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Lib Dems react to damning report stating Boris Johnson misled Parliament

Well, that Privileges Committee report is a corker. It’s not just throwing the book at Boris Johnson, but encasing it in concrete and lead and dropping it on him. Most people will feel it is richly deserved.

Daisy Cooper has called on Rishi Sunak to strip Boris Johnson of the £115,000 he gets from the public purse to fund his office as a result.

She said:

This damning report should be the final nail in the coffin for Boris Johnson’s political career. It is completely unprecedented for a former Prime Minister to be found to have been a law-breaker and serial liar, who treated the public and Parliament with total disdain.

Rishi Sunak must cut off Johnson’s ex-Prime Minister allowance to stop him milking the public purse for his own personal gain. Anything less would be an insult to bereaved families who suffered while Boris Johnson lied and partied.

The Conservatives are so mired in sleaze and chaos that they are totally failing to tackle the problems facing the country, from the NHS crisis to the cost of living. Voters in Mid Bedfordshire will soon get a chance to send a message to this failing and out-of-touch Conservative government.

Other Liberal Democrats have said:

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WATCH: Ed Davey’s message for Carer’s Week

This week (5-11 June) is Carers’ Week, a chance to raise awareness of the pressures faced by carers, to recognise the work that they do, and to encourage those who care for their loved ones to see themselves as carers and access available support.

Ed Davey, who has cared for family members from a very young age, has recorded a video to mark the event.

Making sure the country’s 5 million unpaid carers are properly looked after has always been core to Liberal Democrat thinking. In fact, when I used to get the Social Democrat as a teenager, articles relating to carers were frequent and often front page.

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Lib Dems seek Federal Committee members

The Lib Dems have some vacancies on Federal Committees to fill.

Firstly, the Federal People Development Committee, which deals with diversity, membership and training, is seeking a new member. You can apply here by 21st June.

There are two vacancies on Federal Audit and Scrutiny Committee, which does require some professional expertise. Find out more here.

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Memorial for Lord Nigel Jones

An invitation from Cheltenham Liberal Democrats:

Please join us in remembering the wonderful life of Cheltenham’s former Member of Parliament Nigel Jones.

A memorial service for Nigel will take place on Monday 10th July, 11.30am at Cheltenham Town Hall, Imperial Square, Cheltenham, GL50 1QA.

Nigel was the town’s MP from 1992 – 2005 before moving up to The House of Lords. He died late last year after a short illness.

We would love you to join us to celebrate Nigel’s personal and political life.

Everyone is welcome to attend and remember Nigel in their own way. It would also be helpful if you could let us know if you are coming, by emailing us at: [email protected]

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30,000 muggings went unsolved last year as violent criminals “let off the hook”

  • 80 muggings a day were closed without a suspect even being identified
  • Fewer than one in twelve robberies led to a suspect being charged
  • Government accused of “letting violent criminals off the hook”

A staggering 30,000 muggings went unsolved last year, new analysis commissioned by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.

The House of Commons Library research shows that 30,079 robberies of personal property reported in 2022 in England and Wales were closed without a suspect being identified, equivalent to over 80 a day. It means over one in two (54%) of robberies reported last year went unsolved.

Only 8% of robberies of personal property reported …

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Vikki Slade leads Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole Council again

Lib Dem Vikki Slade has been re-elected leader of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council. It’s her second stint in the role, having led a Unity Alliance administration from 2019-20.

From the Daily Echo

FOUR political parties across Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole have agreed to form a new administration.

Liberal Democrat leader Cllr Vikki Slade is expected to retake the role of BCP Council’s leader, with the new administration named the Three Towns Alliance.

The changes, subject to agreement of a full council meeting this evening, will be made up of the Lib Dems, who took 28 seats at the elections on May 4, along with the Christchurch Independents (8), Poole People Party (5) and the Independent Group in Bournemouth (3).

Liberal Democrat leader Vikki Slade said: “We are delighted the Liberal Democrats have gained so many seats.

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Sarah Olney and Wendy Chamberlain challenge Sunak at PMQs

The Lib Dem success at PMQs continues with two of our number challenging Rishi Sunak today.

