candidates they reach local audiences large enough to be a significant factor in their election efforts.

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Final push for votes in Norwich North

Poor Labour. Not only do they face losing the Norwich North by-election, but their candidate Chris Ostrowski has gone down with suspected swine flu. (Genuine sympathies to him for a speedy recovery).

Today’s Eastern Daily Press assesses the currrent state of play HERE, including this snippet:

Private Lib Dem canvassing suggests that the party is lying second to the Tories, on 24pc. But other party canvassers report that the Greens are performing strongly in traditional Labour areas.

(Actually I’m not sure there’s necessarily a discrepancy between those two reports).

Vince is, as ever, ready with a quote:

We know support is crumbling

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LDV tops Iain Dale’s list of Lib Dem blogs

Modesty (or should that be embarrassment?) almost forbids us from mentioning that Lib Dem Voice has topped Iain Dale’s list for top Lib Dem Blog of the Year. The results of a poll of 1,380 of his blog’s readers were as follows:

LibDem Blog of the Year

1. LibDem Voice 29%
2. Norfolk Blogger 23%
3. Lynne Featherstone 22%

Thanks to Iain and his readers; and congratulations from us to Nich Starling and Lynne.

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South Norfolk Conservative councillor convicted

Norfolk Blogger has the story and Jon Herbet being conviced of common assault:

Conservative South Norfolk Councillor Jon Herbert has joined two of his council colleagues by being convicted of a criminal offence.

You can read all about the way this Tory Councillor treated Council staff HERE. The Tories campaigned hard in South Norfolk last time on the issue of crime. It seems odd that so many of their councillors have become criminals since being elected.

Read the full story here.

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Total Politics list of top 50 Lib Dem blogs published

You can see the full list over at Iain Dale’s blog, but here’s the top 10:

1. Liberal Democrat Voice
2. People’s Republic of Mortimer (Alix Mortimer)
3. Norfolk Blogger (Nich Starling)
4. Quaequam Blog! (James Graham)
5. Liberal England (Jonathan Calder)
6. Lynne Featherstone MP
7. Millennium Dome, Elephant
8. Peter Black AM
9. Love & Liberty (Alex Wilcock)
10. Liberal Burblings (Paul Walter)

Thanks to those who voted for LDV, and congratulations to all the blogs who made the list. And for those who didn’t, remember: it’s just a list.

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Paul Walter on Nick’s first 100 days

At the tail end of the leadership campaign, I wrote for Lib Dem Voice about what our new leader should do during his first 100 days. That boiled down to a media blitz – hitting the ground running, etc, etc. Never mind shadow cabinet appointments or internal party anorakking, the new leader had to be on the front foot with the media before he got consumed by them.

I am delighted to report that I think Nick Clegg deserves 10/10 in the hitting the ground running/media blitz stakes. Therefore by the key measure I set (and still set) Nick Clegg has started his leadership brilliantly. He and his team deserve pats on the back and triples all round.

For evidence to back up this, I could do no better than point you to Fraser MacPherson’s excellent round-up of positive coverage for Nick. There was also a glowing leader article in The Guardian.

Basically, Nick has shown that he has sharp elbows and has managed to wedge himself into many media stories on an almost daily basis. Just take the last week. He championed the cause of the Gurkhas. This almost brought tears to my eyes. Normally, championing the cause of veterans would be the exclusive preserve of the Tories. That well known too-smooth operator and law-breaker David Cameron would normally have been presenting the Gurkhas’ case. So well done Nick for turning that old paradigm on its head.

Then, later in the week, Nick managed to get liberally quoted on the subject of Derek Conway MP and the scandalously lax House of Commons expense rules. Another example of sharp elbows. It looks easy, but I am sure there have been sleepless nights and long hours for Nick and his team in order to achieve his high level of media visibility (for a Lib Dem leader).

Of course, the Lisbon treaty thingy has been the main test of Nick’s leadership. Call me an old-fashioned leader sycophant if you like, but I think he rode out that storm with considerable élan and skill. All party leaders face that sort of week. The crucial test is how they handle it. Nick handled it on the front foot, with considerable grace, humour and equanimity. I was particularly impressed that he did the media rounds on the day of the vote (eg, a particularly energetic appearance on Channel 4 News) and appeared relaxed, rational and human.

You only have to look at what hasn’t happened to see what a great success Nick’s first 100 days have been.

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LDV voted top Lib Dem blog

Some 2,300 of Iain Dale’s blog-readers voted in a wide-ranging end-of-year survey across 33 categories, including Lib Dem Blog of the Year. Here are the results:

Lib Dem Voice 34%
2. Norfolk Blogger 21%
3. Lynne Featherstone 12%
4. Liberal England 8%
5. Quaequam Blog! 8%
6. Cicero’s Songs 6%
7. Peter Black 6%
Others 5%

We at LDV towers are, of course, touched to the hearts of our bottoms; congrats, too, to the other six blogs.

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Good news for Lib Dems in Norfolk South: Charles Clarke has ‘no plans to quit’

According at any rate to the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press:

dismissed suggestions he was ready to throw in the towel and insisted he had no plans to walk away from British politics or his city seat.

“I don’t know where the idea that I am not running in the next election comes from,” Mr Clarke said. “I am absolutely looking forward to being the Labour candidate and hopefully being elected. I am hoping the electors in Norwich South will look at all the candidates and not vote in some kind of tactical way.” …

Simon Wright, Lib Dem candidate for

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Aw, shucks

Erm, it seems Lib Dem Voice has won an award in the prestigious 2007 Witanagemot Club blogging awards – for best Liberal Democrat supporting blog.

Congratulations to Nich Starling (Norfolk Blogger) and Peter Black AM on coming second and third respectively.

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Brown’s failed poachings: the views of the Lib Dem blogs

Fifteen Lib Dem bloggers have so far had their say on Gordon Brown’s move to ensnare some of the Lib Dems’ top talent inside his first cabinet.

Here are the links (in reverse chronological order):

Neil Fawcett, A Liberal Dose: ‘More Guardian Tripe’

Tristan Mills, Liberty Alone: ‘Pacts with Labour’

Jonathan Wallace: ‘Cabinet seats and spin’

James Graham, Quaquam Blog!: ‘Deny everything, Baldrick (Updated)’

Mike Bell, Word from Weston: ‘A cosy consensus’

Anders Hanson: ‘Do we really worry the other parties that much?’

Paul Walter, Liberal Burblings: ‘Liberals resist headless chicken hysteria at “bums

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