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WATCH: Liberal Democrats Party Election Broadcast – She’s running again

Here is the Lib Dem election broadcast for the General Election.

I will admit to a wee tear at the start where Jo is talking about her Dad, who died last year. He would have been so proud to see her leading an election campaign as leader of the biggest and strongest Remain party.

It’s personal, hopeful, bright and clear about our aims about stopping Brexit and transforming the economy to make it work for people and planet.

And we have added Chuka Umunna, Sarah Wollaston and Siobhan Benita, too.

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Our final PEB: What happens if we get a bad Brexit deal?

Here’s a clip from our final Party Election Broadcast of the campaign which is airing today:

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WATCH: Lib Dems replace Party Election Broadcast with personal message from Tim Farron about Manchester

Powerful stuff from Tim Farron tonight. We withdrew our scheduled Party Election Broadcast and replaced it with two and a half minutes of Tim talking about the Manchester attack and how it bringing people together, not creating the division the terrorists want.

He talked about the Manchester he loves and the experience of being at the vigil on Tuesday night.

It was a very heartfelt and moving monologue, an act of solidarity before the election campaign starts again in earnest tomorrow. It’s not going to win us seats, but it is a good thing for our country.

Watch it here. A transcript is below.

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WATCH: The first Scottish Party Election Broadcast

Last night the first Party Election Broadcast of the year was shown in Scotland.

It’s a re-worked and updated version of the Groundhog Day PPB broadcast earlier this year. Tim Farron has also re-done his piece to refer directly to the election.

The commentary includes direct reference to the so-called Rape Clause which has horrified so many people across the country.


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Vote Labour in the local elections if you do not care about your community

ppb 2106

Lib Dem Party Election Broadcast April 2016

Yesterday evening (Monday), Labour aired its party election broadcast for the local elections next Thursday. I know this because it said so at the beginning of the broadcast: I certainly could not have guessed this from its content.

This broadcast was entirely devoted to knocking the Tory Government, without any mention of the work of local councils. This single message of the broadcast was summed up by Jeremy Corbyn at the start: “This Thursday’s elections are a chance to send a message to David Cameron and his Government. It’s become increasingly clear – they simply cannot be trusted. They certainly cannot be trusted to make sure that the richest their fair share of tax…”

In contrast, the Lib Dem election broadcast on 20th April was entirely devoted to the work of local councillors, serving their communities. Tim Farron summarised this excellently: “You have the opportunity to use your vote to support somebody who will make a difference for your community, work hard, keep in touch and get things done all year round. Who won’t just disappear the day after they’ve got your vote, and not show up for another four years, but will be committed to your community. Because that is what the Liberal Democrats are all about.”

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The world of puppet politicians

Here is last night’s Welsh Liberal Democrats’ election broadcast:

The world of puppet politicians

We've all heard the hot air of puppet politicians… but who will get the basics right and create a Wales that works for you?

Posted by Welsh Liberal Democrats on Thursday, 7 April 2016

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The final Liberal Democrat party election broadcast – all 3 versions: It’s decision time between self-interest and grievance or Lib Dem fairness, tolerance and decency

Here’s the party’s final party election broadcast, It’s decision time now for all the people we’ve met in the series. The film argues that Liberal Democrats have brought compassion and fairness, built on consensus and co-operation, to Britain.

Your vote will be the difference between a government of self-interest and grievance or a coalition of tolerance and decency.

Here’s the Scottish version and listen to who is voicing it. There’s more emphasis on what we stopped the Tories doing.

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Latest Liberal Democrat Party Election Broadcast

We were a bit remiss and didn’t publish last week’s Party Political Broadcast when it first came out.

Continuing the theme from previous broadcasts, this time we have a young woman walking around in the dark listening to Nick on the radio talking about what the Liberal Democrats can offer as coalition partners. Enjoy.

The Scottish version is voiced, very well, actually, probably with even more clarity and feeling than Nick, by Willie Rennie:

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New Party Election Broadcast: Look left, look right then cross

The new election broadcast being broadcast right now on BBC1 moves from the open doors theme of the last two to emphasising the moderating influence of the Liberal Democrats. It’s that centre ground theme again that we’ve seen in the posters launched last week. Remember that few of us reading this will be the broadcast’s target audience. There is a Scottish version with a different soundtrack to incorporate the SNP.

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Opinion: The irony of Labour’s “shrinking man” Party Election Broadcast

Labour broadcast Shrinking manLabour’s Party Election Broadcast has attracted plenty of attention since its launch on Wednesday, with its comedy portrayal of Nick “Claggy” as the un-credible shrinking man.

Much has already been made of the PEB’s negativity, and its silence on the question of Labour’s actual policy relating the EU (or indeed anything else) which, since the party receives public funding to develop such policy, might be considered unfortunate.

All might have been forgiven if viewers had dissolved into laughter upon watching the film, but aside from “can we hunt him?” …

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Is the SNP’s latest European Election Broadcast even legal?

imageLast week, the SNP’s first broadcast for the European Elections was broadcast. It bore a remarkable similarity to the broadcasts that they have been putting out since the end of last year which were all aimed at persuading people to vote Yes in the independence referendum. It interspersed colourful footage of children talking about how wonderful and independent Scotland with black and white starkness portraying a vision of hellish Westminster rule.

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