First up Sarah Olney:

Under the Conservatives, so much of the UK’s potential is going untapped, with anaemic growth, falling living standards and declining international competitiveness. Just this morning, a solar power company developing an innovation from Oxford University said that the UK is the “least attractive” market in which to base its business due to a lack of incentives. That is a home-grown company that could have provided well-paid green jobs—lost to this country thanks to the Government’s lack of an industrial strategy. Why does the Prime Minister think that each week more and more promising businesses choose to leave the UK?

The Prime Minister
The hon. Lady obviously missed the comments by the International Monetary Fund yesterday upgrading our growth performance, she obviously missed the survey of thousands of global chief executives just recently placing the UK as their No. 1 European investment destination, and it sounds like she also missed my trip to Japan last week, when we announced £18 billion of new investment in the UK economy.

Then, on the day when Rishi Sunak declined to order an investigation into Suella Braverman’s conduct over her speeding issue, Wendy Chamberlain asked if he would support her bill ensuring that ministers were properly trained in ethical standards an compliance:

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Carmichael: Sunak is stealing from Boris playbook over Braverman

Today’s Sunday Times (£) reports that Home Secretary Suella Braverman tried to get civil servants to arrange a private driving awareness course so that she could get out of paying a speeding fine and having points on her licence. This, the paper says, contravenes the Ministerial Code as she asked civil servants to help her out with a private matter.

When the civil servants refused to help, she turned to a political aide who tried to persuade the course provider to agree to the arrangements.

After the requests were refused, Braverman, 43, who is a barrister and in charge of law enforcement, pulled out and opted to take the three points on her licence.

The revelations raise questions about whether she breached the ministerial code by directing civil servants to help with her personal affairs, and whether she has complied with the Nolan principles of public life — seven ethical standards which anyone working in public life is expected to adhere to. They are also written into the ministerial code.

Rishi Sunak’s claims of integrity in his government are compromised by his refusal to order an investigation into the Home Secretary’s conduct. Our Home Affairs spokesperson Alistair Carmichael said that this was straight out of Boris Johnson’s playbook:

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Carer’s Leave Bill – a Lib Dem success

Our Bill to provide some support for carers has just passed its final stage in Parliament.

The Carer’s Leave Bill will give a statutory right to over 2 million carers to take five days of unpaid leave per year from their employment. It’s not a lot but it is definitely a step in the right direction, recognising the immense pressures on family members and others who provide substantial unpaid care to people with extra needs.

So congratulations to Wendy Chamberlain in the Commons and Chris Fox in the Lords for successfully steering the Bill through.

Chris Fox says:

I have had the privilege to hear first-hand from unpaid carers what a difference this Bill will make. I am proud to support it and hope that it will help millions of unpaid carers better balance work and care.

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Jardine: People of Scotland want competent, effective Governments

It took less than the 14 minutes of Mhairi Black’s opening speech in the SNP Opposition Day debate on the cost of living crisis today for her to reveal what the debate was really about. Independence. I guess we should expect no better from a nationalist party, even one that has the power to do much more than it is doing to alleviate poverty and help those struggling at the moment.

Our Christine Jardine was there to keep them honest. In a blistering speech, she pointed out where both SNP and Conservatives were going wrong.

I have often stood here and criticised the Conservative Government, on their energy price hike; inflation; interest rates; and the situation that faces our young people throughout the UK, where too many of them live with the fear that they will never be able to own the house of their own that they would like or that the ever-increasing rent rates in this country, which in my city of Edinburgh are outrageous, put too many options beyond their reach. We must then consider the fact that the Chancellor did not listen when the Liberal Democrats asked him to cut energy bills by £500 per household, which would have made a significant difference to so many families; that the growth in the economy in the first three months of this year was only 0.1%; that, according to the Office for National Statistics, average pay, after taking inflation into account, fell by 3%; and that the take-home salary fell by more than £1,400.

I was delighted when I saw this motion, because our economy in the UK is on its knees and so are far too many families, and not just in Scotland. My disappointment is that SNP Members do not seem to appreciate that they in a unique position, of which I, like many other Members, are jealous, as their party can do something about it in Scotland. By that, I do not mean independence, which it turns out this debate is actually about after all.

She went on to highlight some of the SNP Govermment’s key shortcomings

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LibLink – Ed Davey: “We will not put the Conservatives back into government or do any deal with them. What. So. Ever.”

There’s an Ed Davey double page spread in the Guardian today. Zoe Williams narrates a visit to Ed’s home and a thorough and wide-ranging interview.

There’s this comment about serving in government with the Tories:

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Bokhari and Blackie head London Lib Dem list

Current AM Hina Bokhari will be our top London list candidate in the GLA elections next year. Second on the list is Rob Blackie.

The results were announced in an email to London members from London Regional Chair Ann Glaze this afternoon.

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Mark Williams selected to fight Ceredigion for the Liberal Democrats

Ceredigion Liberal Democrats have reselected Mark Williams as Liberal Democrats for Ceredigion following a vote of local party members. Mark Williams was formerly the MP for Ceredigion from 2005- 2017 and was the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats. He and his wife Helen, who runs the local Community Hwb, live in Borth with their four children.

Since 2017 Mark has resumed his teaching career and has remained active in a range of local voluntary organisations and charities.

Commenting on his selection, Mark Williams said:

I am delighted to once again be our candidate in my home constituency, the place where we live, where my children have grown up and thrived, and in which I passionately believe has so much potential.

Ceredigion is a wonderful place in which to live, but all too often is overlooked by UK Government Westminster and the Welsh Government in Cardiff Bay.

That is why Ceredigion needs a strong voice to champion it in Parliament and why I’m going to be working hard to win back the seat and put Ceredigion’s interests first. Standing up for local communities has always been the defining characteristic of the Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal Democrats’ commitment to internationalism, protecting our natural environment, standing up for carers and reforming our democracy are things I’m really looking forward to talking to residents about on the doorstep.

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Eurovision: Lib Dems call for a Ukraine cultural reconstruction fund to mark Grand Final

The Liberal Democrats are calling on the Government to create a ‘lasting legacy’ for this week’s Eurovision by setting up a Ukrainian cultural reconstruction fund with the UK’s European allies.

Eurovision 2023 is being hosted by the UK on behalf of Ukraine – after Ukraine was victorious in the 2022 edition of the contest, amidst the initial months of Russia’s invasion.

The BBC has emphasised that this Saturday’s Grand Final will have “glorious Ukraine at its heart.”

To commemorate the occasion, the Liberal Democrats have urged the Government to commemorate the occasion by establishing a Ukrainian cultural reconstruction fund, …

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Lib Dems call on Sunak to hold social care summit in Downing Street

The Liberal Democrats have called on Rishi Sunak to hold a cross-party summit in Downing Street on social care, to tackle soaring vacancies and the funding black hole.

It comes after the NHS and social care crisis was repeatedly brought up by voters at last weeks’ local elections.

The Conservative Party 2019 manifesto committed to “urgently seek a cross-party consensus” on social care and they pledged that no one would have to sell their house to pay for care.

Proper reform of social care is one of the biggest challenges facing the UK. Half a million people in England are now waiting …

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The winning team in West Berkshire

Thanks to organiser Andy Briggs for this triumphant photo of the LibDem team at Newbury Racecourse yesterday.

They stand behind the lectern where, earlier, the returning officer announced 13 LibDem gains giving us 29 seats in a 43 seat council.

Well done to leader Lee Dillon, organiser Andy Briggs and the brilliant and very hard working LibDem West Berkshire team!

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To round it off

We’ll end this splendid day with a summary from Ed Davey:

This has been an historic victory for the Liberal Democrats with our best result in decades.

It’s little wonder Rishi Sunak is running scared of a General Election, because he knows the Liberal Democrats are set to take swathes of seats across the Conservative  Party’s former heartlands.

The message from these elections is clear: people are fed up with being let down and taken for granted by this Conservative Government – it is time for a change.

Voters have sent a political shockwave to dozens of  Conservative MPs right across the blue wall. Our great country deserves so much better than this out-of-touch Prime Minister and his chaotic and careless Conservative Government.

With just three Councils, and one Mayoral contest (the one we hope to win!) left to declare we have won 1608 council seats, 415 more than the last time they were contested. That is not so very far behind the Labour net gain of 527 seats. In contrast the Conservatives have lost 1061 seats. And we now control a dozen more Councils than we did before.

Huge congratulations to all the campaign teams across the country! You have made us all proud to be Liberal Democrats today.

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Good coverage for Lib Dems ahead of local elections

Voters head to the polls tomorrow in local elections in many places across England. When these seats were last up, we did exceptionally well, gaining an incredible 700 Councillors and 10 Councils.

Then, the Conservatives lost over 3500 councillors and 44 Councils while Labour also had a small net loss.

Those were strange times. Millions turned to us in that election and the European elections a few weeks later and we became the focal point for opposition to Brexit. At that point we still held on to the hope that it might be stopped and we might secure a People’s Vote.

The signs on the ground bode well for further success next week. The Conservatives remain unpopular and we are hoping to gain in the so called Blue Wall seats we hope to win from the Conservatives in the General Election.

Ed did the media round yesterday and set out our stall well, talking first about the cost of living crisis on Good Morning Britain:

He also slammed the Government’s new voter ID requirements.

On Saturday, the Guardian had a piece on the Lib Dem plan to take Berkhamstead:

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27 April 2023 – the overnight press release

Gambling reforms: Stop dithering and implement now

In response to the publication of the long-delayed Gambling White Paper, Liberal Democrat Peer, Lord Foster said:

Reforms to protect people from gambling harms are long overdue. The families and communities affected need real action now, not another round of government consultations.

This Conservatives promised reform all the way back in 2019, but this white paper has been delayed again and again by their chaos and infighting. During that time, hundreds of problem gamblers have committed suicide and many thousands of lives have been devastated.

These proposals are important steps in the right direction, but

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NHS dentistry survey: 1 in 4 delaying or avoiding treatment

Responding to the survey from the British Dental Association (BDA) showing nearly a quarter (23%) of adults are delaying or going without NHS dental treatment for cost reasons, Liberal Democrat Health Spokesperson Daisy Cooper MP said:

Whacking up charges for NHS dental appointments at a time when people are struggling to pay the bills shows just how out of touch this Conservative Government is.

This price hike will do nothing to fix NHS dentistry. All it will mean is fewer people getting the care and treatment they need, with ever more people turning to dangerous DIY dentistry.

The Government needs to

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This week in the local elections

This week in the local elections, Lib Dems across England have been getting a great reception on the doorsteps. This is often, for activists, the toughest weekend of the campaign. You’ve been campaigning all year round of course, but particularly intensively for weeks and you’re starting to get a bit knackered.  It is amazing how quickly you go from “there’s still another 10 days to go” to “oh yikes, I need to get these last eve of poll jobs done” though.

Our teams across the country are doing an amazing job. If you haven’t got elections on your patch, offer to help someone who has. There is so much to gain for us in these elections. The more Lib Dem Councillors we gain, the better and fairer the local services we can deliver.

In Derbyshire Ross Shipman is seeing the benefits of his hard work for his community:

And our councillors in Tunbridge Wells have put out a snazzy video highlighting their work

And there’s a street stall in Portsmouth:

In Worcestershire they are making a LOT of stakeboards

When the Tiverton and Honiton by-election was called, Richard Foord know that local councillors had built a strong foundation for him. Now, he is out trying to get them re-elected.

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“A dram and a fish supper” Carmichael offers reward for holding Scottish Conservative MPs to account

Alistair Carmichael is angry.

He has today offered “a dram of whisky and a fish supper” to anyone who can track down Scottish Conservative MPs missing in action while distillers and fishermen suffer. Not content with supporting a Brexit that has screwed over both industries, the Conservative Government is making it worse by whacking up spirits duty and scrapping a visa system for fishing crew overnight that forced boat owners back to port.

During a key vote this week,  Scottish Conservative MPs including Secretary of State for Scotland Alister Jack, Andrew Bowie, David Duguid and John Lamont voted against Alistair’s proposal to reverse a hike in spirits duty on distillers, while David Mundell and Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross were mysteriously absent.

Meanwhile not one Scottish Conservative MP attended Alistair’s  Urgent Question on fishing worker visas, despite the issue affecting fishermen across Scotland.

Alistair raged:

“This is less “Where’s Wally?” than “Where’s the whole pack of Wallies?”

“Scottish Conservatives love to take election photos by whisky stills or on the quayside. Douglas Ross must have a photo album an inch thick of him swirling drams with Boris Johnson. When it comes to these crunch votes and debates, however, they are nowhere to be found. The Tories jump in front of the camera using local businesses as political props but they are missing in action when it is time to deliver.

“Fishermen, distillers and other businesses will have seen the empty Conservative benches while we challenged ministers on urgent issues this week. They will rightly ask if they are getting value for money from these MIA MPs.

“If anyone can track down Douglas Ross or any other Scottish Tory MP and get them to explain why they are abandoning distillers and fishermen in their time of need then I will gladly buy them a dram of whisky and a fish supper for their trouble. That small investment would be more benefit to local businesses than the parliamentary efforts of the Scottish Conservatives this week.”

Just in case Scottish Tories are reading this, they should watch Alistair’s urgent question on fishing below and hang their heads in shame that they were not there to support Scotland’s fishing crews.

People in rural communities will be wondering what on earth the point of voting Conservative is when their elected representatives don’t bother to help them.

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Lib Dems launch petition calling for Raab to go

The Lib Dems have launched a petition calling for Dominic Raab to go as Esher and Walton’s MP.

You will have seen that the report into bullying allegations against Raab has concluded and Raab has now resigned.

Despite him resigning as a minister, people in Esher and Walton still have him as their MP.

The Lib Dems think Raab is unsuitable to be the MP for Esher and Walton, if you agree please join our campaign to unseat him.

Whatever help you can give will be one more way to give Esher and Walton the MP the area deserves.

Lib Dem …

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Dominic Raab and Lib Dem Voice

Back in 2015 Lib Dem Voice had an interesting “conversation” with Dominic Raab, which we would like to share with you again.

The trigger for this was a post we published in February 2015 by Roisin Miller: Opinion: An MP who takes me for granted has left me feeling disenfranchised. In it she wrote:

Confession time. I’m a political activist and I’m not currently registered to vote. I have dropped off thanks to individual voter registration and I haven’t sought to redress it.

This is something which I find reprehensible, yet I am lacking the motivation to correct it.

I live in Esher and Walton which since 1906 has only ever returned a conservative MP. The lowest majority was in the 1930s, it was 16%. Dominic Raab got 58% of the vote in 2010, a majority of around 18,000.

I’ve written to Raab on a number of occasions and always got a reply. Often quite half hearted but it’s always come.

Do I feel represented? No. Regardless of party affiliation, he isn’t a particularly good MP. He was not really on local election literature, I’ve had nothing from him since I moved in 3 years ago and I’ve not once been canvassed.

Compare this to my parents in Havant, also a seat where the Conservative gets over 50% of the vote. David Willetts does not have to campaign as if his seat was marginal yet you always get an annual report, canvassing at local elections and a very heartfelt casework service (in fact I would go so far as to say the best of any MP I’ve come across, including worked for). Despite it being a safe seat, I was always compelled to vote, I felt it mattered.

Why the difference?

The answer is clear- it lies in the willing of local parties to engage with the electorate. Despite Havant being true blue Willetts clearly sees the importance of talking to his electorate.

It strikes me however that when someone as politically engaged as myself is left feeling disengaged by the state of my local politics, how must others feel? It comes as little surprise to me that many feel politicians don’t care when I know they do, yet at home I still feel like this.

The following day Dominic Raab added this comment below the post:

I have posted a full response to Roisin Miller’s post on my blog (for the record Liberal Democrat Voice declined to post it):

To which Mary Reid replied:

Dominic – Lib Dem Voice did not refuse to post it. You sent it to the personal email address of one of the editors instead of to the voice email address, so it was not picked up for a while.

As today’s editor I posted it a good 25 minutes before you placed your comment above.

So what was the full response that we received from him?  Here it is in full: Lib Dem Spin Doctor feels ‘Disenfranchised’.

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Davey challenges PM on Dentistry, Carmichael asks about fishing visas

Lib Dems kept up our challenges to the Rishi Sunak at PMQs today. Two got to ask questions. The videos are below, followed by the text from Hansard.

First up was leader Ed Davey in his regular slot.

He asked about the crisis in dentistry:

Ed Davey

Tooth decay is the No. 1 reason that children over the age of four end up in hospital. Regular dental check-ups could prevent it, but too many parents cannot get one for their child. In the East Riding of Yorkshire, there are now almost 3,000 people per NHS dentist. In places such as Herefordshire and Norfolk, fewer than two in five children have been seen by a dentist in the past year. This is a scandal, so will the Prime Minister take up the Liberal Democrat plan to end this crisis and make sure people can get an NHS dentist when they need one?

The Prime Minister

The NHS recently reformed dentistry contracts, which will improve access for patients. Dentistry receives about £3 billion a year, and there were around 500 more dentists delivering care in the NHS last year than in the previous year. I am pleased to say that almost 45% more children saw an NHS dentist last year compared with the year before.

Next up, Alistair Carmichael said that the only boats Suella Braverman had succeeded in stopping was fishing boats, highlighting a recent change which makes it more difficult to get crews and made crews stop working immediately.

Alistair Carmichael

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Machete announcement: Conservatives cannot get even the basics of policing right

Responding to the Government’s announcement that certain machetes and ‘zombie knives’ may be outlawed, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Alistair Carmichael MP said:

We all want to see dangerous knives off our streets, but this Conservative government has consistently failed to keep our communities safe.

With crime rates on the rise and so many cases of all kinds going unsolved, it’s clear that this is a party that cannot get even the basics of policing right.

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Roads ‘plagued’ with potholes taking over 18 months to fix

  • Single pothole in Stoke took 567 days to fix after being reported
  • Government has slashed road maintenance funding by £500 million
  • Lib Dems call for end to “pothole postcode lottery” and restoring of road budgets for local authorities

Individual potholes are taking over eighteen months to be repaired in some areas, new figures have revealed.

Data obtained by the Liberal Democrats through Freedom of Information requests has revealed that some councils in England are taking over a month on average to fix potholes once they have been reported, with some individual potholes left for 567 days before being repaired.

The Liberal Democrats have criticised …

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This week in the local elections

This week, Lib Dems have been out in force across the country in the local elections.

Ed’s been in Essex

And here’s some of our campaign teams in action from the north, south, east, west and middle England.

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Virtual rally for electoral reform this Tuesday

Before we start,  we know that many of our readers will be way too busy to do anything other than campaigning on Tuesday or any other nights ahead of the local elections. We assume that this event will be recorded and if we see it online, we’ll post a link so that you can listen at your leisure  while stuffing blue letters, responding to casework emails or doing data entry.

Anyway, you may be aware that a load of pro electoral reform organisations, co-ordinated by Make Votes Matter, are running a mass lobby of Parliament to call for proportional representation on 24 May. You can find out more about the Sort the System event here.

This Tuesday at 6:30 pm, there is a virtual rally with speakers including our own Layla Moran and Unlock Democracy’s director, former Lib Dem MP Tom Brake. You can sign up to attend here.

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Share Refuge’s advice on how to stay safe next Sunday

Next Sunday, at 3pm, the Government will send a test message to every mobile phone in the country to check out its new emergency alerts system.

This is all well and good, but it could alert abusive partners to concealed mobile phones.

With that in mind, domestic abuse charity Refuge has issued advice to anyone affected, and we should all share this with as many of our networks as possible ahead of the test.

Here is their video posted on You Tube:

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